"Rules were made to be broken..right?"-Anonymous

1. HAVE FUN! Really, that's all CWH is all about. Having fun in the name of e-fedding. The titles shouldn't be taken too seriously. Angles are just angles, and I'm sure your girlfriend/boyfriend will be understanding enough that you're just writing for a wrestling company and not looking at pron.

2. CWH is a "roleplaying fed". Now if you're new to fedding, then let me explain this. The winner of matches is decided not by the storyline running, the strats sent in but infact the roleplays. It's much more competitive and frankly alot more fun to mess around with. Our system we run like this. A week is given to roleplay for The CWH card (aptly titled "CWH-In Somebody Else's House") with a rp minimum of two, and a maximum of 4. Strats aren't required, but they are sure fun to look at. If you don't roleplay for the card, your pretty much guaranteed not to be on the next card, and to be hit upside the head with a light tube by President Drake. Quality of Roleplays is decided by the president and those deemed as biased voting staff members who shall remain anonymous because..I said so ^_^. Oh yeah, Original guys only.

3. Content. Ok, so this is a backyard fed, so I'm going to be liberal with cuss words, and some content. Just keep in mind, the point is to have fun and that this is all in a good nature of sorts, so do keep things like racism, bigotry, etc out of this. Token Black Guy is still allowed though.

4. A title shot is something that must be worked for. Now here I go sounding all freakin serious but I am. You'll earn the shots. And the champions won't be paper champions because we have steel wrestling belts with leather straps, so you can't be a paper champion unless you are made with paper. Concearnig rules this is backyard, so run ins are ok (as long as the ref can't see them), no dq for the most part, falls count only in the ring(whatever it may be).

5. The venue changes so don't expect a screen or anything. On each card listing will be a link to description of the area you're wrestling at. For entrance assumptions make sure that you have music (played by a juke box, stereo, local dj, high school band, whatever we can get our hands on).

6. Lastly, do the whole "not use other characters in the fed in my promo" unless you have permission and well have mentioned it to me and or in your promo somewhere. Makes things semi respectable. Respectable? What's that?