Our Drake and Morris © scene opens inside a large fair ground ware house, filled with Elvis impersonators? The large banner reading "Kansas City Elvis Convention 03". The place is filled to the rim with cakes made to look like Elvis, Elvis memorabilia and so on and so forth. The camera quickly slides from its rafters position that watched the busy Elvis fans at work revealing in the king to the entrance of all this awesome chaos. Two men lowly walk out from the crammed warehouse. You can guess who they are. C'mon try!

    Tommy:"Chi-Town Express?"

        Nope, it's Tommy Drake and Russell Morris. They Dynamic Duo of Danger or something just gaze around the parking lot. Russell adorned in his casual attire of a black leather jacket, a plain white T-shirt underneath it, some jeans and work boots. Tommy is dressed a bit differently. Specifically he's adorned in a large Elvis Hair Doe wig, and the famous white elvis jump suit with studs. Russell just stares at his comrade.

    Russell:"May I inquire as to why you decided to dress like Elvis? Better yet why we drove to Kansas City to go to an Elvis convention?"

        Tommy just raises and eyebrow and breaks out in an attempt at Elvis hip swinging dance style, in which Tommy can't perform that incredible well. He responds in his best attempt at an Elvis impression.

    Tommy:"Here teh study Russ. To be the kings, you have to know the kingeh. And well we gotta beat the hunk of burning love Chris Stiener."

        Tommy just then returns to a normal tone,and takes his wig off.

    Tommy:"And that one Beaumont guy."

        Russell just sighs as suddenly a black 2002 dodge ram pulls up, inside is non other then manager of Drake and Morris, Logan Treasure

    Logan:"You done admiring over Elvis yet or should I give you another hour to waste of your lives when you could be watching Willy Beaumont tapes?"

        Russell and Tommy silently walk up to the car window and peer inside.

    Russell:"Eh,we'll walk back to the Treasure Chest. Camera's are here and stuff. Figure we can trash talk his manager or something, you know, keep us from getting into trouble."

        Logan just sternly looks at them

    Logan:"You do know that Phineas Cooper only speaks shit and that Willy really can't compare to you in wrestling skill right?"

        Tommy grins widely, in such a silly tone

    Tommy:"Damn strait he can't. For I AM THE INNOVATO..."

    Logan:"Shut up Tommy."

        Tommy just lucks stunned at the sudden interruption as the car pulls away and Tommy and Russell turn to the camera and begin to walk out of the parking lot. The camera keeping up with them.

    Russell:"Phineas,Phineas,Phineas. Oh how your caught up in the delusions of a man who believes himself to be a fallen rock idol. You see every time you decide to move your little mouth. I just can't but laugh to myself and think that "Dear god, this man is even more of an idiot then I thought." You see you instill so much faith in a man who can't carry that faith into his actions. Willy can't even wrestle that good. Sure he's improved by leaps and bounds from his days as a cowering, methodical slob in the United Wrestling Alliance but all he is now is a cowering, methodical slob who can do a Spinning Toe Hold."

    Tommy:"Testify my brotha!"

        Like all great moments Russell just looks at Tommy in that ever confused manner we all are feeling as you see this and they continue walking as Tommy speaks.

    Tommy:"Am I hearing correct? Are their mouses in my head? Is that why when I smell cheese I tend to get lost in space at whole thought of cheese? Eh I only kid you Phineas! You question our luck, and your right. Your right. We are very unlucky. I mean we could taken on the rest of the tag roster but instead we have to wrestle a man who can't even speak for himself since he's getting loaded on donuts as "training doctrine" and some guy named Chris Whiner, the man with 110% muscle! Whoop de do for you guys. But tell me. Are you both CERTIFIED BADASSES?!"

        Tommy stops and pulls out his wallet which is rather loaded with reciets, old licenses, buisness cards and such, Russell sighs as he looks on in the distance..

    Tommy:"Where the hell did I put that thing!?"

        More sounds of fumbling through his wallet as he finally pulls out a 3 inch by 4 inch plastered card. He shoves it in front of the camera. It looks similar to a driver's license with a happy go lucky grin of Tommy and says he's a certified badass in the states of Missouri, Minnesota, Iowa, Tennessee and the province of Alberta

    Tommy:"You see Phineas? If you've read the book on how to become a certified badass it requires you atleast have 3 brain cells. Well damnit I've got 6."

    Russell:"How about you just shut up before you make more of a fool of yourself."

        Tommy eyes Russell suspiciously as Russell stares at him back,dead serious.

    Tommy:"I don't think that's possible. I'm pretty sure I've reached the pinnacle."

       Russell just sighs as the duo continues to walk in the afternoon sun

    Russell:"Cooper, I think you fail to understand a crucial point here. We don't actually give a damn about anything you attempt to say on your client or Chris Stiener's behalf, because frankly with you speaking for them you've said enough already. They're cowards. You see as you continue to rant about "Oh The King is a benevolent soul and will beat you as savagely and quickly as possible" your speaking a truth that only you share. The world dictates what is truth. A man can dictate his truth of action and words. And frankly Willy can't do that. Yes we are young. The fact that the sheets say Tommy here is 23 yet born in 1977 is well just something even the most ignorant of managers should of picked up as a typo. You also don't seem to understand that after Willy's supposed savage slaughtering of our team which is emphasis on the word "supposed" that we'll move on to continue to gain our goal. I frankly don't know why Tommy and myself fell fate to the wheel of indecisiveness and end up facing such idiots as Stiener and Willy."

    Tommy:"Most likely a test."

    Russell:"A test of what?"

        Tommy ponders as he continues to walk and flashes his grin for the camera. A random woman behind him feinting...

    Tommy:"I'm not completely sure but I'm sure about this. You Mr. Phineas rant about Willy continues to show he's the great professional but how has he? Hell I've never even seen the guy or heard him talk? I mean by having some annoying drunk speak for him how does that show he's such a great professional? Are you hiding the fact he's a member of a professional hide and go seek team or something?"

        Russell just shoves Tommy aside as Tommy fades from the camera a bit, but pops back up beside Russell.

    Russell:"While Willy was off attempting to make a wrestler out of himself I was off training with the likes of Masa Jun Hahn and Gene Blanchard. Frankly when Willy walked into Ryu Shunagi's federation to train under him and others. Frankly Willy was the worst student there and I'm surprised he's still skilled. Monday you have no worries about whether Willy's in good shape or not because it won't matter. The match will go as follows. Willy and I will step in the ring and attempt to grapple with me. I'll out technique and power him and he'll then go scurry behind the referee to wait and get the cheap shot. But by then He would of tagged in Stiener and picked up the win."

        Tommy and Russell continue their walk, now from the scenery they are in the downtown district, most likely pointed out by the random sign that says "Downtown this way"

    Tommy:"All trash talking, questioning of our in ring skills and who's going to wipe the mat with who. I"M A CERTIFIED BADASS! And a SEX Symbol! And The Innovator of Innovation, and the wrestling book with the right hook!"


    Tommy:"Thank you...thank you very much."

        Tommy says in an epic impression of Elvis. Russell just looks on.

    Russell:"I'm so sorry to say Phineas that Willy will lose monday whether it be him being pinned to that mat or his mute of a partner Chris Stiener. After the match is over and my hand is raised in victory you can tell Willy that he didn't lose and that Stiener did but frankly it doesn't matter since it get you out of our way and you can go move onto other stuff like doing the Elvis convention circuit or something. Willy, you have two days to become one of the best damn wrestlers to grace the planet. Good luck, you'll need it."

    Fade to...

    Tommy:"Woah, hold on here. Did I mention I'm a certified badass?"

    Fade to black