Ahh...Good to be back at narrating. Our scene opens in rural Memphis,Tenessee outside the world famous house in which the great Elvis lived in! The random american,japanese and european tourists click their camera's in the afternoon light. They grin happily as they walk toward the house and just listen to the tour guide rant as they walk inside with the tour group. From the far off distance traveling with fair pace on the side walk is Tommy Drake and Russell Morris. Tommy dressed enjoying the fine spring weather wearing a blank white shirt and blue denim jeans, Russell in a navy blue dress shirt, some nice khaki's and noticeable some Wolverine work boots. They pace side by side as they finally come to a halt and look upon Elvis's one time manor.

    Tommy:"So this is where this Willy Beaumont guy lives?"

        Russell sighs,taking in the naiveness and stupidty his partner sometime exhibits and turns to him,Russell obviously not in a happiest of moods...or maybe just incredible serious.

    Russell:"This is the home of Elvis Presely, the king of rock and roll. On of our opponents,the cunning Willy Beaumont enjoys doing renditions of his songs and overall paying a bit too much homage to the fallen artist."

        Tommy looks at Russell and at the house. Looks at Russell...and at the house...

    Tommy:"Ok. So how do you know so much about this Willy guy when you've only heard that Cooper guy rant about how he's going to kick our asses?"

        Russell pops his knuckles idly as he looks at the lovely house and speaks...

    Russell:"Because we trained briefly together."

        Tommy's eyes brow cocks upward as Russell begins to walk toward the house,his back strait and overall very serious in stride. Tommy catches up,walking backward a bit as he stares up at his taller friend.

    Tommy:"Are you telling me you trained with Elvis?"

    Russell:"No...I trained with a man named Willy Beaumont. He thinks that "The King" is alive and making his return soon so he's getting the people ready for them."

        Tommy then stops Russell,extending his palm to his face. His fingers closing in to form a closed first except for the index finger he wags infront of his face.

    Tommy:"Then that man is LUDICRUS! He must of not heard that The King had returned...hell he's been in TWF for two weeks now! I'm the King of the Mic,Innovator of Innovation and just recently a CERTIFIED BADASS in Tenessee! BOOYAH RUSSEL! BOO-YA-HAH!"

    Elivis Tour Group:"YAAAAY FOR TOMMY DRAKE!"

        Clapping insues as Tommy bows to the crowd

    Tommy:"Thank you,and a thank you. Folks I'll be here all week."

        Russel just sighs heavily in embarassment as he moves foward,Tommy quickly following after his ego trip dies down a bit,as they join the Tour Group.

    Russell:"You do know by "The King" I meant Elvis Presley right?"

    Tommy:"Yeah,I did. I just enjoy when people clap for me."

    Russell:"A bit too much don't you think?"

    Tommy:"Showmanship Russell. Showmanship."

        The Tour Guide leader coughs as he picks up his microphone as the people step into the house...

    Tour Guide Leader:"Ok folks! Please step onto the conveur belt, please make no use of flash photography and do not touch anything. Enjoy!"

        Russell and Tommy quietly step onto the conveyur belt as they begin to pass through his house,seeing photographs of him and his family, one of his guitar and various furniture...

    Tommy:"Is it just me or is this boring?"

        In menacing fashion the other people on the conveyur belt turn around and growl like german shepards who sense someone intruding on territory...Tommy looks at them confused and merely smiles as all the female members feint...

    Russell:"And I thought the Dudes were the strangest wrestlers to grace the Titan Wrestling Federation..."

        The conveyur belt tour finishes up outside,where a band of Elvis Impersonators are performing a sound check. Russell and Tommy take a seat by a nearby and randomly furnished dining room table and talk.

    Russell:"Last monday Tommy and myself did exactly what we set out to do and prove to the world who was watching...holding their breath thinking that the rookies would  fail agianst Malice. But we did exactly what we wanted and succeeded in getting the win over the veteran team. Our manager Logan did interfere agianst our will,but then agian Malice cheated and I suppose it balanced out nicely. You see what gets me is the current tag situation. We have Malice in Wonderland who are making no active effort what so ever to actually gaining the tag team gold. We have Ruthless Agression who's member Brujah went back to singles action as Generation Champion. So to me its just the Simply Thrilling Dudes,The Carolina Maruaders and well us. What a wonderful trio."

    Tommy:"Eh,it doesn't matter to me what teams are in the mix. We could be facing Xtreme Diversion,The Creeds and Chi-Town Express for all I care! But lets move onward...to this weeks Drake and Morris franchise match extravaganza!"

        Russell just looks at Tommy in complete confusion...not sure of what the hell he's ranting about.

    Russell:"What in the hell is the Drake and Morris franchise match extravaganza?"

    Tommy:"Its real simple Russ. In one corner you have Russell Morris..and his SUPERIOR partner...The Innovator of Innovation...the King of the microphone,the WRESTLING BOOK WITH THE RIGHT HOOK...and CERTIFIED BADASS..."

        He pauses to soak in the applause...and then continues...

    Tommy:"Thanks agian...TOMMY "BOOYAH" DRAKE! And in the other corner we got some guy named Chris Whiner and an elvis impersonator. So basically its us,making those two guys who can't wrestle well...look like chumps. Its what we do you know?"

        Russell just stares blankly at Tommy...he's about to speak but is cut off by Tommy

    Tommy:"I know what your thinking. Your thinking its the most brilliant idea in wrestling history,right?"

        Russell continunes looking confused as the Elvis Impersonator band begins to play..

    Elvis Band:"We're caught in a trap. I can't walk out..Because I love you too much babeeeh!...Why can't you see? What you're doing to me? When you don't believe a word I say... WE CAN'T GO ON TOGETHER...With Suspicious minds. We can't build our DREEAMS...on Suspicious Miiiinds..."

        The music fades slightly into the background as Russell talks.

    Russell:"Cooper,why don't you step aside and maybe let your Client you know speak for himself? I mean calling us pathetic when you have not a clue of the team your facing. I mean I've heard numerous rants about you and frankly,your supposed to be smarter then that. Frankly all your words of Elvis's impact just make you look like a fool who knows not of what's really going on in the world. Willy's message of Elvis's comeback isn't going to fix what's right in the world? I mean this buisness isn't helping too much either so why do you bother sending out this message that Elvis is the last hope of the world? Stop being a promotional man for a preacher and be a fan agian."

        Tommy eyes widen as he finally realizes something...and he begins to speak..

    Tommy:"And also what about this Chris Whiner...or wait Steiner guy. I've watched him rant...he makes Triple Six seem like a legible threat or something. He claims to be 110% muscle but frankly...all I see is a tub of lard. I mean no offense,but I have to honest you have as much wrestling skill as I have in my pinky,and that's the truth! So why don't in our match when your in the ring with us you just run full steam at me,I'll move aside,you'll run out of the ring and realize you just can't well...beat the Innovator of Innovation and his trusty side kick.

        Tommy just grins as Russel talks...

    Russell:"If we are going to be so gung ho on Elvis then I might as well finish this little chit chat Cooper with some words of advice for you. A little less conversation,a little more action."

    Tommy:"BOO-YAH! Establish 1873!"

    Fades to Pink?