Our scene opens in the snowy tundra's of Canada! Home of Ruthless Aggression, Canadian Bacon and Maple Leaf Syrup. Such a great place wouldn't you say? The shot quickly fades into a shot outside of a local Red Deer bar. To the right of the crew is non other then a blurried me. I suddenly see me wave to the camera. Anyways. The camera's slowly shoot inside where its semi busy. Its only nearing 6:30. The bar is filled with two patrons. A few occupants at a table here, a few occupants there, but what truly catches the eye of the camera crew is a nearly full table, surrounded by 3 men as they casually sip their drinks, all enjoying for once a beer. Its non other then....*drum roll insues* "The Systematic Assassin" Logan Treasure, Russell Morris and Tommy Drake. Logan in a long sleeved green T-shirt and khaki's, Russell keeping warm in a blue old navy fleece and in jeans, and Tommy adorned in a black "Assassins Inc." hoodie and casual black warm ups. The camera's microphone finally closes in enough to listen in...

    Logan:"We have many issue's ahead in the tag team division concerning us. And one of them is to show some damn backbone."

            The microphone squeaks loudly from the disturbance of a child throwing quarters at the camera man.You can hear the silent berating of the camera man as he focuses on the young 14 year old as he sticks his tongue out and leaves. It turns back to the table to see Logan, Russell, and Tommy staring directly into the camera as if an eternal black abyss. Just kidding, they are looking at it as if "why the hell you here boy!"


        Russel grabs his beer and takes a quick sip as they just stare at him...Tommy looks heart broken...

    Tommy:"How dare you not annouce that I, Tommy Drake is not a certified badass!"

        Tommy pretends to cry as Logan slaps him right across the face,leaving a large red mark across Tommy's right temple...Logan coughs and continues talking.

    Logan:"Your promo showed not only how much you are not taking the fact you are in the Titan Wrestling Federation seriously but that you Tommy have no intent on getting serious in the ring."

        Russell just kind of eyes Logan and Tommy as he sighs and Tommy stares back at Logan,eyebrow cocked...

    Tommy:"What'chu talkin bout Willis?"

        Logan suddenly raises out of his seat and stares right down into Tommy's face,his mood benevolent as he grits his teeth...seems a bit angry to me but hey,you be the judge.

    Logan:"I'm talking about how you rant about you being a certified badass. Until you prove it in your promo's and in the ring do you actually think anyone...anyone would ever believe that bullshit?"

         Tommy gets up and stares up at his taller mentor and buts head with him...Tommy in no means acting his usual laid back self.

    Tommy:"Atleast I'm not sitting on my ass pretending that your come back will mean something and that you were crippled by some angry canadians."

        The lightning sparks in the eyes between the mentor and the student as they but heads...Russell suddenly getting in between it all,his voice raised yet afirm...just like the serious guy he is.

    Russell:"Enough squabling. Logan we don't show that "backbone" since we don't have a history to back up any claim of stomping someone's ass. We are THE rookies of the TWF. We fully understand what it means to be here. It means we are at the top tier of the North America wrestling industry that if we don't perform up to par then we are back to the rookies..."

        Logan backs off as does Tommy. Logan backing off as he slowly begins to walk away...staring at Russel,Tommy standing behind the taller Russell and watches Logan.

    Logan:"You only have one chance to succeed here Russell...Thomas..."

        Russell just nods back as Logan swings by his nearby chair and grabs his heavy winter coat and walks off,slowly slipping the coat off and heading out the exit...

    Tommy:"...I hate him..."

    Russell:"No you don't...if you did then you would of bid to fire him as our manager. Anyways,we're in debt to him."

        Tommy just turns around,his eyes flaring with red as he stares up at Russel and points at his chest...Russel slightly backing up a bit by the small certified badass.

    Tommy:"Oh were in debt to him now huh? We bust our asses ans he's the one who handed us the golden ticket at the price of our freedom? Of our way? We would of been hired anyways as soon as our names had reached the top of the international level. Look at Logan,he was called over from fucking japan!"

    Russell:"Listen to yourself you damn pretty boy! We would of never worked here if it wasn't for him belive it or not. Yes I resent the hell out of him too but this is the buisness we dreamed about working in our whole lives! He was only called over because he was that much of a badass talent in ReV...Am I right or am I like him too and completely wrong?"

        Tommy sighs as he walks back and grabs his beer...he takes a sip and nods...

    Tommy:"Yes...you are Russell."

    Russell:"Now...we have a camera crew here itching to tape our final thoughts as we head to Rising...we might as well say  it now or never say it all."

        Tommy begins to relax as he sets his bear down and approaches the camera,standing beside Russell as he begins to speak,incredible serious in tone...

    Tommy:"Their once was a guy named Tommy and a guy named Russell. They shared a cheap downtown district apartment with dreams of gold and glory for the price of blood,sweat and tears. One was a certified badass in the market of Mexico and the other was one of the fastest rising stars of the Japan Hardcore companies. They were one day brought to the big league tag ranks thanks to the man who tought them everything they had learned at one time and destroyed their chance to freedom aside from their rantings of their opponents. That team is obviously us. Rising is our one chance...our one chance to prove that we mean something now. I'm sure you could say "oh,your going to be legends in one to three years" but I realized something...we have the drive to make beyond anything that anyone,Malice,those moronic bastards in the Marauders,Ruthless Agression, The Dudes,hell through in Masters of Pain,Xtreme Diversion and the *bleep* High Rollers! It makes no difference...we are the sun and at Rising I now have my mind fully set on no longer just surviving,not to just barely..barely get by...but Rise to the occasion."

        Russell is a bit taken back by the words that flowed so charged with passion and anger by his usually laid back and happy go lucky partner Tommy...Tommy pants a bit...his eyes charged with that drive...that essence as Russell steps up to speak.

    Russell:"For once in a damn long time my partner said something of importance. We will rise above and beyond this occassion like the sun rising from the horizon. And then the Marauders go out on a limb to make outlandish comments on a rookie team? Please, you know how the game works. Your are have right,this is the TWF...but this is about the glory and the ability to out think your opponent in a debate we call promo's. Afterwards you whip their ass. But for now your not worth out breath...Malice,your in for a treat. We've sadly become hypocrites to our words...sadly we found enough motivation to go beyond the boast of "barely getting by".

    Tommy:"Malice,sadly to say the certified badass and Russ over here have something to prove. Not to just the fans...not to management...but everyone. We prove to those others guys backstage that "Damn...they're's some damn good wrestlers right there." To the tag teams including yourself that we are a threat to your chances of holding a belt...the glory we've never even felt before. To Logan so we can shut his Missouri mouth up. And our only motivation is just to prove something...to entertain. The gold will be nice but never as nice as the feeling inside that you have "it". You know what "it" is...I mean your world class wrestlers!"

        Tommy sits back...relaxing a bit...letting a deep breath in...deep breath out...at the bottom of the screen flashes the special e-mail agian...and suddenly so out left field Tommy says..

    Tommy:"And all you Tommy Drake fans!" *wink*

    Background sounds of teen girls screaming with joy:"WOOOHOOO!"

    Tommy:"You see it here first! Send all good luck wishes,love letters,stalker notes and recipies to uluvdrake@hotmail.com!"

        Everyone in the bar just turns and eyes Tommy odly as he winks into the camera agian...

    Background sounds of teen girls screaming with joy:"YAAAAAY!"

        The song from "Ferris Buelers Day Off" kicks in...

                                    Chicka Chickah...
                                    Oooh Yeah...

        Russell suddenly slaps Tommy right across the back of the head,Tommy yelping in pain...

    Russell:"Dear god man! Can't you save that for some personal time or something! Man...what nerve!'

    Tommy:"Hey...so what if I'm worshipped by teenage and older girls out there! Its not my fault!"

        Russell just sighs and coughs,taking a sip of his nearby beer as Tommy grabs some nearby darts and begins to play...

    Russell:"Before boy band man over here exploded into a self promotional advertisement,we were talking about something. Chloe, Pyretta...to you we are nothing but young and stupid driven boys who are ill prepared for the wonderland we will walk into Rising. But if you can believe it or not we do see the "tree's in the forest" as you put it in direction to Logan. Win or lose, tear shed,sweat drenched,blood stained we will walk out with the satisfaction of stepping up and above and expectations. The rising of the rookies has officially taken the first step."

        Just as Russell finishes his last sentence the last dart is fired off at the dartboard,landing with silence...the camera sways to the dart board...all foreseeing the sharpshooter's glory...only to see that none of the darts actually acounted for anything...they all missed are are stuck in the walls or on the floor. Tommy shrugs as he picks them up and takes a sip of his beer as Russell heads over to the bar...

    Tommy:*loud belch* Ahhh! That hit the spot..."

        He lifts up the beer bottle and examines something on the label...He grins widely as he turns to Russell who's at the bar

    Tommy:"Hey Russ! This beer was estblished in 1873 like us man! Doesn't that just kick?"

Fade To Black