Go on now go, walk out the door.
                                                Just turn around now, cause you're not welcome anymore.
                                                Weren't you the one who tried to hurt me with goodbye?
                                                You think I'd crumble? You think I'd lay down and die?

                                                                    Oh no not I! I will survive!
                                                Oh, as long as I know how to love, I know I'll stay alive.
                                                                    I've got all my life to live,
                                                            And I've got all my love to give,
                                                                    I'll survive, I will survive!
                                                                               Gloria Gaynor

        Our scene opens with the a beautiful shot of snow covered downtown area of Kansas City,Missouri. After such a lovely presentation of Gloria Gaynor's "I will surivive" I just feel so much more motivated when doing these narratives! Our harrowing TWF cameras fall to show Jeff Johnson as he knocks upon the door of surely his favorite place(hey I'm using sarcasm) the Treasure Chest gym and resident Training Arena for Thomas Drake and Russel Morris, one of the many stand out stars of the last episode of TWF Monday Night Rising. After finally knocking one moe time agiasnt the plexiglass window he gets a response...Logan Treasure adorned in a black "Assassin Inc." hoodie and some jeans. His hair is shorter then usual,somewhat buzzed and his beard gone showing a more "babyface" look to him.

    Logan:"Heh...its you guys"

    Jeff:"Just hurry up and let us in,we are freezing our assess off."

        Logan just chuckles his benevolent chuckle as he lets them inside to the closed gym and into his private office. Upon its walls are the decorated pictures of Logan and may others including a picture of Tommy Drake and Russel Morris relaxing at a party,Logan's son and wife,and a cartoon drawn by Ryan Styles of a big headed Logan with small frame looking as stern as usual. Logan rests comfortable in his seat and stares nonchalantly at Johnson. In a formal mannerism he motions for Johnson to begin.

    Jeff:"First off before I go into my questions may I inquire the where abouts of your students and resident rookie tag team Drake and Morris?"

           Logan idly pops his neck as he coughs and begins to speak

    Logan:"Despite you being a professional journalist Mr.Johnson I believe that is none of your buisness. To be frank they aren't anywhere near Kansas City,Missouri. If you were expecting an interview with them then I"m sorry to dissapoint you. Instead I offer you an interview with me as I am their represenative and manger I will shove you and your cameramen's asses out of my gym."

           Jeff just kind of nodds in response to that as he opens up his clipboard of questions and begins...

    Jeff:"As a whole how did you feel about the performance of your tag team last edition of Rising agianst soldified opponents in Ruthless Agression and infront of the biggest audiance they've ever performed infront of?"

    Logan:"Albeit I'll be the last to admit it I'm a bit proud...if not disapointed. You see I was hoping for them to be frankly thrashed. I didn't want them to get the idea that they could gung ho and even stood a small chance agianst the men who crippled me. Despite what they said they have big mouths and are arrogant. I'm sure the fans love them for that but character stood no chance agianst them. Overall they did ok...but I haven't talked them to since yesterday and I ponder if they learned anything."

          Jeff scrippled some short hand and continued with his professional journalist voice...

    Jeff:"This upcoming Rising your students face the resident tag team of "The Sisterhood" Malice in Wonderland. What are you thoughts concearning the Sisterhood and your opponents going into this match."

           Logan lets out a loud *pop* from his neck as he twists it,aiding it with his hands as he puts them back upon the desk and begins to speak.

    Logan: "Each time I look upon the group of young women the more and more I'm dissapointed in all of them with the exclusion of Atayla. You see none of these women can take it or even dish it. Yes they are trained,hell Malice are former tag team champions on some other company. But what does that mean here? All I've seen them do is beat up a man who's stock's been dropping ever since his arrival in this company. How are they going to be able to compete with two men who are merely driven on the whim of actually being out there to entertain and be able to compete instead of just winning? Obviously you could look upon the assists you girls have had with your leaders supposed sadistic acts but frankly your only as sadistic as a soft core S&M film. Trust me,you have not the mantality nor skills to compete in my rookie's league."

    Jeff:"Don't you believe that mentioning mantality is just a bit sexist?"

    Logan:"Not in the least. Malice in Wonderland are by no means Raine Steele,Summer Kensington,Ashley Ford or even their own leader Atayla. You girls have no idea what it means to be a wrestler. Sure you have all those hurdles of opression to climb over but if you are so dead set on impressing the hell out of the fans why don't you gals go out and make sure you can cross those hurdles. Go and train your little asses off in the New Japan Womens Division and then come back and see if your worth mentioning or even talking about."

          Logan grabs his idle glass of water and takes a long drink as he slams it down,making Jeff jump from the disturbance...

    Logan:"Next question."

           Jeff nods and flips through his pages of questions...

    Jeff:"A bit of unrelated question to this match but what are your's and your team's thoughts on the current tag team situation of The Carolina Marauders as the new TWF tag team champions?"

           Logan bursts into his usual odd and evil chuckle at the mention of the Marauders being Tag Champs. His tone suddenly reverts to that of what you'd expect from an assassin...dead serious.

    Logan:"I was never much of a tag team wrestler but this is pathetic. The reason the Marauders one is painfully obvious so that when Ruthless Agression gets their chance at them they can mangle their unthinking Carolina asses to pieces. Sadly the Dudes are correct..they are merely the pawns to carry their titles and Ruthless Agression are seeking that chance to become tag champions the easiest way they can. If you just glance at it merely looks rather on dimensional but rather its a very complicated play and we are entering the second act. The current protagonists lose their glory an unreasonable way to a group of 4 men,two of which seek only the destruction of all else,the other to be recognized. The wanna be's finally have the possession to make them that...recognizable. The protagonists or more so fallen protagonists seek what they want back and emerging from the shadows of the two who seek only destruction rises two men who seek to take the prize and elevate its meaning and purpose to a whole new level and can only do it...with my help."

           Jeff just kind of blanky stares...trying to truly comprehend what all Logan just said...He finally regains his composure.

    Jeff:"Seeing as we are about out of time do you have any closing comments?"

           Logan nods as he sips his water and gurgles the water as he then swallows it down and begins.

    Logan:"This upcoming Monday Malice in Wonderland will be in store for a very rude awakening at the hands of the most talented tag team rookies the free world has to offer. You will come out to you music,the crowd will cheer and you'll get ready..all the while thinking "This should be a sinch...these prickless bastards will be victim to the 3 count." All the while Drake and Morris will march out to the great approval of the crowd for showing atleast an effort at what ever they pursue,even if agians each other. They will step into ring and as soon as the bell sounds and you tie up with one of my prodigies it will hit you like a bullet. You never had a chance to begin with. I can only say I'm sorry to say your are going to be the victims of a train which's stock rising. Monday my tag team will shut up...and they will wrestle."

           Logan rests in his leather chair and the camera turns to Jeff who talks to the camera.

    Jeff:"Thank you for the interview Logan. Back to you in the studio Duncan."

Fade to Black