Our scene opens with a beautiful helicopter shot of the lovely Rio Hotel and Casino. The lights fill up as the massive sun slowly begins to settle into the nearby mountains and desert. The camera sways downward into the wonderful lobby of the Rio. Filled with the busy people of Sin City heading to the slot machines,checking in and out of this luxorious hotel. But 2 men stand out in paticular...of coarse you know who they are...

Random Guy:"Who are they?"

            ..Its of coarse even one's favorite rookies,Russel Morris and a Certifiied Badass,the Highlight of Highlights,the Innovator of Innovation...must I read off all your various titles off?

Drake: "Damn strait!."

            *sigh*Anyways...he is Thomas Drake. They stand near the door awaiting someone quietly. Morris dressed in a black TWF "New Breed" t-shirt,some jeans and a White Minnesota Vikings cap. Drake is adorned in a black Batman(tm) t-shirt showing of the lovely logo, some black jeans and some stylish shades...that can be found in convience stores for $5

Russel: "As I attempt to stay awake through this jet lag we near ever closer to Drake's forecoming Doomsday...facing you oh Ruthless Agression."

            Drake ear's highten as he turns to address Russel's comments...

Drake:"It's not just my doomsday...its ours! See I'm sharing just like you told me too!"

Russel:"I never asked you to share..."

            Thus insue's the odd moment of silence before everyone's favorite Manager,Logan Treasure steps into the hotel and walks up to his recruits.

Logan:"You guys checked in?"

            Logan appears to not be in his usual benevolent mood...he seems to be in more of "I'm going to kick your ass if you do something even minutely incorrect" mood. The pupils nod.

Logan:"Go rest up and study some tapes...you ass holes have said enough already."

Drake:"But L.T yo,I've only said a few words since I've came here."

            Logan just stares at Drake...in an epic stare down Drake mutters aloud...

Drake:"A simple 'piss off" would of worked just fine"

            Drake runs to the elevator...Morris just glares up at his manager and teacher and just walks off following slowly his fleeing comrad. Logan turns to face the camera man and begins to speak...

Logan:"Ruthless Agression. My ignorant counterparts Thomas Drake and Russel Morris have already established that it is infact a team,and not a noun and adjective. But to what I owe you to criticize my method of teaching these bastard "children" of mine? Have you any idea Prime of what it takes to actually smack something of importance or use into their young and naive minds? Tony you hit on such an excellent point...they don't know what they want...need or deserve. In their minds its crystal clear that they have a chance agianst you...but vendetta's is no reason for me to send in too possibly gifted athletes in the ring with you two demonic butchers. I'm hoping you guys can instill something they lack...fear. Drake is truly mocking the authority you place and before you get to gung ho on you chances of a perfect squash I will warn you...they may actually be able to tie up with you before you through them through...As a manger I need to look after my boys even if it means they have to be thrown through a flaming table..."

            Logan is cut off abruptly as we arrive with the camera in a fair hotel room. A beige colored room,bordering wall paper of flowers and two beds and 32 inch tv. Everything you could want if you were Joe Average...not Millionaire. The Television screen shows the lovely footage of the classic S.T.D vs Ruthless Agressoin Cage match that took place at Idle Minds. Drake and Morris who are now indentifiable in the room as they study manuevers carefully...rewind...play...rewind...play.

Morris:"Prime and Brujah...As of late I question myself if the words you spew from your mouths is of any matter to me? Yes this was booked as a slaughtering in favor of you to move along and watch us thrown back into the inexpieranced dark match. No big deal."

              Drake turns to Russel with the expression as if cows were now flying...

Drake:"Are you completly insane! We have to make an impact...I mean I can't look bad to the fans...and talking smack albeit a very odd exotic flavor of smack is still needed! I'm a certified badass!"

Russel:"So...doesn't stop you from actually thinking."

Drake:"Hey...I know an insult when I hear it! And yes I do think sometimes. All matters aside. Tell me Brujah,I know you enjoyed my impression but how do you know that my bones will crack? How do you know that I like Rice Crispies? Are you talking to MISS CLEO?"

             Russel lets out a sigh of disbelief and just stares at his partner.

Russel:"How about you just let me speak for awhile..."

Drake:"Nope. You see the longer the fan boo you for pounding me into the ground like the mince meat the more and more I'll be happy to you know...try and futily fight back agianst your ring dominance. I understand Mr.Prime sir that you have passion for wrestling...you've been wrestling for 13 years so it show obviously. But to slaughter us in our first match...wait thats what you do so I personally don't care at what health I leave this match in anymore. Given me all the injuries in the world...broken arm...broken leg,broken spine hell rip of my testicles for all I care now!"

              Russel just stares at him...

Russel:"You are joking right Tommy?"

Drake:"Of coarse I am! I would never wish for a broken leg,never !"

              Russel just nods...

Russel:"Along while ago I was once taught in the belief that what shall not kill will make them stronger. I firmly believe that atleast applies to me and maybe even my incoherent goof of a partner. You can slaughter us...destroy us with the 135 mile per hour punch but I will get up and so will he. And after Rising we will meet agian...and we'll get back up and we'll come back...and come back. You see we will not leave like every other tag team in the Titan Wrestling Federation. To you that's nothing more then an empty boast but we are no Master of Pain,Carolina Maruaders,Boxcar Racer, Exhibitionists I believe they were called or any other team who has met the fate of tag team death at yours or anyone's hands in the Titan Wrestling Federation. Monday when we enter the ring we'll...let me retract that I'll be ready. I don't if this Clown will be but I will face you two in the ring with the expectation of making atleast a small dent of an impression in your thick Canadian skull so as to wonder..."

Drake:"Why we are trying so hard to get your ass kicked?"

             Russel shakes his head as he stands up to face the camera,Tommy coming to stand beside him.

Russel: "To wonder why I'm so anxious to face two men who could single handedly take out everyone in this company."

Drake:"Point and matter. The end is here,and he...how about we welcome it with arms wide open."

            Russel stares at Tommy...eyebrow raised

Russel:"And now your asking to get your ass kicked?"

            Tommy Drake lets off his ever cunning and mischivous grin,his sparkling baby blue eyes showing in the camera light as the soon of women swooning in the background is heard

Drake:"Only because it impresses the ladies...and ladies just love the Drakester."

            Russel just looks down at him...

Russel:"Try to keep on subject but no you don't...you haven't had a date in 3 months and you've attempted every pick up line in the book and then some."

Drake:"Hey! That book is small! Its only 150 pages."

Russel:"Whatever. Brujah,Prime, prepare for a vegas showdown where I silently pray luck is on our side."

Drake:"No worries man! This is High Rollers country."

Fade to Black...wait...Green ?...suddenly the screen flashes back on...

Drake:"Oh yeah...DRAKE AND MORRIS BABEH! Established in 1873...was it 1879?"