Our Drake and Morris scene opens when the TWF camera's slowly turn on watching a dinner table filled with 3 patrons. Each dining slowly and silently in the blue painted dining area. The window's outside echo the thoughts of the "in with the lamb, leave with the lion" motto of March. Upon their dinner plates is a drink different to each (water, milk, and a coke) and each plate is a nice 1 1/2 pound steak, a baked potato, garlic bread, and some salad. Well I suppose I should tell who the hell these people are now...

Logan: "Hurry the f*ck up I'm eating dinner."

         Sorry...To the far right dressed in a black silk button t-shirt,black jeans and some new balance shoes is Russel Morris,sipping his water as he just looks over everything with a silent gaze. To the center and Russel's right in a long green sleeved t-shirt,blue jeans,tennis shoes and hair slicked back is the Innovator of Innovation Thomas Drake,using his spoon to stir about the ice cubes in his coke idly...and lastly at the other end in a TWF "New Breed" shirt, and some slacks and classic Doc Martin boots is the healing Logan Treasure. He eyes the camera suspisciously as he cuts his steak piece by piece...and see's Drake sittiring his coke.

Logan:"Where the hell did you get that coke?"

Drake:"Your refridgerator...why?"

Logan:"...you don't get the whole eating right thing do you?"

Drake:"I do...I mean I ate all I need for today,this is only a late lunch man...can't a guy just enjoy himsel..."

            Logan just glares at him...the benevolent emotion screaming through his face. Drake coughs and pushes the coke aside and looks at him a bit angered but still nervous.


         Logan just continues to eat as do the others. They all eventually finish up and as they begin to put dishes up the tall Russel walks up to the taller Logan

Russel:"I saw some pie in your refridgerator,care if I take a slice before Tommy and I go?"

         Logan just grimaces at him

Logan:"You know I get you a contract to be professional wrestlers agian and you just throw it away with all this shit you eat. You don't understand it do you..."

Russel:"Aside from you being a dick as usual no I don't. Refresh my memory."

         Logan obviously gets impatient then calms down...and just grins that evil smile he gets in the young blood's faces

Logan:"Heh...First of I demand that you show me respect...second I..."

Drake:"If I may so rudly interrupt we are showing you respect..I mean we have respect for you out the ass but.."

         Logan just looks at him and then coughs...stepping back.

Logan:"Leave...I'll call you tomorrow morning before the plane leaves. You will both be lifting at my gym tonight and you will after that go home and watch every Ruthless Agression tape I have.

         Drake and Morris just kind of look at each other and nod,walking out as they walk along the country road beginning to speak.

Drake:"Ahh...what a pleasent winter night...our manager's a dick and demanded I be classified under the name Thomas! For christ's sake Thomas!"

Russel:"But thats your name..."

Drake:"...True...Tommy is still better."

Russel:"What ever ass clown we have a camera man walking infront of us,so we might as well respond to our opposition."

Drake:"You mean Malice in Wonderland?"


Drake:"Carolina Maruders?"


Drake:"Simply Thrilling Dudes?"

            Russel studdenly stops and looks down irritated at Thomas

Russel: "Ruthless Agression you dumbass!"

         Drake thinks it over

Drake:"Oh yeah! Well first of PnB I think you have the name of our team mixed up. We are by no means The Systematic Assassins. I mean sure its a nice name but I mean really,being systematic doesn't have that many advantages to it...it's just a pretty name to throw around you know kind of like "Brujah" and french fries and even Ruthless Agression. You know what I'm getting at guys?"

Russel: "You see Monday at Rising this is not to carry out the vendetta of our cripped dick of a manager but more so to survive. You see I see it in a very humble and modest mind set. No I do believe that we have little to no chances of actually beating veterans such as yourself but I will gurantee something...we will do something that only one other tag team,the Dudes have been able to do agianst you..Survive."

Drake:"Not only that but more. But hold on a moment...to call me horrible infront of the mic Tony? You..call me horrible? My friend are you out of your Canuckle mind? I mean essentially all you say is equivalent to the dialogue of The Incredible Hulk! Here let me play it back what you said in your promo for you."

         Drake coughs


         Drake coughs agian

Drake:"Ah thank you,a thank you."

Russel:"I'm really glad you guys appreciate what you do. And my friend spewing shit out of his mouth...well you hit a very good point there. Atleast that shit has some dignity involved unlike yours which is tarnished with your the questioning of how exactly you Prime got 38 titles. We admit it,the fans decide our fate at Rising, not you. Through the hell we face named Prime and Brujah we have a goal. We want to atleast survive so maybe once your done beating up all those other tag teams in TWF and then you face the Dudes and lose...agian we can atleast say there is one team in the TWF that actually cares. You see Prime...as you wonderfully decorate your world title wins and the TWF tag belts over you large mouth bass over the fire place wrestling for you is nothing more then a hazing. Your jealous of your future. The shit in our eyes is the exact same shit you saw when you first started in this buisness. But thanks to Drake's massive ego..."

Drake:"I"m not the....INNOVATOR OF INNOVATION and a CERTIFIED BADASS for nothing!"

         Mysterious background cheers are heard ...Drakes turns around and bows as if front of an audience

Drake:"I would like to think the academy..."

         Morris just shoves Drake out of the way of the camera.

Russel:"As I was saying. Thanks to us the fans can look forward to a "partly sunny with it clearing up in the afternoon" future for the ranks of the TWF Tag Team division."

Drake:"So say it so you can understand it the game is by no means over...Hell i hasn't even begun."

Russel:"Truer words never said out of your mouth."

         Drake just kind of grins...

Drake &Morris: "DRAKE ANNNND....*sigh*...Morris...established in...*unenthused sigh*  1873 bitch!

Fade to...Purple?