Damn! Feels so good to actually be back! All this off time has been making me just a tad bit rusty. But lets get to work shall we? Our scenery opens upon a late Tuesday night. The people file out of the CCW show as a blazing red car (69 perfect condition Chevelle) going roughly 70 mph on the empty Canadian high way. Blaring out the window is Red Hot Chili Peppers "By The Way". The camera follows with side shots of the car, showing the driver's spiky hair and somewhat showing his well built frame. His brights pave the country side ahead of him as continues forward. Never stopping.  His destination is slowly becoming more apparent as he nears a small town settlement right along the border to Minnesota. The camera glides to the back where the license plate reads "RUSS". Slowly the sound of the Red Hot Chili Peppers dies out as out camera switches to inside shot. The mysterious driver's identity as clear as crystal. Its good old "Mr. Personality" Russell Morris, adorned in a nice black hawaiian T-shirt with a white wife beater under it. Adorned in some denim jean shorts and his K-Swiss shoes. his stubble face that's slowly turning into a beard and his messy hair shows he either doesn't care for hygiene anymore or is just feeling in a scruffy mood...meanwhile at the local town jail.

    Mountie #1: "Well shit eh! That Tommy Drake feller won eh!"

    Mountie #2: "Is that a bad thing eh?"

    Mountie #1: "Don't yeh remember? If he won his wrestling match we let him out for then he gets to use me as his beat box machine again eh!"

        Mountie #2 looks at Mountie #1. No way to really describe their appearance except for them being two non descript Canadian Mounties.

    Mountie #2: "Yeh idjit! I'm the one who has the beat skills!"

    Mountie #1: "Watcha talkin aboot Too?"

        Tommy sits on his jail cell bed. Adorned in the finest of Penitentiary fashion. You know, those orange jump suits, boots and shackles! Oh yes shackles! And Tommy sports them with so much flair its not even funny. Tommy for once doesn't speak much, idly writing on his note pad some rhymes. Slowly from the front desk window you can see a red Chevelle pulling in with a screech of brakes and some damn bright headlights. Slowly the headlights turn off as the two mounties head to the front desk to see the scruffy Russell Morris push open the glass door, his wallet in hand.

    Mountie #1: "Excuse me sir but what's yer business here eh?"

        Russell gives an irritated little sneer to the Mounties as they back off in fear of this larger and much more powerful man.

    Russell: "I'm here to bail out Thomas K. Drake."

        The Mounties look at him if he must be crazy.

    Mountie #1: "Why in the Sebastian Primeu hell would you want to bail out Tommy Drake."

        Russell sighs, pulling open his wallet and laying down ten very decorative Canadian equivalents to Ben Franklin's. In other word insert the photo of a famous Canadian inventor. The mounties look at it and then up at Russell.

    Russell: "Because I can."

        The Mounties shrug, seeing no problem go to the back room, grabbing the jail cell keys on their way as they slowly unlock the door. It slowly slides open as Tommy Drake looks up to the mounties, who say with their lips "your free eh" and Tommy nods. He quickly stands up and he ribs off the shackles, revealing them to be cardboard with a lining of silver spray paint. Russell patiently awaits at the desk. He yawns as moments later the free Tommy Drake steps out, adorned in his black nike warm up as the TWF tag team duo nod to one another and exit the building. They slowly near the car before Tommy stops suddenly. Russell eyes him curiously, Tommy expressing and odd emotion upon his face.

    Russell: "What's wrong?"

        Tommy turns Russell, his voice deepening as he stares at him, very serious.

    Tommy: "I've been on both sides. Served hard time with myself. The hammer dropped and my tides have changed mack. I'm a gangsta yo."

        Russell just stares at Tommy and strides over to him...glaring him strait in the eye.

    Russell: "First off Tommy, I don't know what you got put in jail for but it must of been something really stupid on their case since your as harmless as a fly outside of wrestling. Second, never call me mack again. Third, I've got some contracts for us to sign. Fourth, never call me mack again."

        Tommy shrugs helplessly.

    Tommy: "Whatever. As long as it means I can cut a freestyle every now and then. So, we have a match this week?'

    Russell: "Yeah. Its Renegade and one of his friends."

    Tommy: "Renegade has friends? I hope it isn't somebody from the youth group he leads as part of his community service he has to serve."

    Russell: "For what?'

    Tommy: "Being that bad of a talker. I mean I thought Triple 6 is bad."

        Russell gives Tommy a curios stare as they dynamic duo enter the red Chevelle.

    Russell: "I think your confusing Jack Bladz and Renegade."

        Tommy rubs his chin pondering...

    Tommy: "So Renegade doesn't dress like a clown and kill innocent children?"

    Russell: "Nope."

    Tommy: "Hmm. Then I've never heard of him."

        Russell sighs as he turns on the car, the engine revving up as the well tune sound system blares Audiovent "The Energy" as they leave the parking lot...

        Two Hours later...

    Tommy: "So let me get this strait. Logan is going to let us have our own contracts despite winning his match?"

    Russell: "That's what he told me."

    Tommy: "Why?"

        The duo has found themselves discussing their current contract situation in the humble Drake/Morris apartment, filled with such luxuries as a microwave and forks. That's right, forks. Tommy and Russell are humble discussing things at their steel dinner table with wooden siding. Russell's eating Chicken and Rice with a drink of orange juice, and Tommy's munching on some salad.

    Russell: "He told me he couldn't teach us much more. He wants to see how far we can fly with out the "daddy eagle"."

        Tommy nods, filling his face full of croutons as he uses his left hand and idly signs the bottom line of his new TWF contract. Tommy munches quietly as he slides it over to Russell who looks it over, putting on his reading glasses as he looks over two contracts, one with his signature, the other with Tommy. He stands up and heads over to the fax machine as the camera focuses on Tommy.

    Tommy: "You know. Its good to be free. I mean can you imagine what hell I had to live with listening to two Canadian mounties? Of coarse I tolerated it and even beet Michael McCormick at the Canadian Championship Wrestling weekly show, Talent. How do I do it you ask? Do I say my prayers and eat my vitamins? Display a hard work ethic? Nope. Its all natural boys and girls. You see being a CERTIFIED BADASS!!! like I am just allows you to bend the rules a little. In example, I don't have to pay for video rentals on Tuesdays between two pm and two thirty pm at Hollywood Video. Isn't that such an awesome benefit? Ok but enough of that. Renegade, Omnipotent. What can I say that's already been said? Renegade, your a horrible wrestler. Omnipotent. Well that name speaks for itself. Sure it means all power but surely if your that "all powerful" then why aren't you World Champion yet and ruling TWF with an iron fist? Oh...your not omnipotent? Just sit down Omnipotent. Don't say a word. Just listen to me. I'm a certified badass. Your not. I'm a former Tag Champion. Your not. And lastly I have more nick names then you. Simple as that.

    Russell: "Amidst my friends game you'll find lost of trash. And lots of big words. But in truth Renegade you haven't showed anything in the tag ranks worthy of my approval. Hell aside from that handicap match with Marky Chang have you ever wrestled in the tag division? Renegade have you even the technical marquee to keep up with Tommy and myself?? Does Omnipotent have the brains to wrestle us? Renegade, the fact you went into Fire Within in with a win over Brujah and you walked out losing fair and square what does that tell about you? Brujah despite his shown skills is as easily beatable as Willy Beaumont. You just failed incredible. All that shooting put to waste Renegade. You see that's just a fine example of what has become of a lot of TWF superstars. They talk and talk and yet when they finally get in the ring they fall to pieces. To shambles. But not us. I don't like to brag but we've proved it in the ring time and time again. Drake and Morris can talk the talk, and then walk the walk. Look at out track record. And if that isn't to satisfy you just watch what happens this Sunday Rising and it'll be the same case. You'll lose, we'll win and that's that."

        Tommy shrugs as he yawns loudly and rolls his shoulder out.

    Tommy: "All I can say for you two boys is come back and challenge the guru of the certified when you've got some skills under your belt. Sure Renegade, talk of those great rivalries in the past but I mean actual talent. You know that stuff I have a tendency to ooze out along with charisma and damn good looks. Right? Didn't think so. You are after all Renegade and even Brujah's repeated attempts at drilling a thought into your head failed. So what good can Tee Drake do?"

    Russell: "Eh, nothing until Sunday."

    Tommy: "Sunday?"

    Russell: "Yeah...Sunday."

        Fade to Black