Ahh, refreshing to get back to work after a wonderful little vacation. Now back to doing what I do best, describing stuff! Our scene opens up in the Spring Time filled urban city of Minneapolis, home of the Mall of America and the dynamic duo of danger...ok more so just two superb tag wrestlers, Tommy D and Russ Master Morris. Or Thomas Kyler Drake and Russell Stephen Morris. Ok its just Tommy Drake and Russell Morris. But c'mon! I've been on vacation, I'm just getting back into the swings of things! Our scene refocuses on a small little hole in the wall gym known as "Jimmy's". Now you might be asking yourself..." Who is Jimmy?" Well there is in fact an interesting story behind it.

    Tommy:"C'mon man. The fans want to hear about me Russ, not on how Jimmy got his grove back."

        Sigh...well alas I'll get to my job. The place seems pretty empty except for the 4 individuals working on the various weight machines. Two of them of coarse are no name faces, the other two are our heroes. Russell's hard at work on the bench press, Tommy's working on the leg extension. Unwritten Law "Blame it On Me" blares ever so loudly in the room as the duo are hard at work.

    Russell:"So let me get this strait. Logan taps Zyn on the head with a sledgehammer, giving him a run of the mill attack on the head that would bust you open. And then he dies? Is that even possible?"

    Tommy: "Take into consideration that I doubt he's dead."

        Russell grunts as he pulls the bar down, and thrusts it back up.

    Russell:"And what makes you think that."

        Tommy extends his leg, the amount of weight he's using thanks to my quick calculation is 220 lb.

    Tommy: "Well I'm no rocket scientist like you are but think of this way. Bladz and Syxx are really bad liars. They smoke weed. Their doctor smokes weed. And most importantly Bladz would give any excuse to get his ass kicked again by Logan. Make a little sense doesn't it?"

        Russell finally puts the bar up as he leans up from the bench. The athlete is shirtless, black warm up pants and some nice New Balance jogging shoes. Tommy is adorned in a sweaty warm up jacket (blue) with matching warm up pants and some particular nice Rebook shoes. Tommy finally stops as Russell grabs his water bottle and a white towel as he wipes the sweat of his forehead and sips his water.

    Russell: "We got Briggs and Bower this week."

    Tommy: "But isn't that a men's department store or something?"

        Russell gives Tommy that "Ha Ha, now shut up" look as he stands up and begins to walk toward a pull up bar. Tommy hops off the leg extension and jogs after him.

    Tommy: "What your telling me it isn't?"

    Russell: "Nope. They're new tag team in town. Got past the Symphony of Disorder in fairly short order. Then again so did we. They like most of our opponents have a superiority complex."

        Russell begins to do his pull up as Tommy address the camera as he coughs, suddenly remembering he did infact see the promo his opponent pulled out.

    Tommy: "Let me give a shout out to you guys. You made it to TWF and you managed not to trip on your way in but sadly you seemed to bump your head right into the chef's frieing pan. I'll account that for you inability to count that its 130 years. But that point aside I must say you guys are "cute" at best. You see you guys rant about be "talented". But from what I've seen you didn't really show any of it. I mean you beat Symphony of Disorder. Its not like its something huge and glorious to brag about. I mean my limbless great uncle who fought in Vietnam beat Symphony of Disorder in a street fight and well...he's limbless!"

        Russell stop as he looks to the camera, sipping his water.

    Russell: "You speak of your drug. Its a nice one isn't it? An unmatchable high. The feeling of accomplishment amongst thousands of fans. To see you standing while the other man is beaten. As you speak of your ladder of destruction, you'll slowly realize that what you face is an opponent of epic proportions. Look at yourself and think about it for a moment. Its not about who you are. Its about what you are as an athlete, as a wrestler. What you've done can't be overlooked. You made it amongst the elite. But tell me, and be honest. Can you out wrestle two men who in less then a month ascended to the highest peak in our division? Equaled one of the greatest tag teams. Now tell me, as you look at us in the ring, doing our thing, impressing the fans, putting on a match that's one of a kind. Then tell me if you think you have what it takes to beat Tommy and myself."

    Tommy: "You talk of trends. Now tell me, can you stop the trend of me nearly becoming a World Certified Badass? That's right. Over my little leave of absence I not only got approved in Africa, but South America and Antarctica. It's true. The Innovator of Innovation is trend setting with a glance. I mean I wear a Minnesota Twins jersey the other night and bam! People everywhere are wearing them!"

    Russell: "People were doing that before..."

        Tommy quickly interjects before Russell can finish

    Tommy: "See? Another person who agrees with me. Briggs, Bower and Gibb. You can continue on your little ego trip. Hell I'm on mine. But please, try to restrain yourself and make sure you get your dosage reality. Side effects include extreme pain, humiliation, denial of this humiliation and occasions in which you see Tommy Drake's boot slamming into your face when you become a certified member of of the 1873 club. Now this club is not new, it's just been named. This club includes such favorites as Willy Beaumont and Chris Steiner, Symphony of Disorder, Ruthless Aggression, Malice in Wonderland and yes good ole Carolina Marauders. Speaking of them, what happened to them?"

        Russell gives a helpless shrug.

    Russell: "Maybe they realized they were paper champions and decided to run when they were no longer champs."

    Tommy: "Who knows?"

    Russell: "I don't know...Maybe the Carolina Marauders?"

        Tommy gives Russell a look of bewilderment and pondering as he strokes his chin, pondering over his friends words.

    Tommy: "Naah."

        Russell sighs as he sips his water and Tommy considers "others" who may know what happened to the Marauders including him mouthing the words "Xtreme Diversion" and "Summer Kensington".

    Russell: "I look at you two fellas and I think to myself something you don't understand. When Tommy Dee and myself won the tag titles in that match at the Rising before Clash. A donning upon my eyes and Tommy's. No one is bigger then the belts. Even as a team we did one but we never truly one. We got away with a screw job we didn't want. Sure the Simply Thrilling Dudes are cheered now a days but I don't think they realize that they are nothing, a mere name plate upon the name of the belt. A belt that's name has been dragged through mud, shined and then drug again. As you guys set your sights at the top as do all teams, you fail to realize why you want the belts. You want it to suffice your ego, to feed that. Another accomplishment on your list. But we have a much different reason. We seek to merely be in the presence of it. To hold it. The thought of accomplishing that goal is a long shot. Look at the last time we tried. But before we ever can say our good names should ever be considered to live up to that title every tag team wishes they could hold. We have to innovate and certify  in the ring and out. To set us apart from every other tag team we've encountered. And for the most part we've done that. We can attribute our success to what we do in the ring. And what we do is what we represent."

    Tommy: "And that would be True Athleticism and Desire beyond belief. Of coarse you can also attribute it to Russ's good work ethic and me being TWF's only certified badass. But all points aside. Come Sunday the boys are back in town, and well, we're eager to see if you can actually live up to your words. You know what I'm talking. About those sounds that come out of your guy's mouth that make a sense. Verbs, nouns, pronouns, adjectives, the whole gamut. And hey, I'm glad at least your manager understands that. I'm not sure which one of you was dropped on your head as a child and the other who got hit in the head with a frying pan but I can tell you one thing."

        Russell eyes Tommy as Tommy extends his index finger as if counting on his hands.

    Russell: "One thing?"

    Tommy: "One thing."

        Tommy says with an assertive smile as he opens his mouth.

    Tommy: "The one thing is..."

    Fade to Black