Ahh...back from Clash where our favorite tag team gave it their all and lost the first bout in the war. But no matter! I'm an optimist! Pretty unusual for a narrator huh? ANYWAYS! Our scene up slowly with the awakening camera outside of the bitter cold and rainy Kansas City. Specifically outside of the "Treasure Chest" gym and newly added pro wrestling ring. Slowly the camera fades to the inside, in the wrestling ring area. Our camera pans to show a pacing figure, to be more specific Logan Treasure. His head is held down as the click of his Doc Martin boots upon the concrete floor echo an eerie semblance of disappointment. Infront of him is two men, each sitting on some folded out steel chairs. The Innovator of Innovation is adorned in a black nondescript hoodie, some black warm up jeans, and some tennis shoes, his head sighing as he looks about. Russell's in a bit more casual dress, in a "Treasure Chest" t-shirt, some red warm up pants and some his reeboks. He follows Logan, his eyes moving with Logan's movement. Logan of coarse is in his usual casual attire, black T-shirt, khaki's and of coarse the Doc Martin boots.

    Logan:"And so you lost..."

        His words hang in the air as Tommy and Russell take them in, sighing deeply in disappointment..

    Logan:"Cut it."

        ...fine. Be that way. Logan coughs as he focuses his speech and thoughts on his students.

    Logan:"A disappointment. All those big words, all those false hopes you installed in yourself of winning. People "say" that was the best wrestling match ever. But look at it again boys. Was it you who made that match for what it was? Was it you the fans finally realized were worthy competitors to the Simply Thrilling Dudes. The answer is no. Accept it. Look at how they man handled you! Going in you had that look of confidence, like your atop the world! Hell you gave them everything you had and you failed miserable. Sure Russell you had your spot, but you forgot that its not your job to risk limb and life doing a fucking dragonrana. You two know damn well you had no chance winning alone. When you pushed Prime and Brujah to their limits you had my help. When you beat Malice in Wonderland, you had my help. When you one the tag titles you had my help. And then you try to go out on your own, to fly. And you failed."

        The two young men sigh in disapointment, seaking in that they infact sucked in that match, that they did nothing good to contribute to it. They look up to their mentor with weary eyes.

    Logan:"Notice a pattern boys? All of your success is because of me. My training, my influence, my coaching. You notice that for the most part the match is in your adversaries corner, their advantage until I risk my injured body to help you ungrateful son of a bitches? Sure you get the pinfall but I am the man who changes your momentum! And when I wasn't out their coaching you guys, you stood not a chance in hell against the Simply Thrilling Dudes and it showed! You didn't wrestled. Your wandered in mass confusion. Get it strait. Since you wanted to try things your way and it failed. So we will be doing it my way. Do you understand me."

        The two depressed team members mutter under their breath

    Drake and Morris:"..yes.."

        Logan grits his teeth and get in their face, looking at them both dead in the eye, the anger showing through his trembling form.


        Tommy and Russell spring to life, their heads raising up as they nod and respond in a military fashion.

    Drake and Morris:"YES SIR!"

        Logan pops his neck and nods to them as they stare back at him.

    Logan:"Good. Very good. Now start getting prepped for Bladz and Syxx. I'll be in my office."

        Logan strides off camera sight as the duo just stare at each other and the camera. Tommy pulls down his hood and runs a hand through his hair. Russell takes a deep breath, his face conveying a whirlwind of emotion. One of that of anger, the other of uncertainty,and the other of guilt.

    Tommy:"You really think he is right?"

        Russell stands up from his chair and hops over to the ring, his silence echoing an answer all its own.

    Tommy:"Fuck that. You know he's wrong. I know we screwed up badly at Clash. It was the dudes night, we were merely the side act. I know I gave it my all and I'm happy with as I can be. A bit disappointed yes but that jackass does not win our matches!"

        Russell turns around from the apron of the ring and hops off, landing gracefully on his feet without a bit of a flinch. He strides over to Tommy and looks down at him. Russell showing that anger and that guilt.

    Russell:"Admit it, he did. Our win against Ruthless Aggression was an act of divine grace and Logan going out of his way to give Prime a german suplex. We got the momentum to win against Malice because he clotheslined Pyretta. We vacated those titles because he won them. Sure we beat Willy Beaumont and Chris Steiner by ourselves but we were above that league. We are rookies. The Dudes were right. Sure they talk about we came close, as if their pride says something but they know and I know that we'll always be second best on our own!"

        Tommy looks aside and then slaps the taste out of Russell and stares up at him dead in the eyes, Tommy all business.

    Tommy:"I'm not the serious one, I'm not the confident one, the prided one. You are. But when you spew shit like it make me sick. Sure that did happen but then again we are young! We named are team after that! We're doing something you dreamed of your entire life and mine too. Listen. Are you going to stand their and just take that shit from him? Sure he's our mentor, and a good one. He has a lot of good points but fuck this depressed act. You promised me a lengthy campaign against the Dudes and that was just our one battle! Sure the fans aren't reacting as much as you hoped but that's because we are young. They don't know exactly why to cheer our innovative asses. Because we are underdogs? If so then why wasn't everyone Muhammad Ali faced cheered to the breaking point of their vocal chords because that man would be facing the greatest and he was a no name face?"

        Russell sighs, taking in a deep breath as he lifts his head up and looks at Tommy, Tommy staring up.

    Tommy:"So we lost the first battle by a large margin. So the fans cheered for one little part of the match were stole my move. Big whoop. If you want that crazy cheer, that adrenaline rush, then we have to get it ourselves. No Logan's. May mean we'll lose, and may mean we'll win. No matter. The war has just begun and now is no time to get weepy. We have a match to rebound on we have to go after it full force. What do you say to that Russ? What do you say to the future World Wide Title Belt Certified Badass...future greatest grappler?"

        Russell looks at him and lets out a little smile and nods.

    Russell:"I like it. I like it alot."

        Tommy grins and the duo embrace in hug as they let go of each other.

    Tommy:"That's good, because frankly I hate being all serious and crap. Just detracts from my presentation."

    Russell:"As I hate looking like a pansy like you do."

    Tommy:"Exactly. Now who are we facing?"

    Russell:"Jack Bladz and Jason Syxx, together known as Symphony of Destruction. One of them has a career of losing pretty badly to Logan, the other is just as ill looked upon. They protest them selves as a freakish plague of death that will crawl all over "TWF" to give it the ideology of disorder. Well frankly I don't know where you two "juggalo's" have been but the TWF is already in mass chaos. Its a wrestling federation, there's chaos. To think that your "plague" is anything to boast about then your obviously don't understand anything very well. I look at you two and I see two dressed up kids who are playing "wrestling" and they are the sinister graveyard bad guys who want to be taken seriously but because of their stupidity never will be."

    Tommy:"You know I hate to admit it but these guys make Triple 6 look normal. And hell, Triple 6 is satan! But on a serious note, do you to think you actually have a bit of a chance against me? I mean look at me! I'm a certified badass in all of the Northern America! Not only that but I'm an innovator of innovation and teen freakin idol! And to top it off I'm fighting you guys at not nearly %100! I mean look at me! I have a broken arm!"

        Russell stares at Tommy, his eyebrow cocked.

    Russell:"No you don't."

    Tommy:"Shhh.  It get me sympathy cheers from the crowd."


        The dynamic duo of danger stare at each other and then at the camera.

    Tommy:"Ok, so I don't have a broken arm, big whoop. Believe it or not Russell and myself are in a great deal of pain. We are just such great athlete's we don't show it unless we want to. Like this!"

        Tommy touches his patched up forhead (thanks to promo magic it wasn't their earlier) and yelps in pain, cringing as he staggers back with a limp and Russell takes a seat and lightly sits down, grabbing an ice pack and putting it on his leg as he looks to the camera.

    Russell:"Jack, Jason. You two seem like two wrestlers with potential, even if that potential means going back to wrestling school and doing hard time in prison for murder and infringing on Marilyn Manson and Ozzy Osbourne's "shock rock" gimmicks. You two talk to the fans as if they care, as if they give a damn that Jack is back in the TWF after abandoning them for the sinking ship known as REV. Maybe you were hired back because DDF doesn't know your illustrious history. How I know is mainly from the stories Logan's told of you. What a shame for such a "established" wrestler to lose to a "rookie" on his first match in REV. A bit disappointing."

        Tommy finally staggers forward to land in a sitting posisition on a chair, staring into the camera as he grimaces in pain and coughs, continuing.

    Tommy:"Jackie, Jas, you guys are really just in a bind of timing. Russ and me got a double date with the TWF Tag Title Belts that we frankly can't be late or let you get in the way of. I know what I'm about to say will be hard for you guys to understand or accept, since its hard for me too. Well actually it isn't but it will be for you guys. You guys are going to lose. We are going to win. Your going to go home, smoke some weed and listen to heavy metal music. We're going to go after the Tag Titles. You'll complain, and be shuffled about the card while Russ and myself, the Innovator of Innovation! are busy battling the Simply Thrilling Dudes. Maybe I can simplify this to your level."

    Russell:"Is that possible?"

        Tommy turns his back to the camera and comes back, his face painted in a similar pattern to Jack Bladz, he grins and begins to talk.

    Tommy:"Yo man! You punk ass bitches are gonna lose to this mighty powerful plague called Drake and Morris! We'll be on your asses with our juggalo skills and pound y'all to the ground! I'll mess up yo not so pretty faces so badly that even you'll mistake it for a dead german shepherd! Word life and chronic dog because we are some sick motha!"

        Russell stares in bewilderment and Tommy turns around, the face paint gone.

    Russell:"I guess it is possible."

    Tommy:"Never underestimate a certified badass who's also an innovator of innovation."

        Russell just sheepishly nods to his comrade.

    Russell:"Understood. Just never do that again, it was a bit to close to seeing Jack Bladz."

        Tommy grins with pride


    Russell:"Nope. But that aside. Jack, Jason. Go ahead and spew what ever shit you have to spew. Rant about how our punk rookie asses are yours and that we won't survive your brutal onslaught. But when you finally step into the ring with Tommy and myself you'll realize that this is just another case of Logan Treasure vs Jack Bladz. You'll get a few shots in, and then be mutilated by some guys who actually know how to wrestle. And trust me, it will be as simple as that."

    Tommy:"Didn't someone say that in 1873?"

        Russell just kind of glares at Tommy, Tommy glaring back at Russell...

    Drake and Morris:"Naaah."

    Fade to Black