Our Drake and Morris scene opens up in the fine city of Kansas City. The shimmering sun slowly setting as we approach evening. Its beautiful hue gracing the urban jungle of Missouri. Slowly our camera pans downward to an area outside of where you mostly see our heroes training or lounging. The place lingers of despair, apathy, and the old. To the far right their a man in ragged clothes and a beard extending down to his chest. He slowly pulls apart small pieces of bread and spreads it among his three children. Respectively their ages appear 5, 7, and 10 but looks tend to be deceiving. To the far left is a group of young latino's and a crew of white guys, huddled around each other in the midst of argument. In the center a man in a traditional High School athletics letter jacket faces off against a man of roughly the same height but a  bit more built. Adorned in a tank top, some baggy blue jeans and a blue bandanna they continue to cuss each other out and the first fist is thrown by the Athlete as the group begins to swarm another. Amongst the abandoned rail road tracks, the homeless and gangs this place has become known as "The Trax". Even in the earliest of day it still holds it sorrow yet romantic beauty of sorts. Emerging from ahead the camera sees two men. They jog side by side. They approach ever closer as they become so much more visible. They are the underdogs, David to Goliath, the boys who's respective ancestors established a Kansas City shoe shine service in 1873, its Tommy Drake and Russell Morris.

    Tommy:"No funny jokes eh?"

        Well from the current setting it just didn't seem appropriate. Plus I'm taking a dramatic acting class.

    Tommy:"Great man!"

        Why thank you Tommy...

    Tommy:"Welcome man."

        Anyway. The duo continue to jog. Russell's adorned in a "Treasure Chest gym" T-shirt, which includes a photo of a man with a bar bell. He's also wearing some old jogging shoes and red warm up pants with a white stripe. Tommy's adorned with a sweat band on his head, a bluish gray warm up jacket with matching pants which include a white stripe and white Reebok shoes. The duo finally stop as they arrive infront of the camera, taking a bit of a breather as they produce water bottles from thin air, courtesy of Promo magic.


        Tommy coughs as Russell puts his head atop his head. The duo look to each other, Russell with his serious demeanor and Tommy with a grin of innocence as he looks toward the camera, his shimmering baby blue eyes showing of that passion and the fact he's a sex symbol to all the ladies out there, young and old.

    Tommy:"First off just the young. No offense to the old but that just kind of freaks me out. Maybe I'm just not much for older women."


    Tommy:"Knew I shouldn't of said that."

    Russell:"You going to help cut this promo or what?"

        Tommy looks at the slightly angered Russell and just nods his head. Tommy brings back his grin as if on command.

    Tommy:"Maxx, Mike. Let me give you a brief rule of wrestl-o-nomics 101. You see you claim that for the Tag Titles just need a "proper" owner. Define proper owner. Do they need a license? Do they need to get the titles domesticated? But in all seriousness your right. You are one of the many definitions of tag wrestling. You see I took up the time to look up the definition of "tag wrestling" after your voyage to Disney World and well your not alone. We got a bunch of other guys here too. Like Xtreme Diversion, Ruthless Aggression, The Creeds, you guys and I think Camp Clayborne."

        Russell sighs in disbelief as out of thin air Tommy produces a dictionary as he searches for the meaning...

    Tommy:"Oops. Sorry. Camp Clayborne counts under "Tag Wrestlin". My bad!"

        Russell just pushes aside his comrade to get infront of the camera as he begins to speak, his voice hitting the wind smoothly.

    Russell:"Everyday I listen to your promos. Each time whether I'm at home with my wife, at the gym with Tommy, or talking to Gene Blanchard I'm motivated just that much more to prove you wrong. To show you up. To show that even for a rookies we are one of your greatest adversaries you will encounter. We'll rank with the inSIDERS. Deep down you know that if you become Two Time Tag champions that your only delaying the inevitable. If you claim this the beginning of a war, the beginning of a long campaign of battles to end months, maybe years later. I promise that win or lose tonight, We will win the war. Everyone knows your great, and maybe that's because when you've repeated it for eons its just a given. I mean when Logan told him he was a jackass he first didn't believe but finally he gave in and did. The point to this is that your "greatness" is in need of a reality check. I call no claim to greatness. I know I am good. I've been taught by some of the finest. I train my ass off. I give 200%. The same goes for Tommy over here."

        Tommy just smiles in the great compliment from his partner as he steps up and begins to speak.

    Tommy:"As you discuss your unjust loss at last Rising and how that our "precious little manager" can't save us now. Well you're right. He can't save us. Logan won't be able to bail us out. But I like that feeling. Like walking the tight rope without the net except that tight rope is made of steel, tables, ladders, chairs and two Australians who are dead set on getting their belts back. At Clash we will prove our worth to you. We will go beyond the pain. Beyond the bloodshed. Beyond our sweat. Beyond the tears. Beyond your pride and our pride. We all will step up the standard and kick it up a notch. After this epic clash of the Davids vs The Goliaths only win can claim the crown in this first shot in the war. The first little opportunity. And I'm set on not winning. But giving my certified badass, innovator of innovation, wrestling book with a right hook best to the crowd and you. And if that's not enough then I fear it may never be."

    Russell: "As I listen to you both I've come to a conclusion. Despite the glory, despite the pain, despite feeling of giving it your best and succeeding and the tag team titles you're more proud of being a franchise machine. Sure you said its about getting what you want. But frankly is it what you need? Do you need those tag titles? Do you eat and sleep everything that these titles mean to you? Think back when you were starting and you two finally got your first tag title shot. Whether you were simply The Black Night and The Thunderstruck or you were the Simply Thrilling Dudes you guys were hungry to show up your opponent. To prove that you can oust them in something you live. Something you eat, something you breathe. An all consuming passion. While studying in Japan a wise and elder member of the Japan Wrestling dojo told me something that reflects upon me today. To quote him. "If you don't love this business, if the gold is your only goal, then you joined for the wrong reason." In truth its the competition. It fuels me. Its why I when Tommy and I were in Next Generation Wrestling we desired so badly to beat The High Rollers. Its why when we were brought to the Titan Wrestling Federation I was in suprisingly glee. Because I knew someday I would get a crack at two men I admired for their excellent skills. I wanted to face the Simply Thrilling Dudes."

    Tommy:"Not to just oust them. Not be their underdogs, their proverbial bitches. But to equal them. To merely face them. My Innovative eye can see it. It sees that you both hunger to this. Doubt has begun to plague you. You talk big guys but I can see it. I know you want it but look at us. Young, and we crave not just titles. But to better you. To be THE first team in Titan Wrestling Federation to better you fairly in your rules. If we need the Tag Titles to do it we will. You say that  we will always be a the contenders and you always King of the Mountain as if history has already been plotted in the stars. To be blunt I think that's bull shit. I'm a firm believer of if you believe in something, whether it be god, yourself or the destiny you want. And you work hard enough you can do anything. My confidence is not meant to be confused with cockiness. I believe with all my Minnesota heart that Russ and I can and will be able to stop the machine. Our match is not just a "Clash of the Titans". It's a battle of The Men vs The Machines, Small Company vs The Big Company, and the Beta's vs the Alpha's."

        Tommy takes in a deep breath as he grabs his bottle of water and drinks it down as Russell takes off the sweat shirt, showing his sweat covered white T-shirt, which shows his muscular but not so cut chest. He ties the sweat shirt around his waist and sips his water.

    Russell:"We will battle till the end of time. Nothing will stop us except death. Even then I fear our legacy will continued to be disputed. If we are to start a war we will end it. Their will be a winner. Their will be no dispute. We will either perform the impossible of fail where all others have attempted. This Sunday the war begins. Will our first battle, the beginning of the underdogs vs the machine be the tilt of the war? Will the Dudes become two time tag champions or will we? To be frank I just can't wait to find out."

        With that Tommy and Russell sigh as they look out and begin to jog back from the direction they came...

        Fade to Black

        Hehe, just kidding. Later that day when Tommy and Russell get back to the Treasure Chest. They duo slowly open the door, the gym covered in darkness. Tommy tips his ears up as he hears the sound of a chainsaw grinding against a body and of voices...

    Tommy:"Hmm. Their must be no one here hiding and such. I better obviously turn on the light to find out the gym's empty."


        Tommy flips the light switch as showing up amongst the darkness is a crew of People. All leaping out from behind gym equipment. A few balloons and various party streamers light up as they cheer in unison.

    People Cheering in Unison: "SURPRISE!"

        Russell merely raises and eyebrow, his hand running through his hair as Tommy rubs the whiskers on his chin and just grins. Amongst the people include Hockey Mask Man, armed with a chainsaw as he continues to carve an ice sculpture of his hockey mask, Blaine and Blake, the first Rivals of Drake and Morris and also the last and only NGW Tag champs (AKA High Rollers), Logan just looking suspiciously at all of this and various other people, oddly enough including TWF World Heavyweight Champion Jared Blazer. Russell looks a bit stunned at all of this as Tommy cowers in fear at the mere presence of Blazer.

    Russell: :So what's the occasion for this."

    Blaine of High Rollers:"Were not really sure except that we wanted to wish you good luck against S.T.D. Of coarse after that we should come to TWF and well school you guys."

    Tommy:"But aren't you guys just two men who lost all their money thanks to their manager gambling it all away to "Moneybags" Lecaque?"

    High Rollers:"So what?"

    Russell:"I think Tommy's alluding to the fact you guys are rusty."

        Blaine and Blake promptly look at each other and the dusty NGW tag titles that rest on their shoulders and they promptly leave. Jared Blazer, adorned in some fine oakleys, some khaki's, a collared T-shirt and The TWF World Title Belt resting atop his shoulder. Tommy cowers in the corner in fear.

    Jared Blazer:"Hey guys."

    Tommy:"Don't hurt me Mr. World Champ Blazer sir..."

        Blazer and Russell just look at Tommy as he turns his head away, scared to face the powerfully built man.

    Blazer:"What's got his tail between his legs?"

    Russell:"He finds you intimidating."

    Blazer:"Doesn't everyone? I'm a living legend and the TWF World Champion. I mean I've got the "One Man Blow" running."

    Russell:"Eh, well most of the girls think your cute and your action figure makes you look somewhat normal compared to your current frame."

        Blazer just stares blankly at Russell with his oakleys as his expression is angered. He then a chuckle.

    Blazer:"True. But then again the Logan Treasure action figure comes with a huge wafer. I mean only Logan would carry a wafer with him to the ring."

        Russell and Jared chuckle as Tommy continues to cower.

    Russell:"Good point, good point."

    Blazer:"Joke aside junior. I'm here to wish you and your friend good luck. Your less annoying then Mike and Maxx and frankly I enjoy seeing some young blood with talent unlike most."

    Russell:"Thanks, its a real compliment."

    Blazer:"Yeah. I know. Now by a damn T-shirt."

        Jared yanks away the cue cards from behind the camera man and stomps them to be nothing more then crumpled poster board. Russell sighs as he coughs up twenty dollars for the great world champ as Blazer produces a "One Man Blow" T-shirt from nowhere onto Tommy as he pats Russell on the shoulder.

    Blazer:"Someday you'll be the next Sebastian Black. I know you will."

    Russell:"...ok. So I'd never be Blazer level your saying?"

        Jared listens quietly and just laughs as he begins to walk toward the door, and opens it, beginning to leave.

    Blazer:"Not a chance. But hey, don't let the Next Best Thing get you down. Think of this way. I'll always be on top so don't bother. Doesn't hurt to dream though."

        With that Blazer leaves and Tommy stands up, looking over the "One Man Blow" T-shirt. Russell just sighs as the duo join the party...

    Russell:"Atlantic City, here we come."

    Tommy:"Eh, better then Columbia."

    Fade to Black