Our Drake and Morris scene opens in a far different setting then last time. The Saturday afternoon sun highlights the The sky scraper driven Minneapolis. The cars past along busily as the people live their lives in the big city. The harsh wind blows as people are huddled in heavy coats but smiles still adorn their faces. The scene slowly shifts to the far out country side. Our camera shot focuses upon a hill as slowly emerging from it is a black 2002 Dodge Ram,the window shield glittering the sun yet still tinted. The drive is unknown but from the Missouri license plate that says "RODEKIL" and the brown haired man in flat bed of the truck its pretty clear its "The Systematic Assassin" Logan Treasure. He's wearing a heavy blue sweat shirt with a hood, some black warm up pants and some gloves. He screams aloud to the people who are following him.

    Logan:"Hurry up! You have two more miles you little punks! Do you want those tag team titles? Do you? Or do you want me to go inside the cage and fight your battles like I've always done!"

        Emerging from the angled view of the hillside emerges everyone's favorite rookies, Tommy Drake and Russell Morris. Both wearing gray non descript hoodies and some gloves. Russell's wearing some deep red warm up pants with a white stripe doing down the pant leg and some New Balance running shoes. Tommy's in some black warm up pants and wearing some simple Reebok shoes. They hear the ordered commands of their trainer, mentor, and manager as they nod and pick up the pace. Logan knocks on the back of the window for the man driving to speed up a bit as the truck pulls away from the training duo. Logan sighs as Tommy and Russell fall back.

    Logan:"I have a herniated disk and I can run faster then that! Do you really think that if you go into Tahj Mahal just as you are your going to even stand a chance against Mike and Maxx? Every time you boys you've spat your mouths your only feeding them fuel to their campfire while you are still looking for wood. You are in this federation for a PURPOSE!"

        The harsh words echo though the young men's heads as they nod and Tommy breaks forward, his feet pounding into the ground as the truck and the students begin to climb the hill. Russell keeps his endurance and picks up the pace with Tommy as Logan pats a briefcase beside him. He opens it up for reveal replica TWF Tag Team championship belts. Nearly indistinguishable from the actual title the actual belts. Of coarse these things run for $200 a piece. He dangles the belts over the truck right infront of Tommy and Russell, their eyes wide as they look at it.

    Logan:"You are here to be Tag Team Champions! To become gods to a crowd of people who need something to cling onto! This is your sport! Your busted your assess to get HERE! These belts say everything that I've said and more. There will be no loss on your record next Sunday! The day after does not exist! YOU WIN OR YOU LEAVE!"

        The words hit into the air and drift into the ears of Tommy and Russell as they pay keen attention to the words and swallow all of what they said and slam feet into the ground, eyes squinting as they sprint forward to the speeding truck and the duo reach out to grab the titles but the truck pulls away. Tommy and Russell get closer, inching their hands out but it pulls away. Logan dangles them and mouths "Grab them if you can." Tommy and Russell yell as they run and they reach their hands out and clasp onto a belt and yank with all their force as they grab the belt from the clasp of Logan. The force of the pull brings Russell down landing on his ass. Tommy staggers backward as he holds the mock title and he helps Russell to his feet. Logan grins to himself as the truck stops and Tommy and Russell take a breather. Logan hops out of the flatbed and walking over to his students.

    Logan:"Good, very good. We have a camera crew here. Cut a promo and rest up a little bit. We'll be doing this the way back."

        The duo nod as Logan walks out of sight of the camera as Russell and Tommy walk to the truck, their breath hinting a small pant as they grab their water bottles and douse their hair in it and take a long drink. Russell lets out and exasperated sigh of relief as he talks.

    Russell:"While the Dudes were away seeking their disgraced titles back from the Marauders we were not at play. We were at work. We busted our ass to get here. We faced Ruthless Aggression a team you couldn't beat and we ended up with similar results. We plowed through what tag division their was in a fashion in which we gave it your all while you kept your eye elsewhere. Now as we approach Atlantic City and you claim our statement of being shells of yourself is false and that you get more deadly everyday I dare to ask. Can you prove it?"

    Tommy:"I'm glad to be corrected by such respectable men over your count of being in a pit. But in all seriousness you're right. Your not in a pin. You've never "truly" been beaten. But then again if you feel so dependent to rely on your record Russ here and myself are undefeated. And I'm the Innovator of Innovation and a certified badass or so says my gimmick. You doubt the skills of us rookies and you have every damn reason to. But as of last Rising we have right to question your skill. A simple interference by a cripple you had as a guest referee in one of your matches is by no means the worst you've been pitted through of "interference's" and yet you still had the win."

        Tommy grabs his drink of water and takes a long hard sip as Russell begins to speak through his heavy breathing.

    Russell:"Tell me Mike,Maxx. I understand your reasoning. The hope of holding the Tag Titles again is a true one. But that's more of a fact. But then again you have to realize and believe it or  not we will hold the Tag Titles again as well. You claim to know the best which would to you mean yourself. And you have plenty of right to be cocky. I mean you've been on a wild ride as the men who were given the TWF Tag Team Titles. Of coarse you would be on a large ego boost. Sure you could point out all the great matches you've had that have established the belt but that does not cover the fact you got your first run with the belt out of conveniance for Raven Starr. Go ahead and underestimate us. If we won't win. We'll make you run, and run very hard for you money."

        Russell takes a long sip of his water and wipes his sweat covered forehead with the sleeve of his hoodie. Tommy idly plays with the cap of the bottle and looks to the camera. His baby blue eyes showing a fire of inner desire, that special something of seriousness that Tommy's never shown before.

    Tommy:"You know being the underdogs is just as uneasy as being Thrilling. But for now enough about gimmicks. Your right, we'll always underdogs until we take the step. But that "category" will be higher the the Simply Thrilling Dudes ever dreamed. You guys dream of your titles. You've had your amazing runs in singles and tags. You've accomplished everything you ever wanted. And we've just started. We wrestle for the glory to know that one day. Whether it be this Sunday at the Tahj Mahal, or the Rising after that. Or maybe the next pay per view after that. Hell it could happen in years upon years. But Russ and me are dreamers who will make the dream a reality. For the sake of anyone who was ever the underdog. For anyone who had a dream that was within grasp but some assholes belittled you that you would never make it. Screw your damn Revenge of the Nerds analogy and what we said about "ducks". Our goal is unrealistic. We have to beat the unbeatable. But that never stopped me..."

        Tommy sighs as he looks out in the distance as he leans against the back of the truck and grabs another water bottle, taking a long drink from it as Russell takes a deep breath and looks at the camera. His brown eyes shimmering in the sunlight.

    Russell:"Spare the history lesson Mike. I have a history minor and if I wanted to know anything about Australia I could go see my old college professor. So what if Tommy wanted to play some golf. Sure we aren't the perfect thrill seekers you guys are as you dare to live to the "max". As we near our match my inhibition and cause to avoid the reckless slowly have begun to leave me. Because I realize that if Tommy and I to beat you we'll have to match you in ever aspect of your "game" and go beyond it. Endurance, speed, strength and your words. As you continue to promote yourself in the name of our duel of words it becomes clear to me that whether you back up your words or not that we will match it and go beyond. When we slip up we will fall. And we will be back up to make sure you don't steal our dream. My dream."

    Tommy:"As you "lead" the tag ranks we are slowly pulling up. As I sat upon my couch with my girlfriend and watched you speak the serious side of saw something it didn't see before. I saw concern in your eye. You make yourself to be herculean but your not. "The certified Badass" as people like to call me and Russell here are closing in on your call of "lead" and meeting you head to head. So what if we are Wyle E. Coyote. The point is that even if for some reason we never get the pleasure to beat you we will always chase you until it is over officially.

        Russell glances to Tommy as Tommy glances back at him as they look to the camera and Russell coughs and rolls out his arm, stretching out his tightening muscles.

    Russell:"On the 6th as we walk to the ring, the crowd by our side I will be watching you every moment. The twitch of anticipation. The glare at me as you smile to yourself. The moving of your shoulders as helplessly you think to yourself that we are nothing more then frauds to our contendership who have proven nothing. On the 6th with our without the pointless nick names Tommy gives himself..."

        Tommy just kind of glares at Russell and yells to him.

    Tommy:"C'mon! You know that I am a certified badass and an Innovator of Innovation."

    Russell:"Shut up."


        Russell coughs as Tommy just chuckles to himself.

    Russell: "Our limits will be tested when we meet in the ring. We will fight the up hill struggle and we will meet you on the top of the hill to bout for supremacy of the tag titles we each care for so much. In our test we will solidfy Tommy's claim to being a certified badass and to all the fans that we are the real deal. We are not some day in day out wrestlers. Watch a match and hear how they cheer. Or we will fail in the face of adversity as you hold those titles over us deepening the mountain we will climb to become champions. Your "unpredictability" is just as unpredictable as your cockiness. I'm no clairvoyant. Hell I highly doubt Tommy's a clairvoyant but you want unpredictability huh? Want us to look the left. Look to the right. Look above. Look below. Look ahead. Look behind us. To make sure we're not jumped huh? Here's a suggestion, use your mind games on someone it might actually work on such as the Marauders."

        Tommy shrugs as he looks up at Russell.

    Tommy:"Hey man. I mean I usually look to my left right, up down and ahead and behind just out of curiosity and the fact I enjoy looking multiple directions for some odd reason."

        Russell chuckles to himself and drinks down the last of his water bottle as he throws it into the flat bed of the truck. Tommy just sets it on the inside as Logan appears from camera side looking at his students. Russell and Tommy begin to stretch out a little bit.


        Tommy and Russell stop their stretches and look to Logan, they both nod. The slow revving of the Truck begins. Russell and Tommy quickly glance at the camera as Logan cleans out the flatbed a little.

    Russell:"Established in 1873 or whatever god damn catch phrase we feel like using, I only ask for the fans to believe."

    Tommy:"Isn't that my line."

        Slowly the truck begins to pull away as Logan yells to them...


        And with that Tommy and Russell shrug as they begin to run after the truck which begins to speed up. Logan still hovering in the back as he coaches on his students as slowly the truck passes over the hill and as does our dreamers.

    Fade to Black