"A man without fear is a man without hope"- Anonymous


        Ahh! Good to be back! Heading into Clash and all should be so much fun doing these narration's!

    Russell:"If you don't mind you could atleast get on with your job."

        Our scene is not set atop some high mountain that someone could base jump from. Hell its not even close to that!  In all seriousness our scene opens outside of the local Minnesota Gentlemen's club. Its in the midst of the afternoon as in the far distance a shock drop pink caddilac 93' begins to slowly pull up into the parking lot as it finally comes to a quiet halt. The loud humming of the engine dies down as slowly the car door opens, some crisp smoke obviously coming from the burning engine sifts through the car as non other then The Innovator of Innovation, The Wrestling Book with a Right Hook, The not so Human Highlight reel and  a certified badass in all 50 states and even all of Mexico. This man could be non other then Tommy Drake, adorned heavily in your stereotypical golf uniform. A white polo shirt with a gray stripe in the center, some khaki's and some cleats. And oh yeah he has hat saying reading "I rule". Then theirs Russell Morris.

    Russell:"Just curios. Why do you sell me so short and Tommy so highly as if he's actually achieved something to be his PR manager?"

    Tommy:"I pay him more."

    Russell:"Oh. That explains it. Fit your huge ego of coarse."

    Tommy:"You betcha."

        Tommy always gets it right. Aside the point. Russell's adorned in his usual work boots, some jeans and a white with black text "One Man Blow" shirt. The dynamic duo slowly begin to approach the door. Russell begins to speak as they stop infront of the door.

    Russell:"It seems that our New Zealand friends truly want to make a big deal about being "fearless". The base jump, the licensing of the No Fear clothing line, hell the entire theme dripped of "Daredevil" and the famous quote from former president Eisenhower. Mike atleast you show that you actually care about your competition just enough to speak of them. But as you rant inconsistently as "the time to prove we are no normal tag team" you fail to realize a big point here. You've already done that. You slugged it out with Ruthless Aggression and fell. You've beaten all comers. Your the innovator of the TWF branch of Tag Teams and frankly everyone does know your that..."

    Tommy:"Simply Thrilling?"

    Russell:"Correct. But now is the time for Tommy and I to prove we are no fake team. No lucky kid who got their break getting lucky in a few matches. Its time to show the you, the staff, the fans, the whole world that we are here to do what we do best."

    Tommy:"Play golf?"

        Russell just stares at Tommy oddly. Just looking at him as Tommy gives him a glance back.

    Tommy:"I know I was supposed to say "wrestling" but seriously. Remember the last time we played golf? We kicked some ass."

    Russell:"But that was miniature golf..."

        Tommy dwells over his head and finally nods in agreement, his baby blue eyes sparkling in the camera lense

    Tommy:"Still...oh alright you win."

        The dynamic duo step into the Gentlemen's club as they approach the front desk.

    Guy at Desk: "Hello sirs. Can I see your member I.D?"

        Tommy stares at Russell and then the guy at the desk. Russell and then the guy at the desk. He suddenly notices the man in a bloody jumpsuit and hockey mask who once held a chain saw but is now polishing and now wearing a nice T-shirt and khaki's along with black cleats.

    Hockey Mask Man:"Its fine. They're allowed in."

        Tommy nods as Russell reluctantly follows, his motion conveying he isn't much for the Gentlemen's Club which is called "The Minnesota Gentlemen's Club of 1873". Hmm. What a coincidence. It was established the same year as Russ and Tommy.

    Tommy:"As we approach ever closer to CLASH OF THE TITANS MID CARD EXTRAVAGANZA...I notice that the Innovator of Innovation and a golfing certified badass we seem to be underestimated here. You say that you can't stop a man without fear. Well tell me...Can you stop a certified badass and his closest pal? Huh? Huh?! Can you?"

    Russell:"Most likely."

        Tommy just glares at Russell.

    Tommy:"Such negativity. Man your such a downer."

        Russell just sighs and shakes his head as the duo follow hockey mask guy.

    Russell:"To phrase this better Maxx. Your fearless as you call yourself correct. But isn't a man without fear a man without hope? A man who looms in their inner despair. The brave heroes of old were never fearless but only subside the fear that arose when they confronted the green scaled dragon and they only armed with sword and shield. If your fearless then the hope that we won't actually out do you, the hope that you will accomplish everything you set out to do without interference is set aside as you essentially are saying you welcome whatever fate we bring. I'm not a believer of fate. I make my future. Tommy made his future. I mean he made himself a certified badass."

    Tommy:"Well of coarse. You know since our debut in TWF we've always been the underdogs. The odds just too stacked against us to beat. Way above our heads. But you know what? Look at us! With each challenge The Innovator of Innovation and Russ here overcome. Sure Logan did get himself involved in those matches but in do you think that deep down you would of won those titles anyway even if Logan hadn't interfered? I mean ever since your disgraceful loss to the Marauders your nothing but shams. The shells of the Simply Thrilling Dudes. Your nothing but the words of monsters you call yourself. We never thought as you "gee golly some nice guys" or even "monsters of brutality and pain" but nothing more then "lost dogs".

    Russell:"Wow Tommy you said something of mild importance."

        Tommy chuckles as he turns to Tommy as they follow Hockey Mask Man into the check out area to get some golf clubs. An argument insue's in the background between the teller and Hockey Mask Man as Hockey Mask Man begins to pummel the teller into the cash register.

    Tommy:"I try. You see Russell and myself, a sex symbol and role model for all good people out their go in with fear. We are scared of what may come.  Years will be knocked off Russell and I's wrestling careers. But then again won't yours? Those same weapons you claim to bring pain to us I'll use in such Innovative ways...well it'll show why I am the Innovator of Innovation."

        The teller, now knocked out as Hockey Mask Man begins to grab the various club and golf balls of the shelves as Russell and Tommy walks outside to get a caddy.

    Russell:"Well my adversaries you enjoy that feeling of being atop the world. And to clear something up the only badass is Tommy. I'm a wrestler. Now to call us a less thrilling STD? Well I'd have to disagree their."

        The camera pans over to Tommy, adorned in blonde whig, parachute backpack, a no fear T-shirt and some jeans and in reality he looks more like Mike Irwin then well...Mike Irwin.


        Russell just stares at him as the camera pans back to him and continues.

    Russell:"Us beating you will never be a matter of if. Sure our chances are slim but when you look at it we are in every way just as good as you are now. Sure we aren't thrilling or atleast I'm not but I've proved to the crowd that I can apparently wrestle with the best. As for us being in Simply Thrilling Territory I just somehow highly doubt it. We're wrestlers. As long as we are in the ring we are ducks on water. We're naturals."

        The camera pans back over to Drake, who's back into his usual attire as he starts up Golf Caddie.

    Tommy:"You know. I've never met a man so deeply in love with cages and brutality. I mean sure its part of their day job and you guys may enjoy it but to breathe it? Man I hope not every Austrailian's like that. We're up for the challenge. Hell any challenge we're up to! Flaming Cage match. Loser's forced to become a man servant of the other and rename himself "Ashpu"  match. We're even up for a loser goes to Hooters and hits on the few guy workers match. It matters not."

        Russell just eyes Tommy odly as Tommy begins to drive the caddie.

    Russell:"I'm not so sure about the man servant stipulated one."

    Tommy:"Me neither. Just a thought on someone brought it to mind."

        Tommy whistles as he drives along the bumpy golf hills as Russell pops his knuckles.

    Russell:"The main focus here is that your fearless but we're afraid but up to the challenge. Fear will not hinder us in anyway. Pain will not stop us from achieving the dream. The first shot of an epic war between two tag teams. A rookie full blooded American tag team with tenchent for wrestling and a little mouthing taking on a veteran australian team who seeks to reclaim the glory of being a two time champion. Just as we are believe it or not. Ever since your debut in the Titan Wrestling Federation you've said the same thing. You above everyone else. Your path to glory is paved out. Pain will be reaked upon all who mess with you. And sure you had your moments such as when your were racing with the muppets but the point it this. Future tag champions or not prepare your "paved destiny" to be mangled in two kids dreams we're preparing to make true."

        The caddie stops as Tommy and Russell step out. The sky is beautiful, a light blue with clouds high above. Tommy grabs the driver out of the back, his green colored Tee and a blue golfball.

    Tommy:"Time to add another achievment to my name babeh!"

    Russell:"Two time tag champion and man with the worst putting record I've ever seen?"

    Tommy:"Nope. Man most likely to get a hole in one."

        Tommy aligns his feet as slowly lowers the driver. He adjusts his grip as he loosens it a bit and pulls back,and swings the ball off to the far distance, his grin ecstatic as it flies high into the sky. He screams aloud to the other players.


        Russell sighs as the camera pans to the golf ball which lands near the hole as it rolls in circles...and goes in.

    Fade to Black