The scene opens up outside of TWF headquarters in Chicago. Ahh a classic scenery. The windy city blowing pedestrians to pieces. Wait I didn't say that

    Tommy:"No you didn't."

        Thanks Tommy. Anyways. Our camera focuses on the parking lot where a 1995 Pink Caddilac pulls into the parking lot, blaring Linkin Park "Hit the floor" and the license plate saying DRKERlZ. It comes to a slow halt as in mobster film fashion Tommy Drake and Russell Morris step out. Each with a steel plated briefcase. Each adorned in some casual attire. Tommy in a blue "Clash of the titans" T-shirt and jeans, Russell in a zip up hoodie and some khaki's. ..The duo look around as Tommy comments.

    Tommy:"I smell hot dogs.

        All of a sudden the blare of "Click Click Boom" by Saliva is heard and the Roar of a big V12 Hummer engine as the Simply Thrilling Hummer comes speeding in and comes to a screaming halt.. the noise stops and the doors open up. Maxx Devlin and Mike Irwin get out.. Maxx wearing black shades which he puts on top of his head after seeing Drake & Morris. Wearing a S.T.D. "Go on Blame us.. You'll be sorry" T-shirt.. with Blue Jeans.. Mike gets out as well wearing a Mike Irwin top and black pants he walks to the front of the hummer and stands there and whistles to get Drake & Morris' attention

    Mike: Hey, you... what the hell are you guys doing here?

        Russell and Tommy snap their heads up in attention to the fine Australian whistle. look upon the Simply Thrilling Dudes. The dynamic duo of Certified Badass and the other guy step up to a distance of roughly 3 feet away from the tag team.

    Russell:"We're here to vacate the title. We did nothing to get them except Logan getting involved when we never wanted him..."

        Maxx closes the door of the hummer and steps in front of them pointing at the cases

    Maxx:"... Well, I guess that's HIS mistake!"

    Mike: So, you wanna go 1 on 1 with the best tag team do ya?. Do you really think you can win without interference this time?

        Tommy and Russell take a glance at each other as Tommy steps infront of Mike and just kind of grins

    Tommy:"Do you really think you can slap me and expect me not to slap back?"

    Mike:"And.. change your aftershave..."

        Mike wafts his hand in front of him and takes a step back. Maxx puts his hand on Mikes chest pushing him back and steps in front of Tommy.

    Maxx: "The question is.. are you ready to take the pain?"

        Russell places his palm on Tommy and pushes him backwards, he gets up in Maxx's face, looking eye to with the man.

    Maxx: You got something you wanna say to me.... Boy?

    Russell:"Yes I do. Your asking the wrong question. I think it is if you can comprehend your humiliation? We know we can take the pain. But can you accept defeat?"

    Mike: That's it..

        Mike dashes off to the hummer and pulls a sledgehammer out of the back, Maxx grabs it off him and signals for him to get in the hummer, Mike takes a few steps back as Maxx holds the sledgehammer and then stands by the door.

    Maxx: Listen, boys.. you don't know what u have got yourself into.. but since you are vacating the titles.. how about at the clash.. we both go for them.. but we need to make a match that is worth of a PPV. A match that is.. dare I say it.. Simply Thrilling.

        Tommy kicks quickly takes a step back and searches his car to produce a tire iron as he taps it idly in his hand with that ever so...ok its not a menacing face because frankly how menacing can a sex symbol be? He stands over by Russell who looks at the tire iron and Tommy with those puppy dog eyes...

    Russell:"Give me that."

        Russell grabs the tire iron as he looks at Maxx and responds...

    Russell:"Since our debut everyone's told us we're over our heads, we're not good enough. And we have a similar history. Destroy all tag teams in our path. Matching skills with Prime and Brujah. I think your the one's who don't know quite what your facing. A match at Clash? Why not. Winner is becomes the tag champions. The match won't be just Simply Thrilling..."

    Tommy:"It'll be well...established in 1873?"

    Maxx: "Lets make it, something to remember... a TLC match... in a cage!"

        Mike nods in approval in the background. Tommy and Russell huddle briefly, their eyes ever so focused on their opponents and they break. Russell speaks up.

    Russell:"Lets make history then. The night the lights blacked out and someone stood up to The Simply Thrilling Dudes and bettered them."

        Maxx smirks and turns to walk away.. Mike thinking that they are done steps back in the hummer but Maxx turns back around...

    Maxx: "One last thing... tell Logan, we'll be waiting for him."

        Maxx smirks.. puts the sledgehammer over his shoulder and strolls back to the hummer.. chucking the sledgehammer in the back and starting up the engine before they can respond.. Maxx closes the door and drives towards Drake and Morris.. swerving them and then pulling a big peel out leaving them in the smoke as Maxx honks the Simply Thrilling Horn. Tommy and Russell look as they speed away.

    Tommy:"By the hammer of Thor, the Mjonir. I promise vengeance for getting smoke on my Clash of the titans T-shirt!"

    Russell:"Let's go."

        With that the duo pick up their briefcases and walk off toward the TWF building. Tommy dusting his shirt off as Russell has a serious glare. A bit scared but then he smiles... Suddenly Token Black Guy shows up in the parking lot and looks at Tommy and Russell.

    Token Black Guy:"Yo.. you seen 2 dudes go past in a big ass jeep?"

        Tommy and Russell just look at each other and smile as they walk past him.

    Token Black Guy:"It's coz I'm black isn't it?"

        He stares at the camera screen...

    Token Black Guy:"What are you looking at?"


    Fade to Black