Our scene opens with a helicopter shot outside of the ever so lovely,snow covered, 20 year old, made of bricks,colored white...(I can keep this going for a long time) building of the Treasure Chest,the family ran weight lifting and athletics center ran by injured TWF superstar...well you know who. But of coarse this isn't a promo...you can probably guess that since my narrarating isn't so poetic...ok...I lied...I lied twice. We slide into first person of the camera man as he drops out of the helicopter and lands with a thud.

Camera Guy:"UMPH!"

            10 minutes later...he gets up.

Camera Guy: "Why didn't you tell me that I had a parachute and it was just your dirty laundry...sheeez!"

            ...Anyways. The camera slowly leads inside the warm well lit fitness area as it slowly paces past the empty desks to the weight room. The carousing about is of two men,one man hard at work on the bench press. His hair a very dark brown,his skin a bit tanned,looks to be about 6'2 and of excellent build. Wearing nothing but some nike's,some black slick pants and that's it. The sweat drips from his eyes as he continues his reps...The other man hard at work Running on a Tread Mill...backwards. His hair shorter then the other man's bangs lifting with his movement. He appears roughly 5'11 and showing off some lovely baby blue eyes. His build...well not at good as the other but I mean c'mon! He has baby blue eyes. He continues jogging,a big grin upon his face as he finally speaks.

Guy on treadmill:"Well mysterious narrarator who isn't there...you going to introduce to the people at home who we are or will I have to continue jogging quietly and my friend over there doing reps until his massive arms give into the amount of force he lifts?"
           ...OH yeah! These men are some of the finest students trained in the present wrestling world. Trained as elites,training in the closed Next Generation Wrestling federation, Japan, and Marinez Coalition Wrestling in Mexico...they are the Systematic Assassins little assassins...they are Russel Morris and Thomas Drake...aptly named Drake and Morris.

Drake:"There you go!"


           From off screen walks Logan Treasure,in his usual black shirt,khaki's attire on his self phone. Clean shaven surpringly.

Logan:"Yes...ok Hawke. I'll tell them. Bye."

           Click goes the sound of the cell phone cover. Russel finds a good place to stop,placing the bar on its stand and sits up from the bench looking at Logan,grabbing a nearby towel to wipe the sweat on his face.

Morris:"We have a match?"

Logan:"As of today you are booked to wrestle the men who put my back out...Ruthless Agression. I know you two will get revenge...a small vendetta really but still...you will accomplish it correct?"

            Russel gives a bit of a blank stare...Thomas still on the tread mill as he finally turns it off to come to not so haulting stop as he looks back at Logan...Suddenly Thomas screams in horror

Drake:"AAAAAAAH! WE'RE FACING RUTHLESS AGRESSSION!!! Those guys that do that SPEAR THINGY! They have that one guy named from some roll playing games!! AND SOME GUY WHO HAS WON 38 BELTS...WHAT WILL WE DO RUSSEL...WE'RE DOOMED!"

            Russel and Logan just stare blankly at Thomas...who runs around in circles before he finally runs into the squat machine knocking himself out...or atleast shutting him. Russel gets up and nods to Logan.

Morris:"We'll give it out best shot...and as you told us the camera crew has already invaded our privacy."

            Logan nods and walks out of the weight room as Russel walks over to Thomas,who appears rather dazed as Russel helps him to his feet and gives him a bottle of water to drink out of which Thomas does. Thomas nods to Russel as he steps up and begins to speak to the camera.

Drake:"Ladies and gents I welcome yeh to the finest upcoming attraction on earth! Tickets only $60...of coarse you can go to the scalpers for cheaper or win them off the radio station or something. That's besides the point. My names Thomas Drake,and I'm a certified badass..."

Mysterious background voices:"HI THOMAS!!"

            Thomas exhibits a lovely smile to the camera and coughs,getting back to 'work'.

Drake:"Thank you,thank you. Anyways...so we have our first match agianst Ruthless Agression. Now I don't have the dictionary definition on me but Russel could you help me out?"

Morris:"Yes. Ruthless is an adjective or describing word for the mentally uncomprehending that means merciless. Agression is a noun that means hostile or destructive behavior. Through them together, add a bald guy with plenty of title belts and a guy who just lost to a very gothic girl scout and you have our opponent Ruthless Agression."

            Thomas looks at Russel in surprise...Russel exhibiting atleast a small grin.

Drake:"Every day you surprise me Russel. First you being able to drive a car,next you knowing dictionary precise definitions."

Morris:"...I know...I know..."


Drake:"Point aside TWF is ever so hungry to go through tag teams aren't they? But anywyas. This guy over here as the mysterious italliciszed for those with close captoin narrartor is Russel Morris. He's my partner. He too is a badass...maybe...just maybe even more so then myself...but of coarse he isn't certified. Now Sebastian and Tony...you don't mind if I call you be your real names? Ok thanks for telling me. You see your going to within the next day or so meandor on how your a great tag team,nearly beat Simply Thrilling Dudes,that you are back together to brutalizes some behinds and will maul through us just like some other teams you faced...in example Slayer and O-man. You know how I know this Russel?"

            Russel raises his eyebrow and replies

Morris:"Because its predictable?"

            Thomas shakes his head

Drake:"Not even close...its because...I am...THE INNOVATOR OF INNOVATION!!! BOOYAH!!!!"

            Russel sighs heavily...

Morris:"How about you let me talk now ok?"

            Thomas sighs like a baby who isn't getting his way and then turns away from him

Morris:"I'll take that as yes. I respect both of your guys work...or atleast on some levels. You see as I see it your crack at the Crown Princes of the Tag Ranks Mike and Maxx is gone. It passed you guys so quickly and you nearly grasped it...but you blew it as of Idle Minds. You had the match won Prime...but noo! Well to be perfectly honest I think you two are just two assholes! I mean seriously...you go powerbomb defenseless women through tables and go to unneccessary amounts of mayhem. But of coarse albeit me to be a hypocrit...seeing as I wrestled in an all hardcore japanese federation."

            Thomas rudly interjects

Drake:"My uncertified badass friend is damn right PnB! Or is it RA? Ohwell! Drake and Morris are here to cause some hell...and maybe become the kings of the tag ranks. What ever happens to roll our way! Of coarse by law we are forced to lug around Logan as our manager...Logan mean...Logan exercises cruel and unusuall punishment..."

Morris:"You call conditioning cruel and unusual punishment?"

Drake:"So what? I'm really an out of shape fat kid on the inside...but point aside...Ruthless Agression lets see really see if as a team your still as Ruthlessly and Agressive as the future...say it with me Russel!"

            Russel sighs and nods


Drake:"I'm a certified badass! Wooo!"