Man "Hello everyone i am Jet Roy and welcome to Indy Fedding LIVE! Today we have a special guest on our show, on the phone live from his hometown of Montreal 38 times Champion and wrestling Legend, from Outlaw Wrestling Mister Sebastien Primeau! Prime welcome to the show and how are you doing?"

"Its 39 times and to anwser your question: i'm fine but extremely pissed off."

Jet "Because of your loss last night?"

"That among other things"

Jet "You wrestled a good match against Logan Treasure though"

"Yeah but i wasen't expecting the damn Malice Brothers to fuck it up."

Jet "But you had to have a little feeling because of the fact you and your partner Tony St-Micheals ran things over the past weeks with all those attacks on your opponants" We could hear Prime shrugging over the phone

"Some poeple will think its the someone who bought up the Malice Brothers and that we'll know in a few weeks or even next week who did it and an angle will ensue well let me tell you this right now: Thats bullshit!"

Jet "Well, what happened then?"

"I'm going to go keyfabe and say that the bookers before the match started wanted me to win. I was fine with that, Logan and I worked so we could plan a decent match for the fans to appreciate and we actually did that but then comes match time you got the Malice Brothers jumping me and one of them telling me ~Sorry man change of plans: They want you to loose so you'll have to lay down for Treasure~. How do you think that made me feel hm? I didn't had a choice i had to let Logan win so i tapped out 2 minutes after the assault. Have i been or do i feel like i got screwed? No. Did the bookers made a bad decision? You damn right they did! And in protest thats why ididn't appeared anywhere else of the remaining of the program. I packed my shit and went home! I was supposed to go walk up to Lei Yu Sying, Game Over his ass and say that Ruthless Aggression was going to accept the Heaven Cellar match but hey...Fuck it"

Jet "Are you saying you are walking out of Outlaw Wrestling federation?"

"Nah i'm not saying that, but i will say that i hate the situation i am in now. Obviously the Administration dosen't see me for the hot commodity that i am so they made me a whipping boy for some other guy to take advantage of! I have alot of respect for Logan Treasure but as far as storylines are concerned i think my situation as Prime the wrestler sucks!"

Jet "But you and Brujah are literally Dominating the Federation with your assaults. You guys somehow ARE the hottest wrestlers Outlaw Wrestling has to offer"

"Yeah well they don't value us to become Champions now don't they. Oh sure we have this big Tag Team Title shot gig comming in but you see when we claimed we didn't gave a shit about those belts: We Meant It For Real! We'll take the shot alright, but my sights are on something bigger."

Jet "The World Heavyweight Championship"

"Exactly, you see i am not getting any younger and i have my future to plan ahead. Like i said in a promo last week i could retire right now and not regret a thing"

Jet "Why don't you retire then?"

"You obviously didn't followed much... I want the World Title! You do know i am talking keyfabe and out of character here right? I am up to 9 World Titles, 39 total... I want to end my career in a great way. I want to retire being World Heavyweight Champion. Not before that, i will not retire untill that day comes and obviously those jackoffs at Outlaw Wrestling dosen't seem to realize that yet. My Ultimate goal is to reach the 40+ Championship mark and 10 World Titles but untill that will happen i will continue to show up on OW Programming untill i do."

Jet "What if you never get the shot? It could happen"

"No worries about that, i have other options i can consider which i wont go through because i don't feel like it. Call it professional secret. Right now i'll say this: I am STILL a part of the Outlaw Wrestling brand and i will unless told otherwise show up next week at the bunkhouse kicking ass like i always do and continue the storyline which is to find out who sent the Malice Brothers after me to help Logan win."

Jet "Well Prime thanks alot that was a truly revealing interview i would like to wish you luck for your fuiture matches and career"

"Hey no problem i appreciate it"

Jet "Well there you had it folks! An EXCLUSIVE interview one on one with Prime! For sure the internet papers will be buzzing hard about his comments and folks we will be taking a break. When we come back we will have a recap of........" The scene faded to black when the man was about to talk about who's federation he was going to do a recap of but quite honnestly: We don't give a damn.