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Intern: “Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the World Wrestling Alliance’s very first pod cast. Whatever time you might be logging on at, I’m your official pod cast announcer and resident WWA intern Sean Haman. The WWA podcast will be bringing you all of the latest information concerning the greatest superstars in the WWA alliance today as well as in depth interviews with the important figures in our industry.”


Sean Haman: “In the WWA studio today we have none other then one of the most intriguing and down right athletic competitors to step foot into the alliance ring. Initially claiming fame in the regions of Canadian Championship Wrestling and Outlaw Championship Wrestling, he is now the new ‘maverick’ of the SWF, Tommy Drake.”

Tommy Drake: “It’s a...pleasure to be on the show John.”

Sean Haman: *annoyed* “It’s Sean.”

Tommy Drake: “Well...don’t they mean the same thing homes?”

Sean Haman: “Good point. First off, how does it feel to finally to have your foot back in the door with the WWA.”

Tommy Drake: “Well Sean, it’s actually pretty nice. I’ve had this vision in my head completely of how I was going to crumble like the berlin wall once I came back here homes but...everyone has been entirely supportive despite my views, my actions of past and present. It’s been a rather nurturing environment.”

Sean Haman: *filing papers...hesitance* “Well, there has been a mess of different owners and proprietors of the WWA since you Initially left in what, April of 2005?”

Tommy Drake: *chuckling* “Actually you’re a month and a year off homes. May of 2004. I’ve been gone far too long.”

Sean Haman: *surprised* “Wow. I could of sworn you weren’t gone that long.”

Tommy Drake: “Eh, my impact can be felt in small quivers I suppose.” *chuckling some more*

Sean Haman: *joining in the chuckling...dying down* “One has to wonder what kind of ring rust you have on the ole wheels of yours.”

Tommy Drake: “Surprisingly, not as bad as I had imagined, but still not at the level I once was.”

Sean Haman: “Elucidate.”

Tommy Drake: “Well...” *caught off guard* “My my, what a vocabulary we have on you.”

Sean Haman: “Superior education. I was never a good wrestler so I made sure I was good with words.”

Tommy Drake: “You’ll go far anywhere. Anyway, as I was saying. A lot of my off time was actually spent training in various parts of the world in between my fits of depression and apathy. You’d think a young guy like myself couldn’t get burned out on their dream but just the death of my father crushed a lot of my will to compete and put my all into it.”

Sean Haman: “I could imagine. So, how were you finally able to get over that obstacle and be re-invigorated. For that matter, anyone notable you were training with.”

Tommy Drake: *thinking* “Hmm...well, Sean, I think that thing that truly got me re-invigorated in wrestling was watching my friend from England, Dean Gatsby just sort of tear it up in the ring. The man works a pretty stiff style and wrestles with this unbridled fury that I’m not sure a lot people in the old alliance could appreciate. He’s very similar to...he’s a regular Alex Kaos mixed with the size of Rune Archer. He’s a former boxer so his strikes are fairly brutal.”

Sean Haman: “He sounds like a good match up for Daishi.”

Tommy Drake: “No doubt. I mean, both have interest in outside martial arts and both obviously have a deep appreciation of Japanese Shintoism...wait, I retract that second statement.”

Sean Haman: *slight laugh*

Tommy Drake: *snicker* “But yeah, watching him work sort of re-invigorated me. As for people I was training with. Obviously I was training with Dean and he’s helped me develop a new edge to my brawling style and grapples that I’d been lacking. I also spent some time with Hugo Marinez the second down in New Mexico once I came back to the states. I primarily worked with him on getting into high flying shape and getting re-adjusted to the feel of the mat on your back after doing a sling shot senton bomb.”

Sean Haman: “What’s different about the style you’re bringing to the ring this go around in the WWA? Does it have an relation to preparing for SWF or was that just a random choice.”

Tommy Drake: “Well, I’d like to think my style is smarter, stronger and faster this go around. Physically, I feel fantastic. The ‘worn-in’ feeling has left me and I think I’ve developed a new level of endurance I’m anxious to push. I’ve learned a lot over the past year or so from some great peers and teachers. I don’t think it has much to do with where I choose to work. I mean, it would be an asset to me anywhere I chose to go. This refined style of mine which just incorporates my ability to fly with more all-around tactics will let me be a better wrestler and a better innovator.”


Tommy Drake: “It will also be one of the saving graces I have going into SWF.”

Sean Haman: “I know you gave your reason for going to SWF on the New Years Edition of Warpath but just say it plainly for those who didn’t get to see it. Why did one, Tommy Drake, go to the SWF?’

Tommy Drake: “It pretty much comes down to SWF being the place where I need to be right now. Not only is it in line with agendas that are far more important to the alliance as a whole then my career but also just what my gut was saying. It’s truly time for Tommy Drake to step onto the battlefield and show what kind of soldier he can be.”

Sean Haman: “You mentioned agendas important to the alliance. This is in reference to your membership in the Invisible Hand?”

Tommy Drake: “Of course. I’m pleasantly surprised that you’re not threatened of me because of it.”

Sean Haman: *haplessly* “Hey, as long as you’re not beating me up, I’m cool with anything the wrestlers do.”

Tommy Drake: “Ha ha! I can respect that.”

Sean Haman: “Now, you’ve come across as one of the more outspoken hand supporters aside Mr. X. Tell us, in your own words, what the Hand agenda is.”

Tommy Drake: “I can’t detail on you on the plan but I can discuss the goal of the Hand and that is to simply change the way things have been going with the World Wrestling Alliance, even if it means ultimately destroying every foundation and tradition established by the alliance over the years.”

Sean Haman: “Why?”

Tommy Drake: “It’s the simple idea of how to begin a new. For something new to grow from the earth, one must burn the old and ancient tree. It’s time we stop hearing about Michael Lennox, Eric Dane and the other heroes of the industry of old. They are continually called back to save this place when it no longer needs to be saved. It’s time we see whether the alliance will sink or swim. In the end...”


Tommy Drake: “...we’re going to make sure whatever is left of the alliance or whatever it may be called will be in no need to saved by heroes of hold but can begin to create new legends.”

Sean Haman: “Even through means of mass violence?”

Tommy Drake: *gravely* “Yes...yes it does. I admit, it takes a lot to piss me off and make me just maul somebody with a weapon. However, I’m part of an army for a cause far above my ideals. If it means I have to crack a few be it.”

Sean Haman: *cough* “Speaking of the hand, your first match back is in fact against one of the other members of The Invisible Hand.”

Tommy Drake: “It’s really funny you mention that. I went back and was looking over the New Years warpath show just to take some notes and stuff and remembered hearing me say something along the lines ‘SWF, give me yo biggest, homes’. Surprisingly, they actually listened to ME.”*chuckle*

Sean Haman: “A rare occurrence for one Tai Haven to actually listen to one of his employees.”

Tommy Drake: “It’s’s true.”

Sean Haman: “So, how do you feel about having to against one of your own?”

Tommy Drake: “It makes me feel a little nervous, a little jumpy because there is this extra pressure there. I think I’m looking more forward to the match instead of just facing off against Vic Venom. Part of that Hand strategy in changing the alliance is not being afraid to face one of the other members in the group if we have to. And I believe I’m facing the largest member of the group. I don’t know Turner personally, but I know it will be tough.”

Sean Haman: “You have a history of overselling your opponent in your promos.”

Tommy Drake: “Eh, from time to time.”

Sean Haman: “Your thoughts going into face Goliath?”

Tommy Drake: “It’s going to be tough, but I’m not too worried. I mean, he has the size advantage and he won’t have the rust I have but T-Drake is bringing that maverick fury.”

Sean Haman: “The maverick fury?”

Tommy Drake: “You know...that ‘x’ factor some have a little of and then I have tons of. Its what lets me do that nifty little nip-up and then scare the crap out of my opponent. Last time I checked, Goliath hasn’t had a whole lot of momentum relating to anything for awhile. I may lack initial momentum but this being my first match back, I’m going into this with a running start because I know just how much it will mean to the face of SWF and The Hand if I can prove my worth by putting Goliath down.”

Sean Haman: “You think you can hit Goliath with the Certifier?”

Tommy Drake: “Somehow, I’ll figure out a way. Just be on the look out, that’s all I’m saying.”

Sean Haman: “Will do.” *shuffling of papers*

Tommy Drake: “Have enough paper there homeboy?”

Sean Haman: “Naah...All right, final question. Who do you look forward to meeting in the ring now that you’re in SWF?”

Tommy Drake: “All I can say is that the person I want to meet in the ring may not know who he is yet, and may not for awhile but when we meet up, you’ll known in an instant.”

Sean Haman: “Well, thanks for helping the WWA debut the podcast show, Tommy.”

Tommy Drake: “No problem Sean-E. You have a bright future ahead of you with this nifty little thing. Anything I can do to spread the word.”

Sean Haman: “I’m surprised you didn’t say ‘homes’ as much as you usually do.”

Tommy Drake: “What can I say? I only display my flagrant whiteness when the cameras are rolling. No need to otherwise.”

Sean Haman: “Best of luck to you.”

Tommy Drake: “Thank you.”