Miyamoto Shugen

Race: Taerian
Age: 177
Height: 5'9
Weight: ???
Magic Specialty: Necromancy

Quotes: "Those who proclaimed me as a plague to existence only further hindered their chances of dieing peacefully."

"Trespassers make such excellent guards."


Shadow Hoarde:  Miyamoto's natural connections to the underworld and shadows have given him the innate ability to summon upon a casting a hoarde of Shadow Demons to do his bidding.

Skull Missles: Allows Miyamoto summon a swarm(up to 100) energy skulls that can either act as defense or offense.

Summon Undead: The Necromancer staple if you happen to enjoy being a leader,it allows him to summon up to 1,023 undead soldiers.

Advanced Attunement: Allows Miyamoto to sense all energies at 100 fold

Ray of Enfeeblement: A powerful ray that deducts half of Miyamoto's magic in ki from an opponent.

Teleport: Allows him to jump pretty much anywhere,in any realm(from mortal to hell and such)

Veil of Shadows: Miyamoto cloaks himself with a dark veil that all who were not originally paying notice to him (up to 6 people) will not here,see,feel,taste,or touch him as he is to them not there.

Spectral Eyes: His eyes and ears of spying. He has 5 of them,each move at a set number of 500,000 and are like security camera's,Miyamoto's eyes glaze while they inact and they spy,seeing and hearing through them for a limited amount of time. Essentially they are Wraiths.

Flight: It allows him to empower himself to move at blinding speeds..in the air.

Quickened Mage: Officially Miyamoto moves at 50% of his magic energy in speed.

Plague: Similar to Shadow Hoarde or Summon Undead as it's a summoning but this is a more fouler sort. Miyamoto over a time summons something of his title...a sweeping plague that moves through awful creatures(rodents). Upon a roden biting a target(or targets) the rodent usually dies and the opposisition is affected with a slow plague that trains health ever so quickly...either nearly killing them or destroying them.

Skull Bolt: Similar to Skull Missle but a big upgrade. This is a single Skull Missle empowered and drains a bit of life force away into non existence.