Slowly a familiar scene opens...familiarity? A definition of something remembered, familiar. Quietly our scene opens up at the Santa Fe Marinez house, a low grand appearing 2 floor (basement), extensively large backyard and a wide front yard. The side paneling is brick, the roof a very darki blue color. The door is quietly hid under the cover of the roof, it's color a light blue, with a large peer through window with the design of an angel upon it. Slowly we fade to the backyard.

    Hugo: "C'mon!"

The words echo throughout the enclosed wooden fenced backyard, as to our surprise made in the middle of it is a sturdy, pro wrestling ring. The ropes a deep black with white turnbuckles. The apron a beautiful silver, each with the letters "MWC" or Marinez Wrestling Coalition. Dancing about the ring is two men, both recognized upon the spot of the camera pointing it at them. One of them, standing tall as he motions for his sparr to raise up is non other then one half of the Lethal Lottery Champions, Hugo Marinez II, returning to the camera after a week off. Adorned in a creamy white mask, adorned with various black slashes, most upon the cheek area of the mask, giving it a bit of a "White Tiger" feel to it. The symbol of the cross (painted a beautiful gold) with the black snake coiled upon it's length still bears atop of it. His dark completed skin shines deeply in the sunlight, his snake stencil tattoo on his arm showing along with the burning ring upon his back. He's also adorned in white wrestling pants, boots and some white combat gloves. His sparring opponent is non other then his older brother Jorge. His short brown hair slicked back as he lays on the mat and quickly springs to his feet. Adorned in light blue slick pants as a wife beater he eyes down his taller brother and chuckles. As Jorge begins to speak (in spanish), subtitles flood the bottom of the tv screen.

    Jorge: "A daddy now and still not rusty. I'm impressed."

Hugo gives a small, open mouth smile, his pearly white teeth flashing the camera along with his beautiful blue eyes at the mere mention of him being a father, the reason he was gone last week. Subtitles dot across again.

    Hugo: "I have to be holmesss. Defending the beltsss thissss week."

The camera peers around the ring to see the beautifully plated Lethal Lottery belt resting atop on of the corner. Hugo eyes the camera and grins as Jorge pats his younger brother on the back, a head motion to go address his adoring fans as Jorge hops out of the ring and enters the house via a sliding glass plate glass door. Hugo yawns loudly as he heads to the nearby corner, grabbing his beautiful belt shared only by his partner: Lei-Yu Sying. He quietly sulks into the corner, resting his back against it as he pats his belt and peers to the camera, a grin upon his face.

    Hugo: "I must ssssay, I didn't exactly take a break from Outlaw on a high note, a ssssweat thing to remember me buy as I no sssshow. But thusss comesss this Sssaturday to redeem mysssself. To ssstand tall in the sssspot light as Sying and myssself ssstand firm againsssst the boys of Sssouthern Comfort."

Hugo gives a quimsical grin as he rubs his belt lightly and coughs, bringing his left hand to cover his mouth. He lightly gulps and begins to speak again in the hot, Santa Fe sun.

    "Link, Billy,  you sssseem like ssssuch angry, almost irritated men. You sssseem to think that Ssssying and I don't "ressspect" you assss wressstlers which isss wholy untrue. I think it'sss just the sheeer fact you had to cheat to beat Hired Gunsss. That Eric Ssssanchez fellow had it one in his favor esssse and you did what you felt you had to do win. Your perogative I ssssupose. And you of coarssse have the right to believe what you want to believe or whatever Dana decidesss to whissper in your ear it appearss."

Hugo lightly raises his left hand above where his eyebrows would be upon his mask, shielding his eyes from the sun as he stares up, the camera following. Not a single cloud in the sky, and the sun past the mid way point.

    "You sssseem to think our capabilities assss a tag team will be lesss then sssstellar. I mean Billy sssspoke of how we may "gel" together only to have our asssess hand to usss on a cold plate. But boysss, I have faith in Ssssying. Sssying is gratefully in my debt, and I feel endowed in hissss. The bond we sssshare is not much of a tag team...but a partnerssship. He'sss a mentor to me holmesss, eons ago he wasss who I modled myself to be. We together have sssshown nothing can sssstand in our way. Hell, we beat the oddsss on favorite for that tag rumble, then again Ruthless Aggresssssion seem to be on a rampant losssing sssstreak but still. I trussst him desssspite the fact he'sss managed by such a sssleaze, by the actionssss he's dones before to me and could easssily do again. Call me an ignorant mexican american prancing about in a sssstupid masssk. Call it blind faith. In the end I know it that the Ssssanta Fe Ssssnake and the Chinese Desssstroyer will function asss a tag team. We have to. We worked too damn hard to get thossse beltsss to just losssse it on our first battle with them."

Hugo grabs ahold tightly of the belt slung over his right shoulder as he lightly steps out of the corner, slowly taking a pace to the middle of the ring as he stares into the camera, just  blinking lightly as he flicks his tongue. He slowly begins to lower himself, in a bit of a crouching stance as he slowly grabs ahold of his belt by the leather strap and dangles it lightly, holding it in front of the camera to view as he eyes it and then looks to the camera.

    "I'm a born warrior Ssssouthern Comfort. The ring issss my dessstiny, my fate, my home. It's Ssssyings too. Go ahead asssk him...with that cold dead sssstare of hisss will be anssswer enough. You can ssssay how our sssupposedly "flassshy" ssstyle will fail. But you sssee it jussst isssn't karate, and flying. It'sss a beautiful art of dessstruction, effective even against you Link dessspite your denialsss. You haven't sssseen "flying" until you've been in the ring with a luchador and a man who by reputation isss invincible."

Hugo gives a little smile to the camera, his eyes showing that burning desire, the inner blue flame that always seems to shine so brightly...

    "Lincoln, Billy, hell Dana too. You besssst come prepared. Their wasssss once a sssamurai ssaying. Prepare for everything, expect nothing. And you bessst do exactly that. If not, then kissss you chances of holding thissss..."

Hugo smiles, pointing to the title as he lightly kisses the belt and then grins, looking to the camera.

    "...good bye."

    Fade to Black