Our scene opens quietly in the mid day sun of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Slowly our camera pans downward, taking to a view of the outside of the La Pachanga mexican family eatery. It's made of stucco material siding with large tinted windows, the light shimmering upon it. Slowly it slides to focus upon a familiar luchador champion. Of coarse its non other then Outlaw's own Santa Fe Snake, Hugo Marinez II. He stands proudly with a new light green leather mask. His chin strap is undone, and it looks similar to the last one, replacing the black slashes are yellow slashes with a light black outlining. The Snake Logo has been lightly redesigned so it's a Snake swirled around the length of a cross, the crooked crown still atop it's head. His well built chest is shown off from his wife beater, and also wearing some baggy jean shorts and some New Balance running shoes. But that one thing that shines so perfectly in the afternoon sun is Hugo's tag team belt, the Lethal Lottery tag belt that rests lightly upon his shoulder as Hugo's grinning from ear to ear.

    Hugo: "Along time ago my papa sssaid that you get what you put in. If you put in that extra mile, that extra effort you'll reap that extra reward. I never believed it, I mean look at what sssso many people get away with. But I've been enlighted essssse's. Ssssying put in hell in a hand bassssket in the tag rumble and our match. Ssssying, I must ssssay I can undersssstand what you did. I don't like it. But I accept it with open armssss. Asssss my partner, a friend and mentor I accept your hand holmesss. In a ssssituation of usssss winning that rumble I'm not forced to trusssst you. After our ssssecond match which Brujah so rudely felt like interrupting, to throw off the epic ssssstruggle I waited sssssseven monthsss to finisssh...but at heart I have faith in what we will accomplissssh. We are the worldsssss finessssst and nothing will tell me different."

Hugo gives a small little smile, a warm expression rolling across his face as he slowly pulls open the door to the resteraunt. He quietly steps in, the opening area is of a brick build. Dotted across the resteraunt are various pieces of art and items of the mexican culture, sombrero's, aztec designs, the mexican flag. Quietly Hugo and a waiter begin to talk.

    Waiter: "¡Buenas noches Sr. Marinez! Su familia lo aguarda creo."

    Hugo: "Sí. ¿Dónde están ellos?"

    Waiter: "El espacio distante de la Espalda, se reserva para usted y para su familia."

Hugo smiles and nods. Slowly he paces past the various booths and tables dotted with mexican and caucasian's as he approaches the back room door, taped upon it a piece of paper reading "Marinez family only." Hugo grins as he opens the door to see the festively decorated banquet esque room. In the room is what appears to be roughly 8 people, oddly enough all of them except one (Jorge) are wearing very colorful luchador masks, all very similar in likeness to Hugo's with minor changes, such as what appears to be a shorter, older member of the family has a golden snake emblem, the rest of the mask is black with silver stripes. Hugo smiles as he looks at the sign above, reading "¡Las felicitaciones Hugo!" Hugo grins as he addresses his family.

    Hugo: "¡El papá, la Mamá, Alice! ¡Usted tiposss no hicieron esssto! Sssignifico no celebración todavía, yo tengo que preparar para un igual este sssábado. Pueda de apenas lo sssalvó para el domingo para mi partido de victoria de possste."

The crowd laughs as Alicia (identified by her name tag) walks up to her husband. Her long brown hair is in a pony tail, sticking out the end of her pink Hugo mask. Her large belly shows that she is infact pregnent. So Hugo was a little busy on his time off. Hugo and her give a light little kiss and Alice smiles.

    Alice: "Hugo, usted piensa que usted puede atleast está agradecido."

    She gives a sarcastic smile as Hugo grins to her and motions for his older bro Jorge to come over.

    Hugo: "Sssoy huno. Tendré razón las gente de essspalda. ¡Obtuvo para hablar a la tripulación!"

Alice grins lightly and Hugo gives a little nod as Jorge follows Hugo as they step outside of the Banquet room. Jorge runs a hand through his slicked back black hair, running his chin on his beard growing face. He's adorned in a Marinez Wrestling Coalition training camp t-shirt, jeans, boots and a large belt buckle. He steps out with Hugo.

    Jorge: "Oye hermano. ¿Qué pasa?"

    Hugo lightly rubs his hand against his belt that rests lightly upon his shoulder.

    Hugo: "No mucho bro. ¿Essscucha, usssted ve al tipo que estoy frente a esssta sssemana?"

    Jorge: "Si."

Hugo nods as he rests against the wall, his blue eyes showing inquisitive nature as he begins to speak.

    Hugo: "What can be ssssaid about Prime that hasssn't been ssssaid. Your a man of principle, if not annoying. You've held an unprecedented 38 championshipsss. Yet from my underssssstanding not a ssssingle perssson daressss to take your threatsss of dominance to heart. Now why isss that holmesss? Firsssst off you sssseem like you have both the experience the capability to do everything you sssay but it jusssst doesssn't go down like that. You sssee last week you built it up assss if I was going to be sssskinned and made into one of your bootsss but what ended up happening is a little bit of an reality check isssn't holmesss? You got elminated by two men who are ssssmaller, and much lesss sssstrength dominant then you. Not only that but your brother in crime wassss eliminated by a kamikaze esssque maneuver."

Jorge watches idly by as Hugo pulls the belt off his shoulder and dangles it in front of the camera.

    Hugo: "Thisss week esssse I don't give a damn about what you ssssay or what goesss down in the ring. I have faith in mysssself I can pin you to the mat one, two, three. And I mean I know you don't want a sssshot at the tag titlesss after being what can be conssssidered a humiliation in the lethal lottery. Go ahead, sssset your ssssights higher, for that Outlaw Title. Not like I care any. I mean thisss match with you carriessss so little meaning with me. I lossse to you then I take my lossss and move on while you go up. I win and your knocked down another peg by a high flying mexican. But of coarssse thissss wouldn't be the firsssst time you've losssst to ssssomeone asss sssskilled asss me. I mean that one guy, what wassss his name Jorge?"

    Jorge: "Tommy Gunn?"

    Hugo: "That was hissss finissssher."

    Jorge: "Oh, Tommy Drake I believe."

    Hugo nods as he rests his belt upon his shoulder again and coughs.

    Hugo: "Point is my canadian amigo issss that come the Ssstampede, the sssslivering tongue or not, I'm walking in with nothing to losssse and everything to gain, to add an exclamation point to our match up from lasssst Ssstampede. Ssstay cool holmesss."

Fade to Black