Our scene opens up with a view of Hugo Marinez II (despite what the incorrect banner says) adorned in his silver mask, an "Outlaw Wrestling" T-shirt and some baggy denim shorts and some leather sandals. The shot focuses on him as he looks up, the setting is very desert esque, specifically in the midst of Santa Fe, New Mexico. He stands outside a stucco built restaurant as the letters on the glass door read "King's Chinese Buffet" as Hugo looks to and the camera.

    Hugo Marinez II: "You know essses? I have to give Crevan here credit. As a verbal tool he doesss his job sssso excellently.. I've sssaid this before, you do your job. You point out my flawsss, you exploit them, and then when it comesss down to buisssness you leave it up to Kakuma. Sssounds respectable enough. But you see Crevan, no matter how hard you try to underssstand what I'm sssaying you truly don't underssstand what made Kakuma or "Lei-Yu Sssying" that great wressstler you eat quietly with."

Hugo quietly opens the door, the camera man following in as he enters a dimmer area, the inside of the fine chinese restaurant. In view is a corridor of booths, tables, and various buffet bars of excellent chinese food. A waiter greets him and the camera crew He appears to be roughly 5'7, and of Asian Decent, more so Chinese.

    Waiter: "G'day. Welcome to King's Buffet. Smoking or non smoking?"

    "Non sssmoking pleasse."

The chinese man gives him an assertive nod as he leads Hugo and camera man to empty both right next to a window, the sun shining through with a beautiful glow upon the hardwood table. He quietly sits down as does the camera man, facing across the table to look at Hugo.

    "Firsst of all Crevan, jussst so I don't have to bother ssspeaking to your one eyednessss I mussst admit you have sssome quite valid pointsss. What I sssaid wasss an echo. But when you gave me no option but to echo your sssentiments because dessspite how much you'd like to think you represssent your client you don't. By represssent I mean in a manner of sssspeaking for him. You sssee,  sssince Crevan, I admit that the promo issss not my craft. I wassssn't trained to go out each and every week and blab on about my opponent. Mine is rudimentary at bessst. I was trained to wressstle. I wasss born to wressstle. My mind dwellsss in the messs of chaos. I'm ssstill human essse. Sssame assss your client. You think he didn't bother giving me a chassse for the title I earned in hissss eyess? His wife was worried at home. Asss was mine when I torn my quad. You call me a Shawn Ssstevensss, but theirsss a fatal difference essse. I beat Sssying, I earned hisss ressspect and Sssstevens failed to do ssso. I tread no line of being a badasss. The role'sss ressserved for the Raven Starrsss, the Logan Treasssures' and among othersss. I am who I am, Hugo Marinez dose. Erratic in nature, not ssysstematic."

Hugo stands up from his seat and begins to walk over to the buffet area. He grabs himself a plate, some chop sticks and a small bowl as he looks around. Slowly he gets himself a helping of white rise, covering it with some chicken in sauce atop of it. He uses a pair of tongs, grabbing two egg rolls and softly placing them on his plate. He grabs two wantons and heads over to the soup area of the buffet, setting his plate down as he grabbed his small bowl and weighed his options with his shining blue eyes. He chose the egg drop soup as he slowly poured the thick broth into the cup and lightly placed it upon his plate, waking back over to his table and setting it down upon his paper place mat. He rubs his hands together in anxiousness, the waiter placing a glass of water (with straw) nearby as Hugo smiles and nods in a "thank you" manner as he opens his packet of chop sticks and digs into his rice and chicken, showing excellent motor skills. He quietly munches upon it, savoring the taste as he swallows it and speaks to the camera again...

    "Ssssying, you know more then anyone that what your "friend" here is sssaying is ssshit. I sssaid what I sssaid becausssse as I sssat at home, trying to figure out who thisss man who thought he wassss Kakuma wasss. Their issss one thing I've learned asss I've watched you in your entire career. Ssssying, Kakuma, whatever doessss not tap to anyone. Returning from injuriessss, passssing your torch to a worthy up and comer, or merely fighting for the belt, you never quit. You lived by a credo of win or die sssso to sssspeak."

Hugo grabs a hold of one of his egg rolls and uses his chopsticks to delicately place it in his mouth, munching upon it's goodness as he turned his neck to the camera man's left, letting out a loud pop noise as the other patrons in it look to Hugo and return to their meals unceremoniously.

    "You can call me failure Sssying, you can agree with that ssscumbag Blake, but you know deep down inssside, while you were wressstling in TWF upon your two returnsss, you were waiting for that one man to light your fire like it did that one halloween night. A man who can ssssay openly and humbly that he wasssn't "passsed the torch", given the rub, or conssssidered a big league man, but could ignite your ssssoul in the passssion we sssshare. My dissssgust for what you've become Ssssying isss equal to the resssspect I have for what you were. You were the greatesssst wresssstler to grace thesssse fine ringsss acrosss the world. You were the most charisssmatic man in all of any federation you dared to challenge. You were the ballsiessst hardcore esssse the world has ssssseen esssssse!"

Through his silver luchador mask his eyes ignite with a fiery passion amidst his blue iris's. His loud mexican voice as it booms through the buffet once again garners the attention of the other patrons as the waiter comes over, a big angry as he looks at the camera man and Hugo.

    "Quiet down or you go out."


The chinese waiter nods as Hugo eyes him and gives a little chuckle to himself, finding amusement in all of this as he lets out a toothy grin and sips his water, focusing on the camera again.

    "As I was sssssaying prior to the interruption. You were many thingsss Kakuma. And now Ssssying you're nothing more then a one eyed englishman's tool. Why do you think he chossse to represssent you so fondly? Because he'sss a "kindred sssspirit?" I doubt it holmesss. At Sssstampede I can't guarantee much, sssseeing as thessse days more words don't have much meaning to you, or maybe it holdssss little weight with your friend. I can guarantee one thing esssse... that I will bring everything the Ssssanta Fe Sssnake has to earn back your ressspect, to earn ressspect in the eyess of the fansss, and to take after the man I molded my career after."

Hugo sets his chop sticks and unfolds his napkin loaded with silverware. He quietly uses the napkin to wipe his chin of some egg roll as he grabs his spoon, dipping it into his egg drop soup as sips it lightly, his gaze and smile that of content as he looks off into the sunshine, his eyes reflecting its brightness as he talks aloud.

    "I'm not much of a fan of Matthew Broderick but he brought up a good point. Life goesss by too fassst, and ssssometimes you just need to look around. For the passsst week I've been to focusssed on Ssssying that I haven't been able to sssmell the rosesss and enjoy everything elsssse their is assside from thissss match. Thisss man has in the end conssssumed my entire thought focusss, odd isssn't? But no matter. I mean I do have ssssomething elssse to worry about. How much of a tip I should leave for holmesss over there and the Lethal Lottery Battle Royal.  What an impresssive battle we will have. Firssst we have Raven Ssstarr,  the ssssuicide machine, Ryan whatever. I must ssssay it will be interesssting to be in the ring with him but a tag partner? Nah. Then we have the quartet of Ruthless Aggressssssion, what a UWA homecoming esssseee's! Your canadian jumble that you call "sssspeaking" issss cute. Then we have Shawn Sssstevensss, another UWA alumni. This man I can't sssay I've met him perssssonally. I can resssspect his talentssss, maybe assss a tag partner but other than that I have not much to sssay to him. Who elssssse...Lincoln Downssss? Never heard of the guy, neither with Legacy. I've already ranted about Sying, and by not I'm sure your bored."

Hugo dips his spoon into his egg drop soup again and takes a few spoonfuls, swallowing it down and relaxing his neck as he leans back, enjoying his meal.

    "¿En el fin, la serpiente astillará su manera al oro del equipo de la etiqueta y ondeará su bandera orgullosa? Sintonice este ssssábado."