Slowly the camera turns on, coming into view of an unlocated arena. Quietly the lights turn on, one by one, slowly illuminating the back of a man who's slowly walking up the stairs into main flat area. Ahead lies only one thing in plain site, a wrestling ring. Quietly the man, who's shadowy smoothed head is covered with a leather mask, shirtless, his back christened with a large tattoo on his back, a flaming circle with a cross with in it. He quietly whispers to himself as color jumps to life as he quietly walks down the steps toward the emptied wrestling ring. His mask a shining silver, the same since his last appearance. His wrestling boots make a slap against the concrete as he comes more so into full view, wearing silver tights with the word "Hugo" on one leg and  his patented yet ironic snake logo on the other thigh. Quietly Guitar is being hummed in the background, the familiar tune of "Dream on" by Aerosmith. Hugo finally reaches the guard rail, the song fully acoustic as he hops over it, a close up of his right eyes showing the opening for his mask showing compassion, an inner drive as he hops over the guard rail and walks toward the ring, grabbing a hold of the bottom rope to pull himself up onto the apron. He stands up fully, bending the bottom rope down and rolling through it to his feet as he quietly looked about, finding a resting point in one of the turnbuckles. He hunched low, his back lightly pressing to it, his arms holding onto the ropes extending from it as he spoke to the camera.

    "Crevan ssspeaksss of the life we choossse as a problem, a petty thing. But Crevan may I assssk you. If you hate this so much, you hate the sacrifice we pay. Then why do you sssspeak for Kakuma Crevan?  Like kindred ssspirits Sying and mysssself chosssse this dessstiny. You don't think I know the hardsssships I face each and every week? The fact I work the majority of the year? The fact I'll be working when my wife's in labor? Your damn sssstrait it'sss a sssacrifice. It isssss depressssing but I will not die of it. None of ussss in Outlaw Wresssstling will. I do thisss as tradition, a continue of a legacy. It'sss engraved in the annals of my family. It'sss in my blood. I do it for each and every man, woman, and child who marvelssss at what I can do. To have them essscape from reality, if only for a sssingle moment. Because in that one moment, that matter of 3 to maybe 30 minutessss of a perssson's life I made them happy. I brought them joy. I harnesss the joy, itsss my energy. I'm an entertainer. I'm a wresssstler. And believe it or not Lei-Yu Sying is exactly the same as me."

Hugo quietly stares about, his tongue giving a light hiss as he stares back at the camera, his face focused.

    "Crevan, I could talk to you all day. I could exssstringuish your doubtssss you have nothing but three weeksss of evidence of proof.  But I won't bother. Your not worth it Crevan. You sssspeak of me not making that sssacrifice. Then let me let you in on ssssomething. Your right, Ssssying has paid his dues, but as have I. Maybe not where you've ssseen but for nearly 6 yearssss I've paid the cossst of a wressstling lifetime. My quad hassss been torn. My jaw destroyed, my arm broken, my back torn into pieces! I have paid my duesss essse! I don't due thisss for ssssome god damn belt anymore. At one time I wassss blinded by a bit of gold. I due thisss for the glory of facing a man named Lei-Yu Sssying! To get in the ring man to man once again and ssssshow the fans, the united states, the world what a wresssstling match issss. Search far and wide Crevan,  from valley to mountain, hillsssside to river, and you will sssseee that their isssss only one man who can stand face to face with your "client" and say he'ssss done just asss much and worksss just asss hard as him. To pusssssh your clients to hisssss limits. Pussssh him passsst what Lei-Yu'ssss body want'sss to take. Push the limitations of the great Kakuma!"

Hugo hops to his feet in a single motion, standing in the corner as he steps out, looking into the camera deeply, facing it.

    "Come at Sssstampede all wordssss we've ssssspoke will put assside. I'm saying not to you Crevan, but to the man himssssself. We will step into the ring, bearing the cresssst of Mexico, America and China. No doubt about it, I am born American, but I am alssssso by blood fully mexican. You ssssee me as more then a threat Lei-Yu Ssssying. You ssssee a fragment you losssst when you begun to work for a ssssleaze bag named Crevan. You ssseee the glory daysss of Kakuma. You sssee yoursssself that last beautiful night you had on halloween where the fanssss we sssscreaming for you and you put on a match like non other. We are kindred ssssspirits and frankly win or losssse I will not fade like I faded after Riptide. I will not fall away. I will come back for you Ssssying. I will keep coming, and coming and coming until I can finally ssssshow you why I can beat you esssse. The reasssson issss not becausssse I'm better then you. It'sss because I have that dessssire. I have that want to prove to you, the world, Raine Sssteele, Johnny Hawke, Ssssteve Somersss and all otherssss who may of doubted what the Ssssanta Fe Ssssnake is, doubted that he could be rumble with the kingssss. To beat you meanssss the end of the  Sying Dynassssty and the beginning of the Marinez Empire. Thissss will be a battle like no other."

Hugo stepped out of his corner, facing the camera as he glares into it, his chest glistening in the light, his eyes burning with energy under that mask, as if waiting to escape, a chance to be freed.

    "For the passsst seven months of my life I sssat alone at my house, pondering, one thing. One thing. When do I face Kakuma again? To rematch everybody and their mother'ssss want to sssssee. The mere thought of usss colliding in the ring hassss people in Fight Ssssports, Bassssketball, Football and hell Channel Sssseven newssss talking! But Crevan, you ssssspeak of my rootsss, of where I hail from. Of what flag I ssssshall wave. You can go on about your hisssssstory lesssson, itsss a bit enlightening to be honesssst. Either way we are in Ssssssnake country. Find it ironic how my nick name contradictssss my beliefsss. Sssspeak of me with no hero from Sying. I need none. Ssssying is a mercilesss bassstard and I know it. But when worldssss collide and Mexico meetsssss China then no one, not even Sssssying will be ssssafe."

Fade to Black