"What's the point of living without History? Can you even graduate without it?"
                                                           Prez Tommy Drake

    Ever since entering the wrestling buisness Tommy Drake has dreamed of playground of sorts. A place for his wrestling pals and enemies to cultivated on whatever day it happens to be, and maim/brutalize/humiliate/revel in a safe yet unstable enviroment. CWH is that enviroment. Tommy with what free time and money he has formed this small company. And by company I mean Tommy Drake gathering what money he can and just chillin.

    Tommy has set up only one offical "beginning office" which is The Drake resident (his grandfolks backyard) in St.Paul, Minnesota. Tommy has a semi professional ring built in the backyard which is a lil sloppy but better then the stuff those guys in LA are trying. CWH has only one mission statement.

"We're going to put the 'damn' back into 'daaaaaaaaaamn' and have lots, and by lots I mean a LOT of fun doing it. Oh yeah, and probably get hurt and run into the law too."- Prez Tommy Drake