Our scene opens in a classic style of the outside of a Mexico City stadium. Inside its fabled ring to men collide in a clash of grappling. A caucasian brown haired man, adorned in some blue wrestling tights with the word on the side saying "Gunner" his opponent man adorned in a hood,a demon esque mask under his hood,and black robing. The crowd cheered wildly as "Gunner latched upon the man's forehead and yelled out somethign in spanglish roughly fully translating to "TOMMY GUN BABY!" And grabed the lucha and ran up the turnbuckle to its top rope...flipped backwards to slam the lucha on his back...he covered...


Annoucer: "Su ganador por pinfall El Conquistador americano!"

The crowd cheered as the ref held up the man's hand and he smiled to the crowd and walked into the backstage area. By the curtain awaits a caucasian man,brown grizzled hair with grizzly beard. His shirt is of the color black with 3 buttons in it. He awaits for the young man to enter before he speaks...its Logan Treasure.

Logan:"I never taught you that move Tom."

The young man looks over and smiles as if he's seeing his long last father,he runs up and embraces him tightly as he replies.

"Tom": "Well of coarse old man! I'm no systematic assassin! I'm the f*cking wrestling book with the right hook,the innovator of innovation. The king of the rin..."

Logan interrupts.

Logan:"Shut up drake. I've got an offer for you."

Thomas Drake nods,leaning agianst the wall

Thomas:"I'm listening..."

Logan: "TWF needs tag teams...and frankly you've improved beyond anything I ever saw with in this time frame. My back's out so I can't quite get into the tag brawl area...I need you to come with me to California so we can pick up a friend and go to Mexico..."

Thomas looks like a child opening presents on Christmas morning

Thomas:"Your kidding me! You! Russel! ME! And I'm in the TWF!!! Its a dream...I'm telling you this is a dream."

Logan looks at him oddly

Logan: "No...its not. Get your shit together...tell your boss your going back to America and lets go. I don't have all the time in the world to waste here..."

Logan walks off as Thomas realizes he has the camera...he coughs and briefly speaks.

Thomas:"Well oh fans of the TWF. I must ask you when's the last time you've seen a good team take on STD...not since December right? Well I must say I'm here to change that...and when I get to California some other guy who will just kind of help will be there to help me make that change. I'm Thomas Drake...I'm a certified badass."

He pulls out a small license showing his photo and that he is a certified badass

Thomas:"See? That means if you touch me in a wrong way...or more so if a man hits me...then I can beat them up...wait let me check the rules on it agian..."


Thomas:"Thats right! It means I'm that damn good or something...well I have a ride...peace!"

He then throws a fist at the camera...but stops and chuckles.

Thomas:"Hahaha! Silly camera guy...I'm not Logan!"

Fade to Black