Derived from:
Tech Bias:
Racial Pros/Cons:
     Age Span-500 earthling years with slowed aging.

Inori Techs-The Blud by innate well, blood are tied to the underworld
and otherwise "unpopular" spirits of Taerian lore, elementals and such.
This connection lets a communicaton between them, with Blud worshipping
these spirits through usually a mundane alter of sorts, in return they
recieve three, powerful, unique techniques.

Because of the complexity of possible spectrum techniques a standard
alter starts with 3 slots a Blud can use and occupy. Their is 6 stock
techniques. Each of these techs take a single slot.

Blud Attunement-The Blud's invented the Attunement technique and thus
their's is "superior". With this your senses are 50 fold, including
following a being. Depending on what energy you intend on using it picks up
for that type only.

Webbing Defense-For an effective 6 posts can create a barrier around
them that has a durability of 200%(but will take damage) that will
protect the user. However, if a melee attack is attempted upon it that round
the attacker's limb in which he struck with are stuck upon it like a
spider's web. The next round they can try to break out of it by blasting
their way out or trying to pull and melee above the durability of the

Spectre Strike-An invisible, predator esque attack that strikes at
originally 40% of power level. However,when charging with it you can
manuever it to do 360 degree turns, and effectively controll it. It can also
strike twice if the target of this blast does not knock it out of

Now, here are "Element" specific techs, applied to each type of Energy

Summon Astral Being[Magic]-Requires 3 posts of effective and
undisturbed charging as you connect a gate between Earth and Astral Realm. The
being is at random, thus why one rolls a d6. You can only use this once a

(1-2)Pack of 5 Demon Wolves:PL of each wolf is 5% of caster's.

(3-4)Trio of Dauthis:Dauthis are famous shadow ghosts of taerian lore,
each have ghost esque properties(invisibility,going through walls) yet
when corperal they are a real fear. Their association with the caster
is usual obdeiant since they revel in causing chaos(if will of
Spellcaster). In corpeal form they have an effective power level of 6% of caster
and can last corpeally in sunlight for 5 posts before becoming ethereal
and useless in combat but spy capable. Once a complete earth day passes
or they are unsummoned they are gone.

(5)Tengu-In fairy tales they were once said to hide in the forests of
Taeria but they can be summoned from any realm. They have roughly 25% of
Caster's pl, move in fleight at the speed of half the caster's pl. When
summoned roll another d6, 1-3 he'll take command, 4-6 he'll be neutral
and thus a wasted cast. He will last for a total of 8 posts.

(6)Oni-These creatures of myth all across the universe is possible to
summon. Upon summoning it's required to roll at 1d10. 1-2 He's obdeniant
to the caster,3-6 he's neutral, and 7-10 one of these famous mythical
orge's is hostile and will strike. It has an effective pl of 50% of the
caster and can be sustained in combat for 5 rounds.

Speed of Gakii[Ki]-Gakii was a legendary Blud messenger, who's
incredible speed on foot was something to boggle upon back in the old age's in
which Shin Strife roamed freely. This technique is a blessing from one
of his Avatar spirits. For three posts you can move an effective 200%
speed, with 2 after images or Teleport to a direct location you can
sense out. A partial action is allowed after it.

Phantom Cannon[Psi]-This similar is rather shall we say flashy compared
to your average Psionic technique. This technique charges at the normal
rate of a psionic attack, but starts at 50%. The psionic aura flashes
similar to a ki aura as it appears you are charging a beam, while
actually behind them is an invisible psionic cannon ball essentially forming
from the energy of the charge. Once ready you launch the beam, which
moves at the speed charged at. If it hits the opponent they'll find it
goes right through them as the actual attack connects from behind unless
they dodge the beam.

Note-These are not all the stock techs. Many more will be added over
time by mun suggestion and such.
Physical Features:
     Strangly dark to incredible odd(flaming red) hair, dark skin tint
     Description-They are the quintessential "tainted" of the Taerian
Race, a sub class treated no better then 2nd class citizens. These
unique beings are loners by nature, radicals by birth but neccesairly by
alignment evil, merely gifted with a connection to it. Some look at
themselves in the mirror everday of their 500 year life span and ponder why
they were crafted to be such a wretched being. But other's stand proud
of what they are. They are Blud(pronounced "Blood")

History-In the golden age of Taeria, their only existed Taerians, and
their collective spirits of good and evil. This was the era of great
renaissance. The other planets and races had begun to fruit around them.

During these year's a mysterious man, a man of age beyond what a normal
taerian had, he was respected. He created attunement, the Taerian
Alphabet, and the telepathic network of communication. Yet his views in
secret were radical. The issue he faught hard against is unknown but the
price he paid was not death, not a sweet release but "Tainting". Tainting
was a ritual among the clergy of Shin Strife that they hardly knew how
to perform. THe original idea is that the recipetent lives in continous
sickness for millenia's, death not an option. Unfortunately Shin
apparently frowned upon this, and divinely interfered to screw it up. The man
died yet suddenly sprouting about the country side men and women who
looked similar to Taerians yet seemed almost hellish and odd in demeneaor
began to arise.

These new creatures were the blood kin of that men, and where named
Blud appropiatly after that. Their links from the tainting forced them to
all have a common if not united bond among their rather small
population and a reluctant link to demonic and otherwise shady spirits for