Height: 6'1

Weight: 248 lbs

Home Town: Kansas City, Missouri

Age: 30

Wrestling Style: Technical Grappling

Theme Music: The Pimps "Rocket Science"

Alignment: Heel

Trademark Maneuvers:

Finishing Touch: Essentially its a modified Single Leg Crab. He locks the opponents leg (usually left) in a single leg crab and then reaches for the opponents opposite arm, twisting it as he pulls it in a position to take the arm out of the socket, meanwhile placing pressure on the leg and back.

Justice for All: Elevated Texas Cloverleaf.

Assassin Neckbreaker: A move he's made famous on two elite of TWF, Jared Blazer and Steve Somers, the maneuver is done with Logan standing on the top rope and the opponent standing on the third rope. Logan hunches over the opponent, their head facing the post as he then leaps, flipping over their back and grabbing their head as delivers the most painful neckbreaker in the business today.

Snap Suplex: A normal vertical suplex except performed quickly and more force

Dragon Screw Leg Whip: Logan grabs ahold of the victim's left or right leg, is left hand on along the ankle and his right hand on the thight as he falls down in a roll, twisting the leg as the opponent's launched across the ring.

Titles held: TWF Generation Title, Outlaw Wrestling World Title

Background: Every assassin's tale must begin somewhere. This Missouri native-born Logan James Treasure) is a man who's demeanor has changed but never his nature. Logan was a solemn fun loving kid who looked out for others in his youth. He was the local guy in the neighborhood you talked to when the bully needed to be handed his ass. Logan's favorite sports included mock wrestling (with his friends) and football. As he entered Junior High he was rattled by the sudden change in people he had grown to be great friends with as he had a falling out of "classes" seeing as Logan is from middle class and his friends where the rich and powerful. He soon entered Amateur wrestling as he continued a fascination with pro wrestling.

This continued throughout high school where Logan got 1st in state during his Junior year. Of coarse life still sucked for him, seeing as his mother died of cancer and his father was a drunk. Not only that but his friends. All of them really were nothing but back stabbing liars who at prom set up Logan and Logan took actions by promptly kicking their asses.

After High School Logan moved to Columbia, Missouri to the go Mizzou, the state college of Missouri. There he worked in solitude to attain his bachelors in journalism, continue to wrestle, and an outspoken local dj despite his inner solace.

Soon after Logan felt the urge to go abroad and attempt a childhood dream. Pro wrestling. And from there he went to Minnieapolis, Minnesota to train at Boris "The Bear" Sloka's Forest wrestling camp in which Logan found a friend in the 34 year old russian. There he trained with some of the finest future superstars including Russell Morris, and Tommy Drake. Logan graduated at top honors and went down to train in a developmental fed in New Orleans where he was "The Patriot." Soon after developing a win streak there a REV talent agent commented on his execution. "Damn! This man's a systematic assassin!" That soon let to REV for a brief stint before a talent agent in TWF stole him away to the big leagues.

Logan in his brief amount of time has accomplished numerous things, including nearly capturing the Television Title from Matt Keith, taking on the legendary Jared Blazer and nearly beating him, and becoming the first TWF Generation Champion after the belt became defunct. Only higher things on the ladder are left for Logan to achieve and trust me, he'll do it all. Currently he resides in Outlaw Wrestling, at the top of his game and the mountain as their world champion.


Win-9 Loss-7 Draw-1

Logan Treasure and Gerald "The Mathematician" Browser beat the JC Mafia by Pinfall

Logan Treasure beats "The Southern Strangla" Jack Bladz in a jail break match with submission.

Logan Treasure and Chris Quinn lose to the JC Mafia by pinfall and Logan walking out

Logan Treasure loses to Matt Keith for the TV title by pinfall thanks to distraction

Logan Treasure beats Prime Time by submission

Logan Treasure and Gene Blanchard lose to Untouchable members "Pied Piper" and Shadowflare by pinfall.

Logan Treasure draws with Jared Blazer due to count out

Logan Treasure beats Apehead to win the gauntlet match including Jack Bladz and Jared Blazer,winner going to the Generation Title finals

Logan Treasure beats Lei-Yu Sying thanks to tap out in the Generation Finals in a Bird Cage Match

Logan Treasure losses to Steve Somers in a two out of three falls match for the generation title by submission (passing out).

Logan Treasure beats Synphony of Disorder in a unsactioned handicap street fight

Logan Treasure losses to Todd Clayborne by pinfall for the North American title.

Logan Treasure beats Dick Johnson by submission.

Logan Treasure beats Sebastian "Prime" Primeu by submission in Outlaw Wrestling World Title tournament Preliminaries.

Logan Treasure loses to "Sadistic" Sebastian Black by forfeit.

Logan Treasure beats Josh Styles and "Sadistic" Sebastian Black in a triple threat for the Outlaw Wrestling World Title by submission.

Logan Treasure loses to Icon in the 8 way follow the leader match for the Vacant INA title.

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