Slowly our scene awakens like the morning sun in the emptied out Kansas City Science Museum. Slowly its darkened halls awaken to life at the sound of a switch flipping upwards. The lights flicker into existence into their bulbs as they illuminate the flooring. Slowly our camera walks down the hall, alone as light after light flicks on. Nearing ever closer to the exit? The light at the end of the tunnel? The end? No, it isn't. Slowly the camera stalks into place of the darkened exhibit. Standing high in tall are shapes of hunched figures, statuesque even. Slowly the lights flip into existence as one after one the statues reveal to be figures of the modern man, the medieval era, and continues onto the stone ages and humanoids that became before human kind was put into place by the fate of god or evolution. No matter. Slowly emerging from the corner of view is Logan Treasure. Adorned in a different apparel for someone such as him. His hair delicately gelled back. His beard trimmed. Adorned in a very smooth dark blue suit, almost exactly like Todd Clayborne's. The only exception to this perfect outfit is the lack of the belt over the shoulder, replaced with the crimson hammer that hovers lightly over Logan's shoulder, resting on it the, the crimson head laying on it's side.

    "Since the beginning of sentient intelligence and the birth of idea's and religions as christianity and darwinism, people have pondered how exactly did we get where we are? How did we become the top of the food chain, the ever changing mentally and physically and pennical of the world's populace. Some people chalk it up to the mystics. The heavenly father, the lord set us down here as his loving creations. The carpenter, a popular term for Jesus and such a fitting title for God, who seems to also be a judge. The jury, and the executioner. The other idea is the idea we evolved. The human race started out as nothing more then mindless germs as over billions of years we just slowly grew, advancing. When you come down to it the business I work my ass off is similar in both ways. Wasn't it the owner, the man who "created" the character to present before the masses our master and us their chess piece? Yet isn't it evolution. The wrestler with youth, and the ability to become better slowly evolves into a higher being. Stronger, faster, smarter. Todd Clayborne is the fate of creation. I am the fate of evolution."

Logan quietly paces over toward an anthropology exhibit. The background describing the names and origins of the fossils that lay in the backdrop of Logan. It blurs out slightly as the camera focuses upon Logan, coughing as he sets down his sledge hammer, a small clank placed upon the ground.

    "Todd started his humble career the same way he continues it today. A playboy entrepreneur with a penchant for being one of the finest technical wrestlers to grace the fair rings. His work steadily improved as did his intelligence. Chalk it up to evolution or you could blame it upon hard work and dedication. Their is no defying Clayborne that you are an excellent wrestler. I could feed those lies to you and the fans but they would know, you would know, I would know and many other special people in the locker room would too. Yet you seem too naive...or maybe blinded by your ignorance and arrogance to look over a fatal flaw in the words you spoke to me upon my weakness. Your in fact a hypocrite. Go ahead, deny it with your moving verbs and adjectives. But if I'm guilty of playing mind games you are just as much. You surely couldn't over look the fact that you pointed out those ever clever flaws of my tales of your life and how it will be my downfall with out passively trying to gain something out of do you? I give you my congratulations though. Your not as stupid as Gene told me or as you've once appeared to be. And for that I do give you some credit. Your not nearly as stupid as Jared Blazer among others proved when daring to "gaining edges" against me. And for the record, before you go off, claiming I need to put forth more effort in my research make sure yours is correct too. You know since Blazer did not defeat The Systematic Assassin. That issue still is disputed and will be dealt with shortly."

Logan non chalantly and calmly steps away from the anthropology exhibit, slowly making his way toward an evolution chart in likeness to the one seen in many science books. He calmly stands by a mock up of a pre historic ape.

    "Todd, we seem to need to tie some loose ends for you. You claim to you are who you are as I am who I am. A respectful comment yes. But what in the end made you Todd Clayborne? What made Mr. Money into the wrestling machine, silver tongued dilettante he seems to be today? Was it by fate that in your second match that you earned a shot at the vacated North American title. Yes, those matches did hold a lot of credibility and you are after all Todd Clayborne. One of the best grapplers alive. Yet you like this hunched prime ape I stand by have not yet progressed. You've reached your limit. You very well are happy and contended being at the top. For man who I believe to a little younger then me but already he stands atop the world even if he doesn't realize it. You my friend are man of limited boundaries of skill. It's shown. Where you've battled with Matt Keith, Jared Blazer and just beginning Wells you've failed with one insignificant name. The Clayborne Train has cause a lot of havoc no doubt. But what more can Todd Clayborne do in the ring? Not just the belts to call once call apart of your legacy but your skills. My friend in a matter of a few years I'm afraid no matter how long the fans cheer or possible boo you you've reached an untimely end. You've hit an untimely end. Go ahead. You can deny it but really. What more can the fans see the great Mr. Money expand and go to? Surely not the TWF World title?"

    Logan gives an unamused yawn as he eyes his watch and shrugs. Slowly shedding off of the blue jacket, revealing a dark blue silk shirt under it. He begins to undo the tie.

    "Todd, what will it say when you finally get a hold of that strap? That you beat Logan Treasure on your way to becoming the already recognized Elite of the Titan Wrestling Federation? But then what's next? Oh the great feuds to be have, glorifying its name? Entertaining the fans across the world? But deep down inside you'll know your not full filling your needs. Sure you can give that bullshit excuse everyone likes to give in points of there career. "I wrestle to see the smiles on the fans faces." But do they really mean that? In the end we all became wrestlers for our own agenda's. Tyler Wells joined to show that he was good at at least something aside from playing a court jester. Triple Six wrestles to spread his message of Satanic carnage. And wrestle because to me this is my sport. This is my calling, my life. I eat this, I breathe this, I think it every minute of every day. And from those great speeches you seem to lack that. That fire has diminished a little. Just requires a bit more coal to fuel it?"

Logan slowly ribs the tie off his neck, slipping it off his head with a fierceful yank as he slowly begins to rib the the buttons out of his shirt, hints showing at beneath it a black logo T-shirt. He slowly walks over to the statue of the evolving man, the pre-historic cave man.

    "Evolution has proven through genetics and scientific theory to be painfully slow. Taking hundred millions and billions of years to complete. The average man lives to be eighty years old these days. And so through out 8, hard spent long ears Logan Treasure has taken steps to advance. To become better, one step closer to perfection. You see Todd, all your form, all your skills you've seen of me is shells, mere scraps of what I am now. The Systematic Assassin for this one special kill Todd, has stepped it up. The whole process has been nearly 4 months in the making to my return. Do you know what makes you so special Todd? Its not just the enjoyment of a good battle. Not just that sense of going toe to toe to a man of myths. It's that feeling of proving I am better then you Clayborne. And no, this battle of supremacy I feel will outlast this edition of Rising. You were gifted with that "never give up" personality but the result will be the same even if you end up winning by the heel of your boots at Rising. You will fall to the Systematic Assassin. You will become another victim, another proud head to hang upon my trophy rack as I hold that precious North American title. To me the oncoming months will be my proving grounds. The things that say I am the best this company has to offer. If it means I have to beat you to the brink of our deaths then I'll do it. You mention standing for what you stand for and fighting for what you fight for? Well Todd I stand for myself. I fight for what I stand and I fight for what I stand for. I fight for me. Selfish? Yes it is. But I won't lie. I don't give a damn."

By now Logan has torn the blue shirt off, revealing the new Logan Treasure "Shut Up and Wrestle" T-shirt, the slick blue pants revealing his blue khaki's, an amazement of how he fit them in.  Logan pop his neck as he stretches out, holding his sledge hammer in place on the ground. He stands up strait again and slowly walks over to modern man.

    "A little better. I must say I ponder at times how you manage to wear those clothes so often Mr. Clayborne. But no matter. The clothes don't make the man do they? That minor point aside Todd I ask that you can go ahead and believe it will be as easy as pinning me. That all in all the game we ready for will be in your favor and that you can actually step it up. To surpass all expectations you set forth when a man fresh from injury shuts up and wrestles, and goes beyond your limits can handle. That you'll yet again retain that North American title."

Logan coughs, his hammer firmly in spot in the tiling of the floor as he eyes modern man and looks to the camera, as if dead into Todd's eyes.

    "My all your gifts and talents be with you as you step into the ring with an individual who's skills you've never seen or experienced before. A man who's desire for that title and everything that match means weighs out your mere wrestling talents. In the end I've reached my next evolution. Those great steps above you. Are you ready to try and catch up? Or in the end did it just pass you by?"

    Fade to Black

~Shut up and Wrestle~