You always wanted people to remember you
To leave your mark on society
Well don't you know your wish is coming true today
Another victim dies tonight

Disturbed "The Game"

Our scene slowly opens with the opaque vision of the old film style countdown to TWF's premier recap show, TWF Titan Talk. Slowly the colors begin to fade into the logo as we slowly cut to TWF Titan Talk set, adorned with mysterious black back drop, a steel with plate glass desk, various monitors adorning the "Titan Talk" logo in the background and to the far right of the set is finely furnished chair with a coffee table and nearby it is another similar chair furnished of leather. Slowly our camera focuses upon Duncan Carter, the TWF logo illuminating at the bottom of tv sets everywhere.

    Duncan Carter: "Welcome folks to Titan Talk! TWF's premier show for everything TWF! Today we have a jam packed show that surely will not disappoint. Tonight we plan to go into the vaults and dig out a classic match, the original Raven's Birdcage match up! Not only that but we have some comments from the men who went to Chicago for the Fire Within press conference featuring the always sassy Summer Kensington, The Simply Thrilling Dudes and Todd Clayborne. All that and more. But first up here in the studio we have non other then a man who's causing a lot of controversy amongst the TWF lockerooms. Scheduled for his first match up in 3 months...3 months! And he is here luckily to bless us with his presence in person. Please welcome The Systematic Assassin, Logan Treasure."

Emerging from the curtains off set is non other then Logan Treasure. The fearsome man is adorned in the new "Logan Treasure" red hoodie, some loose dark blue jeans and his always nice looking Doc Martin boots. His hair combed and well kept, his grizzled blue eyes peering over Duncan as they meet for a brief handshake before Logan takes a seat in the comfortable leather chair, pulling from his pockets a clear plastic water bottle as Duncan nods. Duncan slowly leans up from the chair, getting a good view at Logan as he sips his water.

    Duncan: "Welcome to the show Logan. I must say its been along time since we've seen you on."

    Logan: "Thanks. Yes, I'm surprised you notice."

    Duncan looks uneasy at him, not taking the smart ass remark too well but shakes it off with a smile.

    Duncan: "Looking good as usual. But lets get to business. You've addressed it multiple times to President Firestarter that he's lost his sense of reality and you won't break a sweat in your up coming match with the Symphony of Disorder. Fresh of an injury and booked in an unsanctioned handicap street fight how can you not doubt your abilities going into this?"

    Logan coughs as he sets the water bottle down. He rubs his nicely groomed chin as he gives Duncan his non chalant gaze. He idly pops his knuckles as he slowly begins to speak.

    Logan: "Its pretty simple Duncan. You see my career has always been based on a premise. A lame catch phrase. Shut up and wrestle. You see I'm an athlete. Nothing stops or hinders me. Nothing can instill fear in me. Sure I am a god fearing man but nothing of the mortal sort can. Bones have been broken but they mend. My herniated disc injury has been around since I had my match with Apehead. If it weren't for the fact that I care about my worried wife's face I'd be TWF World Champion, not Blazer. I don't care if Danny, Jack and Jason have the backing of the national guard and are loaded with machete's. I've been training three god damn months to get back to getting back to what I do best. Not what Tyler does best, not what Blazer does best, what I do best. And if that means I'm risking my livelihood again then so be it. Sure I have no insurance of a partner that I wouldn't mind but do you think when I finally get in the ring it will make a damned. Both of them will be swept off their feat before they can even lay a hand on me."

    Duncan: "I don't know but that sounds pretty cocky to me."

    Logan raises an eyebrow as he stares at Duncan, his face going from non chalant to pissed in a second as he draws his face ever so closer to the young reporter, Duncan shivering as cold chill goes down his spine in fear.

    Logan: "Do you doubt my abilities Duncan?"

    Duncan: "I...I..."

    Logan: "ANSWER ME!"

    Duncan: "NO!"

Logan grins that malicious grin as he sits back down in his chair, Duncan still struck with a face of fear as he slowly tries to relax. Logan grabbing for his water and taking a small sip before he continues.

    Logan: "Then you have no reason to question whether I still have it or not."

    Duncan nods with an uneasy expression across his face as he sips his nearby coffee from his nearby TWF coffee mug (available by credit card or mail order). Duncan resumes his non chalant journalistic lean as Logan relaxes in the leather, awaiting the next question as his head rests a little inside his hood

    Duncan: "You've been gone for nearly three months. Nearly all the titles have changed hands once since your ring departure on injury. We have a new owner, and the roster has nearly been revamped except for some old faces to you. What do you think of the new TWF you're coming back to?"

    Logan: "I must admit its a bit awkward. Gene Blanchard left for XWA, Justin Morris has just accepted his release and many others have left. Looking at the roster from top to bottom this is one of the better TWF roster. Plenty of new talent but in my opinion way too many old names. Sure Clayborne is always interesting as is Piper but surely this is their what...second retirement? But I'll make it work. Surely Clayborne wouldn't mind a little toe to toe with myself. But then again he could just as easily stand back and let me on bye."

    Logan grabs his water, briefly sipping it as he gives a little sinister smirk as Duncan nods to him.

    Duncan: "Speaking of Todd Clayborne, who's your pick in the much anticipated ladder match with "The Elite One" Tyler Wells who has nothing but choice words for you."

    As Duncan makes a mere mention of the word "Tyler Wells", Logan's ear's perk up in interest but his face steadily showing his resentment for The Elite One.

    Logan: "I'd have to say Clayborne takes it with a struggle. I have to get credit to Tyler. He's a good wrestler. He's the future of the business. A small guy with a big mouth. And for being a ballsy f*bleep* I commend him."

Logan gives him a little golf clap, his face showing un-amusement even by his own antics as Duncan smiles and nods.

    Duncan: "Well he is the Elite One. I mean he did make the challenge of a ladder match."

Logan stops the clap as he just looks at Duncan. Logan staring off with him as Duncan gulps and blinks. Logan finally rests, still not blinking. His voice a bit deeper in tone, expressing that inner passion and hate crystal clear.

    Logan: "He's ballsy to dare and call me a cripple and not expect any repercussions. It takes a real man to speak of your talents when that man knows damn well that Logan Treasure could slowly rip the wings off him like the moth who thought he was a butterfly any day I feel."

Duncan nods as he jots down a few notes and gets some hand signals from the control room as if to motion to end the interview short. Logan takes keen notice.

    Logan: "We're not done yet. Next question."

Duncan leaps in fright from the sudden slightly irritated words as he nods and coughs, sipping his coffee as he motions to keep it rolling.

    Duncan: "This pay per view as you know is called Fire Within. Amongst those with great desire on the roster. Who really stands out at the person who personifies this?"

    Logan: "...Myself..."

Duncan raises an eyebrows in an inquisitive manner, unsure of what exactly he meant.

    Duncan: "What do you mean your..."

Logan sneers at him as his eyes show that heated anger as he looks at Duncan dead strait into his eyes.

    Logan: "You know damn well what I mean. I am the man who personifies what Fire Within stands for. No one person has as much desire to compete, to battle, to wrestle as much as I do. You think that its merely coincidence I'm coming back on such a appropriately named pay per view? I am Logan Treasure. In ever match I give everything I have, beyond what my body can take. I do what others are too scared to even consider. I do moonsaults off a perch in a swinging ring with a floor of steel. I do sunset flip neckbreakers off the top rope just so I can keep in the game. I weather all storms and never give in. I'm a wrestler and I will do anything to win. Anything. Even if it means jeopardizing my career and my life. I don't care the odds. I go in, I wrestle, I kick ass and I move on. Somers could never match it despite barely scraping the win over me. Blazer once but look at him. He nearly lost to me. Yes Blazer, you nearly lost to the greatest technical wrestler this planet has ever been graced with. Not even these supposed "great brawlers" Jason Syxx and Jack Bladz can match it. Not even my own students. And that is why I, not Tyler Wells, not Steve Somers, not Todd Clayborne but me personifies this pay per view. The Fire Within."

Duncan nods from the profound answer as he coughs, sipping his coffee as Logan takes the last sip of his now empty water bottle. Duncan looks at his clipboard.

    Duncan: "We're about out of time for this interview so instead of asking you my final question we'll play a word association game. I'll say the name of a wrestler and you tell me the first thing that comes to your mind."

Logan just stares at him as Duncan just gulps down his coffee and looks at his clipboard.

    Duncan: "Lets Begin. Lei-Yu Sying."

    Logan: "Legend looking for his old spark."

    Duncan: "Triple 6."

    Logan: "Work in process."

    Duncan: "Danny Firestarter."

    Logan: "Unrealistic and a bastard."

    Duncan: "Summer Kensington."

    Logan: "Bitch."

    Duncan: "Russell Morris."

    Logan: "The future legend.."

    Duncan: "And lastly Tommy Drake."

    Logan: "Unpolished diamond covered with too much coal to ever find."

    Duncan: "Thank you Logan for stopping by."

    Logan just nods as he slowly stands up from his chair, slowly slipping the red hood over his head, cloaking his face amongst darkness.

    Logan: "Whatever."

    Duncan steps out of his chair to move over to him and extends his hand but Logan turns around in a blatant act of disrespect as he walks off set. Duncan is somewhat stunned as his extend hand hovers in air, shaking no had he pulls  back. He says solemnly.

    Duncan: "We'll be right back after this commercial break."

    Fade to Black