Our scene opens with a quiet focused shot upon an empty hardwood desk, littered with papers, pictures and the "Logan Treasure" name plaque on the table. Slowly appearing from off camera steps non other then Outlaw World Champion, Logan Treasure. Adorned in plain white T-shirt, Gap khakis, some nice leather loafers and the shimmering Outlaw World Title belt resting gracefully upon his shoulder. The date at the bottom tells us it's today, at roughly 11:03 AM, earlier today. The champion gives a little grin as he slowly pulls up to his leather desk chair, taking a seat as he rolls his neck back. He eyes his belt and lightly breathes upon the main center plate, grabbing his shirt and lightly polishing it as he coughs. His hair slicked back, his face clean shaven as he eyes a piece of paper on the table, grabbing a pen with his left hand.

"Well Prime, seems you have a match this week don't we? Now Prime, which goon or wrestler shall you meet this week? I mean surely I could send someone you haven't faced but most of those people are already in matches...I might as well keep this short."

Logan looks at the list..eyeing the names as he makes a slash.

"Hugo's out the question..."

Logan scratches out some more names and coughs finally.

"Well it seems like this week son, in a simple task for you no doubt...you shall take on the Malice Boyz, 2 on 1. Enjoy."

Fade to black