Our scene opens to the sight and smell of cigar smoke..puff. Slowly the lights fade on as we appear in a slightly familiar office. Decorated with photos, Posters from TWF, OW, ReV, NEW, WWA. What really catches the eye would have to be the oak finish desk crested with sorted stacks of paper work, a fine and thin Gateway laptop, and wonderful little name plate reading "Logan Treasure". Sitting in a leather chair, leaning back and his feet out on his disk is non other then the world champion, Logan Treasure. Casually adorned in a fine blue silk work shirt, some dark khaki slacks, some very fine leather loafers, some fine Oakleys upon his face and of coarse what stands out the most, the shimmering gold known as the Outlaw World Title casually resting upon his shoulder. His face, clean shaven with a sinister but highly content grin as he holds a cigar in his right hand, lightly flicking some ashes into a nearby ashtray. The room is laden with white paper banners saying "Congrats Logan!" in blue and silver lettering. Scattered on the floor their are a few blood red balloons. The champion slowly takes off his Oakleys, lightly holding them up as he comments to himself after exhaling another puff of his celebration cigar.

    Logan: "Heh. Bastard was right when he said money could buy you some happiness."

Logan just relaxes, soaking up the feeling of the crippling win over Prime, celebrating what it appears, by himself. As he grabs for his Sam Adam's, he's interrupted by the loud knocks upon his office door. His face appears to sour a bit as he throws the Oakleys aside as if they cost nothing and let out another puff. He didn't want to answer it. But they kept knocking.

    Woman: "Open up Mr. Treasure! Time for your interview."

Logan lightly set his cigar down upon his ash tray as he slowly pulls his legs off his desk, and close to the chair as he leans forward, sitting up right in his leather as he took one quick sip from his Sam Adams and finally replied to what sounded like Missy Lopez.

    "I know your a cretin but I pray you can open the door without someone's help."

    Logan gave an arrogant grin at his remark as slowly the door opened and in walked Missy Lopez, clad in blue low rider shorts, sandals, and a pink T-shirt. She gave an uncaring glance to the world champion, as if she didn't want to do an interview with the world champion as she pulled the chair near his desk a bit closer and face to face with Logan as she sat down, clipboard and pencil in hand.

    "I'm not a bug you know."

    "I did know that. Your still a cretin though. No hurry, I'm celebrating."

Missy mumbles a little bit as she looks around, eyeing the banners and such, raising a curios eyebrow.


    "Yes, must I spell and define it for you woman?"

    "With who?"

Logan grabs his cigar, pulling it up to his mouth as he slowly inhales a bit of it, the ashes forming at the end as he lightly flicked them into his ash tray. His right shoulder still clad with his world title as he set the cigar down and unleashed the puff of smoke in Missy's face, Missy coughing loudly for air from the wave of cigar smoke. He replies coolly but with a bit of impatience in his voice.

    "The only person who counts, me. Now are you going to interview me or will you keep coughing?"

Missy gives him an angry glare as she fans the rest of the cigar smoke away from her face and coughs, trying to get a bit of fresh air from it all as she pulls up her clip board, beginning to speak.

    "Logan, as the second Outlaw World Champion and the only one thus far to have a successful title defense, do you feel you have to set early for what to expect of your reign?'

    "First off Missy, as far as I'm concerned, I will be the only Outlaw World Champion and always have been. With Black's lack luster ability to compete and the fact he couldn't even hold onto the title for a week before he lost it so to speak shows me he wasn't ready for something of this caliber. Second, did you think of this question yourself or did the guys in back help you with that one?"

Logan gives a cocky little grin, his teeth showing as Missy looks at him, even more so angered by Logan's insults as Logan coughs, continuing.

    "As for the early matches to set the standard for my reign? Well I'd think it might off. Then again since striding into this little sham of a wrestling promotion I've been setting the standard for a singles match if I do say so myself, which I no doubt do. Why? Because everyone else is afraid to admit it themselves. Hun, do you need help writing that down, because I'm sure I can get my secretary to come tell you how to spell that."

Missy scowls with fury as she grits her teeth, saying in a very harsh and furious voice.

    "Stop belittling my intelligence Mr. Treasure!"

    "Start showing some brilliance so I'll stop."

Logan continues to grin as he picks up his cigar with his left hand, inhaling once again as he sets it down, his right hand holding his belt close to him. Missy appears about to explode.

    "Next question... Some say you've put Prime out for good. Other's have said he should be back soon, ready for more. What do you have to say about, seeing as you claimed you would end Prime?"

    "Well Missy, might you want to note who said this in the first place? The same people who called me a "weasel" for knocking the mentor unconscious with pain. The same man who "claims" that Prime will come back, more determined then last time and will be holding my belt."

    "Ruthless Aggression?"

    "Good job Missy. It's a start. Now what I don't get is why Brujah instills such blind faith in a man who cannot even beat me, twice for that matter. I mean why aren't you all praising over me? I defeated your legendary Prime. I made him succumb to the pain. He was ballsy, and didn't tap. I'll give him a bit of credit there. He still lost. I walked out facing a pile of shit and came off smelling like roses son. And frankly Brujah, I did nothing you or Prime wouldn't of done if given the chance. I just happen to be smarter about it then you."

Logan lightly leans back, grabbing his bottle of beer and taking a sip before setting it back down upon it's expensive glass coaster. Logan lightly pops his neck out, each one making a resounding crack as Missy cringes with the sound of each one. Logan shakes it about a little and smiles.

    "Better. Next question."

    "Prime will undoubtedly want a rematch with you. If asked for it, would you accept."

    "Well Missy, I think your missing the point. Prime won't want another piece of Logan. I'm a predator. I smell fear . As I left the arena with Prime in an stretcher being loaded into an ambulance I smelled it emminanting so strongly. His arms clutched in pain. It's a satisfying thought really Prime. In this business you kill or be killed. And I always kill. And so what if Prime isn't dead. He's a survivor. He knows I've bested him. He knows I am the alpha and he with his years of experience, ruthless aggression and iron will simply cannot stand up to the Systematic Assassin. But.."

Logan's suddenly interrupted by the ring of a telephone. The various numbered line seem to be ringing for line one, which Logan ignores as it rings. He takes of sip of his beer when it suddenly begins to ring a bit odder. Logan coughs as he picks up his phone.

    "Hello? How are you CS? Hold on a moment...?"

Missy eyes him oddly as Logan stares at her, an evil, angered expression upon his face as he points to the door, saying aloud as he holds his right palm over the receiver.


    "But I'm not..."


Missy gulps and nods, grabbing her clipboard and pencil as she quickly strides out, closing the door behind her as the camera focuses on Logan, holding the phone up to  his left ear as he holds his title tight over his right shoulder, rubbing the main plate as he grabs his cigar, and inhales, letting out a puff.

    "I'm back...yes, I got your cigars...yes, that was rather systematic wasn't it?"

Fade to black