Our scene opens inside what appears to be Logan Treasure's library, or a living room of sorts. Our camera focuses upon two leather chairs, pointing toward an empty fire place surrounded by a rock wall that reaches up to the ceiling. To the left and right of this appears two large and exceptionally full bookcases. The bookcases loaded with the classic novels such as the hardback version of The Lord of the Rings, Szung Zu and the Art of War, and other litterary masterpieces. Slowly coming into view on the camera appears non other then Outlaw Wrestling World Champion and well known Systematic Assassin, Logan Treasure. Wearing a simple white T-shirt, jean shorts, doc martin boots and carrying the World Title over his shoulder he eyes about the room, his hair lightly moving from the central air. He appears quite clean shaven at the moment as he looks to the mantle upon his fire place and gives a small yet evil grin to himself. He slowly takes his shimmering gold title off his shoulder and slowly folds the straps on the belt, the main plate showing forward as he rests it upon the mantle of his fire place. He takes a step back, just looking at it.

    Logan: "Hmm..."

He says as he just looks to his shimmering prize, giving a nice smirk as he stood, just looking to it.

    "You know, victory just isn't enough for me. Humiliation is a must when it came to dealing with Black in that little encounter. I mean I most likely had his leg snapped in two when he finally stepped in the ring to face me, let alone stand after coming face to face with that pathetic excuse of a maneuver called the Lincoln Park Execution."

Logan slowly slips back into one of the comfy leather chairs. He leans back relaxing, the camera swaying to face him as he strokes his chin, yawning in boredom.

    "Now I guess I should talk about you Prime. Because you are the first thing that comes to my head when I think of humiliation. Really, you are. You lost to Hugo Marinez II and Lei Yu Sying...what a shame, what a shame. But speaking of self humiliation, don't you remember out little choice encounter, son?"

Logan gives a sinister little grin as soon as those disrespectful words come across his lips.

    "That's right I just called you son. I called you son because your not worth the champions respect. Really, you aren't no matter what you may or may not think. Now where was I? Oh, yes. Lets take a look back in time. Remember how you once told me I'd never win that World Title you were so determined to win?

Logan gives a little grin as he eyes his title belt, the camera panning to it as it glimmers from the overhead light. The camera pans back to Logan.

    "Since then Prime have you ever taken a good look in the mirror in the morning and realize how wrong were? But oh, that's right. You don't. You have another shot at me. The Systematic Assassin. The man who made you tap. I have a bunch of nick name's Prime, I could go on for a good while."

Logan eyes glow with a hint of impatience, and not even a real care in the world as he spoke of his ruthless comer for his brand new belt.

    "Prime, while your entangled in your affairs with Cannon, taking ass kickings and getting a lucky break against the boys Malice. What have I been doing? Go ahead, tell me. Just let me answer for you. I've been conquering. Not thieving as you called it..."

Logan idly popped his knuckles, and looked up to the camera, giving a small grin.

    "...but conquering. Your second chance has come though son. Are you going to blow it like you did last time? Are you going to fail where you did once before? Are you?"

For a moment their hanged a deep silence, that soon broke with Logan's sullen words.

    "Of coarse. You're Prime. The same Prime I fought nearly a month ago. Ruthless, but careless, trusting of your comrades, and a hopeless idiot. Come this Saturday, you are going to get as close to the Outlaw World Title as you'll ever come. Why you ask? Simple. Because you cannot win. Your pure motives and fiery veteran drive is not enough to claim my title. I learned that lesson looong ago. I thought maybe after beating you in the ring you would of learned that. Sure, you can argue that the Malice Boys were there and they were the only reason I won. But that still doesn't stop the hard, and truthful fact that I'm champion and your of coarse are not."

Logan gave a very evil grin at that thought. It warmed his ice cold heart as he rubbed his chin a bit more, then resting his right arm upon the arm rest.

    "You didn't have to tap. You choose to. I didn't have to mutilate Black's left leg to the point of possible snapping in two so I may become the leading figure in this damned company. I choose to. And I was smart enough to realize to put that choice into action. And as of this moment I've chosen to put an end to your so called "reign of terror". Your conquest is through. And it all ends Saturday. You Prime will fail once again. And don't go doubting my words, and clouding your thoughts with "self confidence". Because you know deep down inside that your wrong, and that I'm right. Worst of all you're afraid to admit that you can never change that. A haunting reality don't you think? That such a sad ending must befall good ole' Prime?"

Logan gives a sinister little grin as he slowly sits up from his chair, the camera fading back to one staring at his back and the Outlaw World title lightly placed upon the mantle of his fireplace. He crosses his arms across his chest as he just looks to it, the camera fading to his face who's eyes are filled with no longer a desperation, but a cocky flair. A cold happiness filled only by the greed that drives him to do what he does. He grins as he looks at the title.

    "Saturday Prime, Saturday. That's roughly four to five days to get your shit together and find a way to prove even a challenge to me. Hell Saturday is your certain World Title Judgment day. The Ruthless meets The Systematic in a second go around for what you want, and can't have. No matter how much it drives you insane, makes your want to work harder for it, or claw away at all else that matters. Because in the end I'll be grinning through it all, and be walking out, still champion. You'll just be leaving disappointed and with a broken leg...son."

Fade to Black