Our scene begins inside a local Kansas City area bar and grill. The furnishings are that of what you'd expect. A long, elegant bar with a fine coat of finish on it, tables lightly decorated about the room with patrons prospectively eyeing what's on EPSN, the cute bartender, or whatever in that moment seems to catch their eye. We close in upon a table located not to far from the bar but right below one of the small screen tv's. Sitting their alone is Logan Treasure, munching upon some chicken strips with a glass of water resting on an idle "Budweiser" coaster. He's dressed in a casual attire, a blue polo shirt with a white stripe through he center, khaki slacks and his real Doc Martin boots. He quietly eyes the door away, awaiting the arrival of someone. Slowly entering through the door way is lead reporter for Outlaw Wrestling, Tommy Chase, adorned in an untucked, silk buttoned black T-shirt, some blue jeans and some tennis shoes. He eyes about as he sees Logan and strides over with a little smile as he takes the seat opposite to Logan, a little notepad with him as he looks to Logan and begins to speak.

    Tommy: "Good evenin..."

    Logan: "Did I say you could sit with me?"

    Logan interrupts, his impatience and short temper flaring a bit as he stares at Tommy with a menacing stare. Tommy gulps and remains calm as he leans forward to look at Tommy.

    Tommy: "No, you didn't. But Mr.Ramierez said I could."

Logan sneers at the mention of Ramierez's name and lifts his head up in a bit of an arrogant motion. He finally resumes to look back down upon the reporter as Logan sips his water. His voice impatient

    Logan: "Start."

    Tommy: "Logan, your coming off a rather controversial quarter final win over Prime to advance into the Semi-finals of the Outlaw World Title Tournament to face Sebastian Black. Seeing how Prime reacted to this whole situation by "breaking" character with his interview what do you have to say about him and your opponent, Black who claimed you to be over your head?"

    Logan: "Yes, the win was controversial, but nearly as so as every other match the malice boys felt like intruding under. Feeling screwed by this Primeu felt the need to vent over his loss, and in the process showed the world that pompous ass the guys around the water cooler have known him for his ten years in wrestling. Even if you say you were screwed by the Malice Boys of the bookers it make no difference. Your career as a world champion has been terminated. Move on, go cry to someone who wants to listen."

Logan coughs as he sips his water, his elbows resting upon the table as he eyes Tommy as he continued to speak.

    Logan: "As far as Mr. Black is concerned, I really didn't need the Malice Boys to win. Hell I didn't even bother to hire them. I'm the systematic assassin, not them. To focus upon the singularity of it all excentuates my point. But does it matter? The point is I'm one step closer to that world title. He dares to call me "over my head" and a teenager. But you see Black, your just as much a man who's made a career out of living in World Champion's shadow's, just so you can revel in the glory. Your stint with Steve Somers the one that sticks out most in mind. And as you step into this company you realize their is no man you can hide behind, hide in their glory with your cronies. Your forced to stand for yourself. And so you do your best to make fine examples of two underachieving wrestlers, one of them particularly Johnny Stryder with a new first name. Now do you think your claims, your points prove any point after what I just said? That your opponent's as of late have been less then credible? Sure Prime and Dick Johnson aren't victories to boast of even bother about but that never mattered to me. I know I'm the best, I know I'll make you, and who ever dares to stand in the way of the world title my own personal bitch. It's not blatant cockiness, it's reality."

Logan gives a small smirk to the camera, as if directed at Sebastian Black as Logan rubs his chin and resumes his stern face, sipping his water as he waits for his next question.

    Tommy: "Ok then. Buzz about the locker room is that TWF will soon be re-emerging. See as you are a former Titan Wrestling Federation wrestler, will you and any former superstar's be leaving the grace of Ramierez's Outlaw Wrestling?"

    Logan cocks an eyebrow at the comment, a bit surprised as he coughs and sips his water and looks to Tommy, in a serious mood.

    Logan: "Listen well, and listen good. First off, if I was jumping ship I wouldn't bother telling some kid like you. Second, I'm a man who will work for the highest bidder. No matter how much ground work I could place upon this company in hopes of drawing more suitable competition and people in need of desperate dissection of limbs, if TWF offers me more, I'll make no qualm about leaving here for more lucrative ground."

    Tommy: "Yet at one time didn't New Era Wrestling offer you more money to wrestler for them instead of TWF?"

    Logan glares sinisterly at Tommy. Tommy slowly cocks back his head bit, afraid of the cold blooded glare Logan's giving to him, obviously displeased by the question...

    Logan: "Next question."

    Tommy: "I'm all out of them."

Logan looks to Tommy as he stands up from the table, throwing the tip Tommy's way as he begins to stride out of the bar.

    Logan: "Then that's your problem."

    Fade to Black