Our scene opens up in the cold "wrestling room" of the Treasure Chest gym run in downtown Kansas City. The warm spring air is no where to be seen in area with what appears the furnishings of a warehouse and other wrestlin equipment. The fine "Highspots.com" ring holds sturdy as two men compete in the ring,or more so is "running the ropes" a term for running to the ropes,bouncing off and then the other guy dropping and hopping over him. One man is a no name face,easily indistinguishable as the people who read this. The other is Logan Treasure.As the two men continue circle the ring shouting instructions to Logan is another familir face to that of the TWF viewers. The man is Gene Blanchard dressed in a red polo typy shirt and blue jeans nd carrying a big towel in his hand. As Logan catches the man in the ring planting him with a powerslam. Gene hops up on the ring ans  hands Logan the towel before patting him on the back. Logan chuckles as he rolls his neck out and pears back to his "coach" so to speak as it becomes obvious this is working off the ring rust. Getting Logan back into to form so when he does come back,he'll be ready. Logan is cleerly shown wearing some black slick pants and a t-shirt,the front saying "SJW" which stands for "Spirit Japan Wrestling" and below it says "Assassin Inc. Tour" The back listing various dates and the superstar's on it,including Hugo Marinez II,Jonathan Lecaque,Russell Morris,Masajun Hahn,Ryu Shunagi and Gene Blanchard. Logan runs at his opponent as they lock in the grapple. Logan smoothly transisitions behind the man with a duck under and waits a moment,tempted as he lifts the man up,a waist lock applied as he plants him with a german suplex. The victim yelps in pain as Logan squints and gets back to his feet and eyes Gene.

Logan:"So when are you going to get off your "injured" ass and help?"

He says with a sarcastic grin.Gene Eyes Logan as he leans back against the ropes

Gene:Don't worry i'll be kicking your sorry ass all over the world soon enough. It's been a while since I had fun stomping a mudhole in some jerk who thinks he's something in this business

Logan gave his sinister if not sarcastic laugh as he got to his feet and layed in the stomps on the poor, poor training victim.

"Sure. Tell it to yourself just like Jared Blazer did and then once you finally get in the ring we'll see what happens."

"Oh not even startin at the bottom are you."

Gene rubs his chin
"Blazer the top dog now so I hear. I'd like a crack at him one day myself. Hell I'd like to just crack him with a chair for the hell of it."

Logan refocuses on the man asking with that ever present hand motion to bring it. Logan takes a deep breath and does so,lunging forward into a tie up. The trainer pushes Logan back before Logan just grins,showing he's in controll as with great speed he reaches the opponent's right rist that's around his neck with Logan's right arm and Logan shoulder shoves out of the tie up and its now in a russian tie with Logan firmly placing hard pressure on the man's arm and elbow. Logan circles as the man's forced to follow as Logan swiftly shuffles and the swings forward,throwing the arm into the man's face as Logan uses the destraction to catch ahold of the head and man's tights as he unleashes a beautiful snap suplex. The man grunts in pain as Logan's to his feet as he grins a grin of accomplishment as he looks to Gene.

"I aim for him because we have a score to settle. I hate draw's. Their's no such thing as "equally matched" in wrestling. If that were the case then Bladz or Browser may of been considered "my equal." If I have any man I want my first match to be it'd be Somers."

Logan grunts at the mention of the man who barely beat him for Logan's generation title and then screwed him when the match was about pride. Logan unleashes that fury into a stomp right along the bridge of the trainer's nose.

"Easy their Logan not that I give a damn about the trainer but 3 in the hospital is enough . I say save it for them and send them to the hospital. Trut me nothing better than watching your opponent be carried out while screaming in pain as you stand by and smile at a job well done."

"Never thought I'd see the day the strait shooter would be telling me to take it easy."

He says as he finishes stomping and coughs,moving over to the ropes and pulling back on,them,making sure they're tight as slingshots himself over and lands on his feet in a crouched posistion on the outside,he stands and grins.

"Feels damn good to do that."

Logan eyes Gene as he walks over to a changing room. He comes back out 5 fast forwarded minutes later in khaki's,doc martins and his black t-shirt.

"So when's the big day, when does the assasin, the man that is almost up to the straight Shooter's standard reenter the TWF and kick ASS."

Logan ponders a great moment as he rubs his stubbled chin. His beard thinner,his hair a bit lighter then before as he finally opens his mouth and speaks.

"I'm thinking the next pay per view. But according to my contract some things need to be worked out,such as me going back to a full long term written contract. I figure maybe I'll do a run in on the Clayborne and Wells match because Wells said "called me a cripple" but in the end It all comes down to when TWF wants me to come back and kick ass."

Logan and Gene begin to walk out of the Treasure Chest,turning light after light as they make their way through the complex,past the office,the gym equipment and out the door as Logan locks up.

"So when does Gene get back living in my shadow albeit in TWF or not. I heard Shunagi offered you a pretty good deal to work in SJW agian with Hahn and Lecaque for their late 2003 Fall Carnival."

"I'm considering that offer in fact. It's amazing how much they'd pay to see all their top guys get taken ot one by one, You never know with me I have a few scores to settle myself. When the time comes I'll settle." Never know when though could be tomorrow could be next week."

Gene grins evily

"You never know."

Logan nods as the duo begin to walk down the Kansas City sidewalks,their aim unknown as they continue to talk.

"True. But didn't Hahn beat you? Sure you got a huge cheer for your efforts but you still lost to a man who's roughly half your size. Lecaque looked good in your match. But we can account that to you now can't we?"

"Hell I'll give the guy credit, he did damage. Next time we have to play my way. Up the stakes and  the pain. As far as Lacaque. guess the referee didn't understand the word bribe."

Logan nods as he stops,placing a palm on Gene's chest as he points toward the building they reside their footing right infront of Jimmy's Shack,a diner that hardcore Logan fans would realize is Logan's favorite eatery. Logan leads the duo in as he peers about the sparsely spaced area. He scouts an empty booth in which the duo take a seating at.

"Point taken. Something interesting happened to me yesterday. I got a phone call from New Era Wrestling..."

"Oh is that so. Heard you were back on the market?"

"Yeah. They want me to try out. Competition finally found me. I'm a bit torn...I feel my on screen prescence is hindering Tommy and Russell and NEW would be an opportunity for change even though I'd be giving TWF and all its glory the proverbial finger. Or I could stay."

Amongst the duo's chatter a waitress pulls up gets them water,she peers to Logan and smiles.

Waitress:"The usual?"

"The usual."

She scribbles down on her note pad.

"And you?"

"Whatever the special is and cook it will ya. If I wanted raw meat i'd go kill the animal myself and eat it right there"

The waitress nods and Gene turns his attention back toward Logan.

"If you ask me the fee for yor talent just went up. Take some advise, make them pay for the best. If thats what they want, or hell let them die while the competition puts your talents to use and burry them."

"Heh,a money war for the systematic assassin. Their is a perk to going to NEW though. I was nominated to face the current Interfederation North American champion, Billy McStoner and he resides in New along with the Interfederation Tag Team Champions. I figure NEW can be pre match blessing in disguise. But no deals are for sure. I'm a head international talent scout because I can speak Japanese rather fluently and I get respect. I still have to beat a few guys, and stand atop the highest mountain in the TWF Game so I can stand infront of Somer's face and say "I told you so"."

"I may just have to leave my calling card  outside the arena at a NEW event. So if you see some guy left bloody and bruised outside you know I'm just stopping in to say hello from the straight shooter."

"Fair enough."

With that said the waitress came back,quietly placing the plates on the table. For Logan its a glass of water, a double cheeseburger with pickles,ketchup,and tomato with a side of a baked potato. For Gene is a hot roast beef sandwhich with brown gravy covering it all. Logan picks up his burger and takes a bit,chewing thoroughly as he gulps it down and continues.

"I found something interesting out the other day. I was talking to Lecaque over the phone since whether I like it or not he's my brother in law. Point aside he informed me that Morris may of signed a few dates for Spirit Japan before he makes his expected return in May or something...I still want my match with him."

Gene: Sounds like you got two choices. You go back to the TWF and finish unfinished business and as I see it Logan doesn't leave to much business unfinished for long. r you can go the other route walk in with everyone  underestimating you thinking you are just some punk off the streets that don't know a wrstlock from a wrist watch and kick ass,leaving them wonder what the hell just hit them. By the time they realize it you'll be hold gold "

Gene takes a bite of his food barely chewing twice before swallowing

"Tough choice but either way there is  a lot of people that get their asses handed to them right  and left. Course it would be interesting to hear the TWF guys talk about you being the chicken shit that ran from a fight."

Logan munches upon his burger and gives a silent nod to his injured friend. He slowly looks around,his eyes pondering...deeply. A quest to destroy a new set of people,to re-establish himself in a new company with new faces and new gold? Or to climb to the highest peak. To take the titles,and slowly and surely destroy all who decide to come in his path of pride and glory to stand atop of the mountain,all others forced to look up at him...

Fade to Black