[The Departure]


...Oh, it's true. Victory may have slipped through the fingers of Tommy Grady, but a whole new beginning is on the horizon. I know what those of you who follow Superior Wrestling closely are saying: "Chris Staggs and Tommy Grady are the typical tag team".. and you may be right. Similar personalities attract, I suppose. Same situation with Jack Diamond and his flaming boy wonder Josh Silver. Appear to be a couple trendtakers more than anything. So what, they're the usual comedians, right? What originality, huh? To tell you the truth, the fact that they don't have an original bone in their body isn't what gets me -- it's the idea that counts I guess. HA! Idea, I said the word idea refering to Jack Diamond. Wow, what was I thinking -- ripoff. There we go. The only thing that truly counts would be the fact that he's human, right? Right...

:::Scene opens with an image of an airport. An airplane flies in front of our aerial view and we cut back down to ground level. We see an image of Tommy Grady following close behind Aaron Everage, walking through a crowd of people, away from a desk near the front of the airport. Tommy has a carry on baggage over his right shoulder as Everage carries something in his left hand. We pick up as the two make their move towards the security point of the airport:::

Tommy Grady - This is so awesome!

Aaron Everage - You really shouldn't be so happy after losing your first match, Tommy..

Tommy Grady - No, dude! You don't even know what happened to me after my match!

Aaron Everage - What happened, Tommy..

Tommy Grady - I joined a cool club..

Aaron Everage - Cool club?

Tommy Grady - Did I stu-stu-stutta?

Aaron Everage - I was asking what a cool club was..

Tommy Grady - Well, you have to ask.. you can't just repeat me, doo!

Aaron Everage - Okay, how about this - what dumb ass cool club were you tricked into joining..

Tommy Grady - I was GONNA tell you, but not with your unkind words, jerko!

Aaron Everage - I'm heartbroken..

Tommy Grady - FINE! FINE! I'll tell you.. you've badgered me enough! Have you no SOUL?!

Aaron Everage - ......

Tommy Grady - .. but you have to promise to not tell Staggs..

Aaron Everage - I really don't care..

Tommy Grady - Okay, that's good enough.. I saw Hen after his match and I told him I was a fan of his..

Aaron Everage - Oh boy..

Tommy Grady - And he let me join his club..

Aaron Everage - Tommy, that has to be one of the dumbest things you've ever done..

Tommy Grady - Speak for yourself, dude.. I think you're just jealous..

Aaron Everage - Jealous of joining the Hen fan club?

Tommy Grady - Yup.. and you didn't get the tattoo!

Aaron Everage - Tattoo?

Tommy Grady - [holds out his hand] .. Pen 15 dude! He even gave me a pen as an initiation gift!

Aaron Everage - [looks at "PEN 15" on the hand of tommy] ... You were tricked by an idiot..


Aaron Everage - Staggs is probably watching you as we speak..

Tommy Grady - ....... [looks at camera with a smile] .... JUST KIDDING!

Aaron Everage - You better wash that off your hand, you look really dumb..

Tommy Grady - But if I wash it out I won't be in Hen's club.. his.. HATE club.. cuz I hate Hen! BOO HEN!

Aaron Everage - Sneaky there, Tommy.. I'm sure no one noticed the confusion..

Tommy Grady - SH! .. not until you gave it away, dude.. thanks a LOT!

Aaron Everage - Ya'know Hen is watching, too..

Tommy Grady - He is?

Aaron Everage - He is..

Tommy Grady - Whateva..

Aaron Everage - Really..

Tommy Grady - Fo Sho?

Aaron Everage - YES!

Tommy Grady - I have to come clean..

Aaron Everage - I think you already did..

Tommy Grady - No.. you don't see what I mean, Ev.. I'm lying about Hen..

Aaron Everage - What are you talking about?

Tommy Grady - Hen means poo to me.. it's nothing.. this was a ploy..

Aaron Everage - A ploy.. you don't even know what a ploy is, Tommy..

Tommy Grady - I saw it in a movie, dude!

Aaron Everage - So what's your ploy, Tommy.. enlighten me..

Tommy Grady - I watched my opponent for the week do his little promo and I realized it was Hen..

Aaron Everage - It's not Hen..

Tommy Grady - Whateva! I saw him him, doo! WHATEVA!

Aaron Everage - Tommy.. believe me, it's not Hen!


Aaron Everage - His name is Jack Diamond.. and Josh Silver.. those are your opponents..

Tommy Grady - Aaron, I watched him.. he was blonde and dumb and not funny..

Aaron Everage - He's a Hen ripoff.. he's not the real Hen..

Tommy Grady - You mean I'm not wrestling Hen?

Aaron Everage - No, Tommy.. you're not wrestling the Hen..

Tommy Grady - So I have to wrestle a different dude that tries to be funny and makes me pick eye boogars to stay awake?

Aaron Everage - .. I.. guess so..

Tommy Grady - THIS IS HELL!

Aaron Everage - Tommy, relax..


Aaron Everage - It's okay, Tommy..


Aaron Everage - RELAX!

Nearby Security - [into walky talky] .. SPAZ! SPAZ! FIRST TERMINAL! I NEED ASSISTANCE IMMEDIATELY!

Aaron Everage - We're FINE, sir..

Nearby Security - [into walky talky] .. RESISTING ARREST! HELP IMMEDIATELY!

:::The security officer approaches slowly:::

Nearby Security - Can I ask you a few questions, sir?

Tommy Grady - I'm a little upset, dude..

Aaron Everage - It was a brief lapse, sir.. we're just fine..

Nearby Security - ... why don't I escort you to the security point..

Tommy Grady - An escort? Sweetness!

:::The security guard grabs ahold of Grady's arm and leads him towards the scanning area. Tommy puts his bag on the sliding table and the officer releases him, letting him walk through the metal detector. The alarm sounds:::

Tommy Grady - WASN'T ME!

Nearby Security - You're the only one under there..

Tommy Grady - [pulls pen out of his pocket] .. must be my handy dandy Hen club pen..

Nearby Security - Walk back through, please..

:::Walks through clean:::

Nearby Security - I'm sorry, but we're going to have to keep your pen..

Tommy Grady - WHAT?! It was a gift!

Nearby Security - I'm sorry, sir.. it can be used as a weapon..

Tommy Grady - What am I gonna do? Draw a picture on someone?

Nearby Security - It can be used to stab, cut --

Tommy Grady - Maybe YOU would do that, but Tommy Grady is a loving, devout man. He would never do such a thing..

Nearby Security - We can't be too careful..

Tommy Grady - Just for that I'm gonna draw a picture of a chode on the back of someones neck with my other pen..

Another Nearby Security - We already confinscated the other, as well..

Tommy Grady - DAMN YOU!

Nearby Security - Sir, you may get your things and leave..

Tommy Grady - GO BUY YOUR OWN PEN!

Nearby Security - Who gave you this pen, sir?

Tommy Grady - 'Da Hen, doo!

Nearby Security - Dahen Du? Sounds Muslim.. I think we'll have to take you to another room..

Aaron Everage - Uh, sir.. [blocks security arm heading towards Tommy] .. it's THE HEN.. he's a fool.. they're both fools..

Tommy Grady - WHATEVA!

Nearby Security - Nice cover, sir.. this way..

Aaron Everage - It's truly not a cover, sir..

Another Nearby Security - It's okay, let them go.. an Arab is on his way towards the checking..

Nearby Security - [into walky talky] .. Arab walking to security check one.. we need immediate assistance.. SIR! SIR! DROP THE BOMB!

:::Security makes its way towards to arab and Everage hands Grady his bag:::

Tommy Grady - But my pen..

Aaron Everage - You don't need the pen..

Tommy Grady - But.. the Hen club..

Aaron Everage - You're not wrestling Hen, remember?

Tommy Grady - I keep forgetting! WHY! WHY!

Aaron Everage - TOMMY.. no more tantrams..

Tommy Grady - But I--

Aaron Everage - NO BUTS OR I'S!

Tommy Grady - Speak for yourself, dude.. I have a butt AND an eye.. FREAK! YOU'RE A FREAK!

Aaron Everage - Obviously I have an eye, dumbass..

Tommy Grady - How do I know? It could be glass..

Aaron Everage - Tommy, where did this conversation even come from?

Tommy Grady - You said no butts or eyes..

Aaron Everage - You knew exactly what I meant..

Tommy Grady - I know, dude.. butts and eyes.. those are two pretty obvious things.. don't you think? What do you take me for.. an idiot?

Aaron Everage - That's too polite.. I take you for much worse..

Tommy Grady - Thanks bro....... I... think..

Aaron Everage - Yeah, not a problem, Tommy..


Aaron Everage - What are you shouting for? I hear you.. we'll get some coffee..

Tommy Grady - .... delish coffee?

Aaron Everage - Delicious coffee, yes..

Tommy Grady - Sweetness..

Aaron Everage - [walking to coffee shop] .. let the lady know what you want, Tommy..

Tommy Grady - [looks at coffee lady] .. I'll take one cup'of'chino.. with smack my bitch up cream.. and a long stiffy straw..

Coffee Lady - Uh..

Aaron Everage - That's cappaccino, whipped cream, and a straw... ma'am..


Aaron Everage - We'll get it, Tommy..

Tommy Grady - Will we? ..... or will we NOT!

Aaron Everage - .. we will.. see? .. [hands cup to Tommy] .. there you go..

Tommy Grady - Smack my bitch up cream? .. [taste test] .. wow.. super smack my bitch up cream!

Aaron Everage - Yeah.. that's it..

:::Aaron reaches into his pocket and pulls a flask out, which he hides a bit:::

Aaron Everage - [pointing behind Grady] .. What's that?

Tommy Grady - [turns his head] .. What's what?

:::Everage opens the flask and pours the liquid into the Grady's drink:::

Aaron Everage - Oh.. it's gone..

Tommy Grady - What was it?

Aaron Everage - It's not important..

:::Grady takes a large drink:::


Aaron Everage - Eat the cream..

Tommy Grady - [bites cream] ... aaaaah.. thank God.. smack my burning bitch throat up cream.. I love you..


Aaron Everage - Let's catch our flight, Tommy..

Tommy Grady - We have time, Aaron.. no need to rush. I have something I need to get off my chest to begin with..

Aaron Everage - Kicked in earlier than I thought it would..

Tommy Grady - HEY.. shut it.. Hunter Tazi, my friend -- the sun shines on a horses ass every once in a while. Congratulations on that. No excuses.. I was simply defeated. First notch on my belt, but hardly a kink in my armor. I'm still one of the brightest stars in this industry. I'm still a champion just waiting for a shot.. and most importantly for YOU to understand.. I'm still better than you. I know, typical response. You lose, you maintain hope in yourself. This isn't cliche, though, my friend. I don't expect you to believe it.. I don't expect you to accept it.. however you WILL learn it. This whole thing between you and I is far from over. You publically humiliated me in my first pay per view appearance in my career.. you've humiliated me time after time.. and it ends, Tazi. It ends real soon. You got the one up on me this time.. there is no second guessing that.. you've won the battle, but the war is yet to be won. And the winner, without a doubt.. will be me, Tazi. As for my new alliance with this Chris Staggs character.. I have to admit, I'm not too thrilled with his attitude on a day to day basis.. but how can I complain when I exist within a near clone of that man. Staggs know how to be successful in the squared circle.. and as long as I don't have to deal with him otherwise -- I don't mind being his partner.. especially with gold at the end of a two month trail. And we'll test this team Saturday when we go up against Jack Diamond and Josh Silver.. I really don't know a thing about either of these men.. by Saturday I will, but as of now -- nothing. One thing I know for certain, though.. is that Saturday they'll get a big ass taste of defeat. You think what you do is humorous, Mr. Diamond.. which is almost embarassing considering what your attempt was to the audience such as myself. It was simply a desperate attempt at humor that hid the ground and came to a skidding stop.. you barely even elevated off the ground before crashing to a pathetic ending. Doesn't matter, though, Diamond. Saturday there won't be any talking.. it'll be a beating.. one sided.. double teamed.. and we'll leave your ass wondering why you even bothered attempting to compete with talent like Chris Staggs and myself..

Aaron Everage - The team name, actually, is Whateva Fo Sho.. if you want to call it by name..

Tommy Grady - Damnit you get me off track, don't you see? Why can't you just keep your mouth SHUT, Aaron?

Aaron Everage - Sorry, I just didn't know if you knew or not, Tommy..


Tommy Grady - Dude.. this cappaccino just whooped my ass!

Aaron Everage - Are you surprised? Hunter Tazi whooped your ass.. that's bad enough..

Tommy Grady - It was a fluke, dude!

Aaron Everage - Whatever..

Tommy Grady - FO SHO!

Aaron Everage - Enough of that.. that is SO old already!

Tommy Grady - .... fo sho?

Aaron Everage - And if you use it.. say you're own line.. that's gimmick infringment if you say fo sho..

Tommy Grady - Okay.. fo sho.. ME THE MONEY!

Aaron Everage - What'd I say, Tommy?


Aaron Everage - I saw what you were doing.. I was unamused by it..

Tommy Grady - You were used by my trick?

Aaron Everage - AMUSED, Tommy..

Tommy Grady - That's what I said.. USED..

Aaron Everage - AMUSED!

Tommy Grady - Is this the copycat game? Fine, then.. I'll play your childish game.. umm.. used..

Aaron Everage - Tommy, listen to me..

Tommy Grady - I'm listening, but I played this in preschool, dude..

Aaron Everage - I'm not playing a game..

Tommy Grady - I'm not playing a game..

Aaron Everage - STOP IT!

Tommy Grady - STOP IT!

Aaron Everage - [smacks tommy on his head] .. QUIT! FOR REAL!

Tommy Grady - OW, DUDE!

Aaron Everage - Now get on the flight..

Tommy Grady - So demanding.. yet not sensitive to my feelings.. so I'm not gonna do it..

Aaron Everage - Would you rather be stuck here?

Tommy Grady - Yes..

Aaron Everage - What would you do, Tommy, tell me that..

Tommy Grady - I would .. ROAM.. around.. HA! ROME! WE'RE IN ROME AND I'LL ROAM! I RULE!

Aaron Everage - Wow.. awfully clever..

Tommy Grady - Dude.. I'm like.. the next Eminem..

Aaron Everage - Right..

Tommy Grady - I'll be Peanut Eminem..

Aaron Everage - Great..

Tommy Grady - No no.. Peanut BUTTA Eminem..

Aaron Everage - Yeah..

Tommy Grady - Emphasis on the BUTTA.. Peanut........ BUTTA!

Aaron Everage - Sounds great.. get on..


Aaron Everage - TOMMY! You didn't even RHYME.. you just figured out a different way to use the word "roam" whenever they are spelled differently.. great for you.. we have a flight to catch or else we get left in Rome for twenty four hours. So get on the damn flight..

Tommy Grady - Wow, dude.. that's messed up..

Aaron Everage - You can't rap.. accept it.. GO, TOMMY!

Tommy Grady - WHATEVA! You watch.. I'll be Almond Eminem, doo.. WHATEVA! It flows like water, doo.. WHATEVA!

Aaron Everage - .........

Tommy Grady - Say it.. Almond Eminem..

Aaron Everage - .........

Tommy Grady - It's a rap in itself! I could just repeat that over and over..

Aaron Everage - ...........

Tommy Grady - Almond Eminem.. Almond Eminem.. Almond Eminem.. Almond Eminem..

Aaron Everage - Do you realize how foolish you look?

Tommy Grady - Dang, jerko.. thanks a lot, doo!

Aaron Everage - You are really testing my patience..

Tommy Grady - [gives ticket at gate] .. So do you think we'll be able to see heaven THIS time?

Aaron Everage - No Tommy..

Tommy Grady - But we're supposed to be higher on the way back..

Aaron Everage - I don't care.. if there was a heaven we still wouldn't be able to see it..

Tommy Grady - Will we see the Care Bears?

Aaron Everage - What are you talking about?

Tommy Grady - They live on the clouds, remember?

Aaron Everage - It's not real life..

Tommy Grady - How do you explain grizzly bears then?

Aaron Everage - .. why would I explain them, that has nothing to do with anything!

Tommy Grady - CARE BEAR.... [thrusts stomach forwards] .. STAAAAAAAARE!

Aaron Everage - What are you doing?

Tommy Grady - There's not enough care, Aaron.. we're killing them!

:::Aaron shakes his head and moves further forward to avoid more conversation with Tommy. They duck into the airplane and the camera scans back up to the ramp. It slowly fades to black as a couple makes their way towards the plane:::

...Tommy Grady and Chris Staggs now embark, as a team, on a new world. One that involves the two of them forced to work together in order to succeed. What's better than one of the best wrestlers in this industry? TWO of the best wrestlers in this industry.. together. So, Diamond.. Silver.. as cute as your little name association is.. come Saturday it's gonna be a stomping. But don't feel too down. You'll be dealing the past and future of Superior Wrestling.. and losing to us will be nothing short of an honor when the book has been written the seal has been latched. It's just a shame that you've been put in the position in the first place...

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