[Contradictory Personalities]


...So two guys walk into a bar, the third one ducks. Alright.. maybe not as funny as the contradictory inner battle of Trent Paul, but funny nonetheless. What a story you've been to follow this week, Trent. You say one thing one minute, something the complete opposite the next.. and then you proclaim Tommy Grady is the man doing it.. not yourself. I've never watched a man who was himself -- or gimmickless, eh? -- promo after promo yet never said the same thing. And when he did.. he rammed it into your head until your eyes had closed from repetitive boredom. Yet here we are. Final day before Paul steps into the ring with Tommy Grady.. both men livin' large.. both men ready to go at it.. may we all say a prayer for little Trent Paul.. for his mother.. and pray that maybe.. just maybe.. he could find a way to portray his gimmick -- or lack thereof -- properly. Since he is himself and all.. I guess he just needs to practice being himself, right?..... right..... RIGHT!...

:::Scene opens with the image of a mall. There is a parking lot around the mall as we scan around from an aerial view. We drop down to ground level and pick up as a car pulls into a parking spot. The car shuts off and out steps two familiar faces.. Everage and Tommy Grady. THe two men meet at the back of the car and begin making their way towards the mall. Tommy Grady has a bottled water in his hand as they walk.. he looks at it and speaks up as we listen in:::

Tommy Grady - How do we know that water isn't just clear pee pee and someone's just playing a joke on us..

Aaron Everage - Is that even worthy of an answer?

Tommy Grady - I mean, who is this Ozarka dude.. sounds foreign to me.. we may want to check his visa..

Aaron Everage - I'm sure he's a danger, Tommy..

Tommy Grady - What if he put poison in the water?

Aaron Everage - That would suck..

Tommy Grady - And then he could just blame it on an arab worker!

Aaron Everage - Most likely..

Tommy Grady - If you ever wanted to take over the world, dude.. I'm the man to work with.. I have sweet plans I could do!

Aaron Everage - Well, when I have the urge to do take over the world.. you'll be the first I come to..

Tommy Grady - Sweet! We could be like.. uh.. DOCTOR EVIL!

Aaron Everage - His plans never succeed..

Tommy Grady - You're right.. I GOT IT!

Aaron Everage - Oh boy..

Tommy Grady - We could be Gradev.. like Ozarka, just with you and me.. and nobody would even know..

Aaron Everage - Until they turned back to when we were in SWF and saw this clip..

Tommy Grady - DAMN.. you're right again..

Aaron Everage - Imagine that..

Tommy Grady - Uh.. not a whole lot of imagining when it just happened, Ev.. pft.. every time you show some intellectual progress, you ruin it with stupid comments like that..

Aaron Everage - [laughs to himself] ....

Tommy Grady - I'd laugh too if I was an idiot..

Aaron Everage - .............

Tommy Grady - [laughs] .... sorry I couldn't hold back..

Aaron Everage - Quite alright..

Tommy Grady - LOOK! A candy store!

Aaron Everage - That's great.. no candy..

Tommy Grady - BUT!

Aaron Everage - But nothing, Grady.. we don't have time to go wander through a candy store..

Tommy Grady - But.. the sour straws!

Aaron Everage - I don't care..

Tommy Grady - But the gummy worms.. and candy cigarettes..

Aaron Everage - I still don't care, Grady..

Tommy Grady - I'll pocket some pink M&M's for you.. melt in our mouth, not in your pocket, doo!

Aaron Everage - NO GRADY! Do we have to go round and round about this?


Aaron Everage - I will..

Tommy Grady - BUT I WANT CANDY!

Aaron Everage - My way, Grady..

Tommy Grady - [exaggerated frown] ....

Aaron Everage - Ah ha.. Victoria's Secret.. you coming in or staying outside?

Tommy Grady - I'm in, dawg..

Aaron Everage - No crude comments, alright?

Tommy Grady - Who.. ME?! Crude? Pfft.. don't worry bout it, Ev!

Aaron Everage - .. alright..


Aaron Everage - A manican..

Tommy Grady - I don't think a man would be wearing that sort of thong..

Aaron Everage - No.. a manican.. they're made of plastic or something..

Tommy Grady - Nothing better than plastic ass..

Aaron Everage - .. how about real ass?

Tommy Grady - Not quite as firm, Ev.. I like a firm ass.. [squeezes manican ass] .. oh that's right.. you like that..

Aaron Everage - Quit, Grady..

Tommy Grady - Where is your head, baby?

Aaron Everage - She doesn't have one obviously..

Tommy Grady - So she's a butt head? HA!

Aaron Everage - That's just wrong..

Tommy Grady - No.. it would be right if this platform was supposively her body, ya'know?

Aaron Everage - You're ill..

Tommy Grady - I feel fine..

Aaron Everage - You would..

Tommy Grady - You mean I'm ill and don't know it? DO I HAVE SARS?!

Aaron Everage - No.. you don't have sars, Grady..

Tommy Grady - I think I'm getting a cold.. or a cough.. or whatever you get with sars..

Aaron Everage - Shut up..


Aaron Everage - Another manican, Grady..

Tommy Grady - I don't care.. I'd be all up in that in moments..

Aaron Everage - [sigh] ....

Tommy Grady - Let's go get some juice..

Aaron Everage - I'm in the middle of something..

Tommy Grady - But I'm 'tirsty..

Aaron Everage - The world doesn't revolve around your thirst..

Tommy Grady - My world does..

Aaron Everage - [hands Grady flask] ... here.. this quenches the thirst, right?

Tommy Grady - BOY, DOES IT EVER! WOO!

Aaron Everage - Good.. sealed deal..

Tommy Grady - [drinks flask] .. AY AY AY!

Aaron Everage - Good shit?

Tommy Grady - Delish!

:::Grady coughs for a minute. He holds the coughing stance and then slowly raises his head back up:::

Aaron Everage - You choke?

Tommy Grady - I never choke, bitch..

Aaron Everage - What?

Tommy Grady - The only one I see choking is Trent Paul on his own words..

Aaron Everage - Oh.. that was fast..

Tommy Grady - Shut up, Aaron.. I don't have time for interference. I have to make things absolutely clear for my dear friend, Trent Paul. You can twist and turn any comment that escapes me to fit your way of thinking, and that's fine.. but I think it was quite obvious that bragging about being the number one contendership was blown completely out of proportion. Did I mention I had to beat an array of athletes to get to where I am today. I didn't say that, nor would I ever.. because I didn't. I'm not deserving of where I stand today.. I didn't pay my dues long enough.. but the opportunity presents itself and here I am. That's what champions do. They are content, but consistant. That's what it takes in this business. You take advantage of opportunities.. and you, my friend, have an opportunity to show that you are deserving of number one contendership chatter. By defeating the number one contender.. do I find it absurd that you don't "give a flying fuck about this match" because I'm the almighty Tommy Grady? No.. I do find it absurd from a competitors standpoint, though. If you don't realize the importance in this match to your career, you're just making excuses already. That's the sad, simple fact, my friend. There's a wide difference between watching someone in the ring and really focusing in on them. When you watch Trent Paul.. it looks like the second coming.. but when I look into your eyes and hear the words that crawl out of your lips.. all I see.. all I hear.. is a confused little boy trying to find himself. Deny it, bend it in ways it was not meant to be understood as.. do all you can, Paul, to try to verbally gain the upperhand. You just continue to make yourself look confused with each breath. Quite frankily after your most recent verbal spew, I'm beginning to think I caused somebody to get their thong a little too deep up their ass. Could it be because I do listen to you? Could it be because I know you all too well and it just eats at you? It's also a little humorous to listen to a kid as lost as yourself try to beg a man to listen to what you say.. when twenty four hours ago you were rambling about how you don't even listen to me. Boy how the times have changed, eh? Yet another example of the confusion within. If this isn't a gimmick, Paul.. if this isn't a front that you're putting on.. then why do you, time after time, contradict yourself? I mean you bitch for at least two minutes about how I didn't listen to you, then you don't care? HA! It's humorous, my friend. Your attempt at intimidation is backfiring into a stand up comedy act.. no longer are we laughing behind your back.. we're laughing in your face. It's getting so bad that the hospital is threatening to unplug your mother's oxygen to punish her for cursing this world with your presence. You're a joke.. and it's a pity that someone with your talent has to be so full of stubborn cockiness that you can't portray themselves accurately. Since you ARE being yourself and all, right? You're a waste of breath.. you change from one promo to the next. You don't care about the biggest match in your short career.. you twist and turn statements to work out best for you.. and these are just the roots of what makes you the inconsistantly baffled man that you've quickly become before the eyes of myself and the rest of Superior Wrestling. You are young.. it was expected to happen when you faced someone superior to your verbally. You'll learn to portray your.... self... better.. ? I wouldn't think it would be that complicated, frankly, but it's an understandable ordeal, Paul, my friend. The focus is on me.. bring it. Bring all you got, cuz on Sunday I'm gonna be standing in front of you ready to knock you back down.. down to the streets you came from. Down to the level where you belong, and that is noticably below me. Good luck, cuz you're gonna need it more than myself. I don't think you can twist that around to allow you to use it against me, can you? And listen to this, my friend.. eight and zero is just a pair of numbers.. which means its something you'll never accomplish. Thank God it's finally over.. your whining.. your contradictory statements.. your twisting and turning.. it's all over. And when you blackout on Adrenaline.. and wake up, realizing you've just gotten flattened by the number one contender.. I think you'll be in the opening stages of realizing that actions speak louder than words, my friend.. and that's all that matters in this industry..

Aaron Everage - That and gold..

Tommy Grady - You're lucky I was done..

Aaron Everage - Oh.. phew.. I was right for once, eh?

Tommy Grady - Don't you feel special, queer nuts?

Aaron Everage - Um.. I..


Aaron Everage - .. don't feel so special..

Tommy Grady - I DO!

Aaron Everage - Are we talking cool special or "short bus" special..

Tommy Grady - I'M COOL, DOO!

Aaron Everage - Oh.. phew.. wait.. DAMNIT!

Tommy Grady - I know doo.. that just TOTALLY rocked my world, yo!

Aaron Everage - No.. I was actually disappointed that you were out of the blackout..

Tommy Grady - Why would you be disappointed? Didn't you miss me?

Aaron Everage - Not at all..

Tommy Grady - [holds thong] .. do you think this would go with my nipple clamps?

Aaron Everage - What?

Tommy Grady - You're right.. lace just isn't my thing..

Aaron Everage - Shut up, Grady.. you sure you don't want to just stand outside?

Tommy Grady - I don't want to leave you alone..

Aaron Everage - It would be a blessing if you would..

Tommy Grady - Fine.. I don't want to be alone.. I'm hurt..

Aaron Everage - Hurt?

Tommy Grady - That mean man Trent Paul is being a.. mean man..

Aaron Everage - He's just trying to get under your skin, Grady..

Tommy Grady - He can get under my skin?! Oh no..

Aaron Everage - No, Grady--


Aaron Everage - Grady--


Aaron Everage - Shut up!

Tommy Grady - But I'm so very scared..

Aaron Everage - Relax.. he's not going to get under your skin.. it's impossible..

Tommy Grady - So.. I have super human powers?

Aaron Everage - No, Grady.. it's just impossible to get under your skin..

Tommy Grady - That is a GREAT point, Ev!

Aaron Everage - .. okay?

Tommy Grady - I like this bra..

Aaron Everage - You can't wear a bra..

Tommy Grady - Back to back great points, doo! You're on a roll!

Aaron Everage - .. yeah..


Aaron Everage - Let's cut it off there..

Tommy Grady - I would say no, but your two great points deserve a reward..

Aaron Everage - Thank you..

Tommy Grady - And your reward, Ev.. is me shutting up..

Aaron Everage - I appreciate that..


Aaron Everage - Okay..

Tommy Grady - Don't expect me to shut up all the time..

Aaron Everage - I don't, Grady.. but you're still talking..

Tommy Grady - Can I not tell you I'm gonna stop talking?

Aaron Everage - You did and then you continued to do it.. once is enough..

Tommy Grady - Fine, I'm not gonna stop talking then..

Aaron Everage - [sigh] ....


Aaron Everage - Shut up or else I'm letting Trent Paul get under your skin, Grady..


Aaron Everage - SH! Everyone is looking at you.. quit yelling, you idiot..


Aaron Everage - That's it!

Tommy Grady - [closes mouth, but is still heard yelling] ....

Aaron Everage - That's it, Grady..

Tommy Grady - [takes deep breath] .. I'm scurred..

Aaron Everage - One more blow up and it's on, Grady..

Tommy Grady - What's on?

Aaron Everage - You're getting a fist in the face.. I'm trying to get my girlfriend a present and you're making it ten times more difficult..

Tommy Grady - I could try on some thongs if you'd like..

Aaron Everage - ...........

Tommy Grady - Or crotchless panties..

Aaron Everage - ...........

Tommy Grady - You're turning green.. are you okay?

Aaron Everage - Go wait outside..

Tommy Grady - But I want to try on a thong!


Tommy Grady - Fine.. I hope your thong is so tight it squeezes your testicle, jerko!

:::Grady throws a pair of thong underwear into the face of Everage. The thong stays on his head for a moment before he takes them off and tosses them back into a bucket of thongs. He slowly shakes his head a bit before sighing and moving away from the thongs. The camera scans over to Grady leaving the store as it slowly fades out to black:::

...Verbal arguments.. verbal bashing.. it's all done, my friend. It's all come to an end. And now it's up to Adrenaline. Now a winner must be decided based on pure talent. Pure ability. Paul, you're a talented man. You're an intellegent man, right? Well, bring your talent to the ring.. and let's see what ya got. Let's see if your best.. is good enough to be the best of Tommy Grady. I surely hope you don't take your first loss the wrong way. Everyone has to lose.. especially when you are face to face with the best the industry has to offer. Tommy Grady will be the winner on Sunday.. and you can bet your bottom dollar on that, my friend...

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