[Working Out?]


...There always comes a time in ones life when he is forced to make a decision. It's a decision that is life threatening, at times. But always life-telling. You will be known for whatever decision you choose to make. But, folks -- when the mother of Chris Staggs decided to get impregnated, that was just a moral SIN. As if morals ran in the family anyways.. they definitely don't now. The theory that Tommy Grady is a rip of Chris Staggs has been juggled around the past week, and the fact that the two will meet this Saturday settles it all. You wanna know a plain-as-day difference between the two? -- Tommy has a fury streak. Tommy has a side of him that isn't soft. That isn't in desperate need of someone to slap him across his face and let him know he belongs in a home. Staggs doesn't have that advantage. So we have a match of wits now.. the two men that quite possibly have the lowest IQ in SWF -- COMBINED.. but when it comes to Adrenaline on Saturday night, we know who will be prepared. Who will have their 'game face on', so to speak. And his name isn't Chris Staggs.. it's Tommy.. Grady... you can bet your bottom dollar on that!...

:::Scene opens with an image of a gymnasium. It is a fairly large complex, obviously used to work out. We cut to the inside of the gymnasium to reveal different people working out on all types of machinary. The camera reveals a man pushing a bar stacked with weights up from his chest. He lets out a grunt as he puts the weights back onto the holster. As we continue to scan we see a reflection off of a mirror. The image of Tommy Grady on a treadmill. He is moving his legs up and down and looks odd as he moves. The camera scans across the room until he gets an actual head-on image of him. Aaron Everage turns a corner and cracks a smile as he sees Tommy. He walks over to Tommy and as soon as he is within speaking distance, he speaks:::

Aaron Everage - Wow, Tommy.. I didn't think you'd know how to work these.... things........ yet..

:::Aaron looks down and notices that Tommy is just lifting his feet into the air without the treadmill even moving. Aaron shakes his head:::

Tommy Grady - Dude, this is easy.. I coulda done this at home!

Aaron Everage - [turning the key to the treadmill] What about this?

:::Aaron clicks start and the surface begins to move:::

Tommy Grady - [doing high knees quickly] WHAT'S GOING ON!? AAAAH! HELP ME, AARON! THEY'RE TAKING ME AWAY!

Aaron Everage - Keeping running, Tommy! You'll get away from 'em!

Tommy Grady - [quicker high knees] I DON'T WANNA GO, EV! I DON'T WANNA GO AT ALL!

:::Tommy leaps off of the treadmill and into the arms of Aaron:::

Aaron Everage - [dropping Tommy] Get off me, goofball..

Tommy Grady - What the hell is this thing?

Aaron Everage - It's a treadmill, Tommy..

Tommy Grady - I thought they only had these in the country for electricity..

Aaron Everage - TREADmill.. not a WINDmill, doofus..

Tommy Grady - What's with the hurtful words, Ev? Put up, not down..

Aaron Everage - That's difficult around you..

Tommy Grady - WHATEVA! You shouldn't let jealousy overtake your voice, Aaron..

Aaron Everage - Jealousy?

Tommy Grady - Of my street smarts.. I know the "in" lingo, Ev.. I know the "in's" and "out's"..

Aaron Everage - And I'm SO jealous..

Tommy Grady - That's awesome that you can admit jealousy.. you're an awesome person, dude!

Aaron Everage - Shut the hell up, Tommy..

Tommy Grady - ANGER!

Aaron Everage - SHUT UP!

Tommy Grady - man... age.... MENT!

Aaron Everage - Either get back to work or go watch TV while I work out..

Tommy Grady - I wanna ride that!

Aaron Everage - [following Tommy's nod] The bike?

Tommy Grady - BIKES! SWEET!

:::Tommy hops onto the exercise bike:::

Tommy Grady - I'll be back in a little while, Aaron.. I'm gonna take this puppy for a lap..

:::Starts pedaling. He looks down and notices the air blowing:::

Aaron Everage - I don't think you're going anywhere, Tommy..

Tommy Grady - You're right.. I feel air.. there must be a whole in the tire..

Aaron Everage - No, Tommy.. you're pedaling and that's a fan that's spinning..

Tommy Grady - Dude.. there isn't even a backwheel.. what kind of cruddy bike is this?

Aaron Everage - An exercise bike.. you wouldn't know..

Tommy Grady - Of course I wouldn't know the bike, I've never been formally introduced for one..

Aaron Everage - ........

Tommy Grady - Well, if you know him then introduce me, jerko..

Aaron Everage - Go play in the kids area or something..

Tommy Grady - KIDS?! That's insulting...... what kind of stuff do they have in there?

Aaron Everage - Uh.. legos.. micro machines.. teeter-totter..

Tommy Grady - Dude, I didn't know they had heaven in this gym..

Aaron Everage - Tommy, you're an adult..

Tommy Grady - Oh yeah.. well... I have to.... go.. to theeeeee.. RESTROOM! YES! I gotta pee like da masta!

Aaron Everage - You're going to play in the kids area.... aren't you?

Tommy Grady - ..... NO!

Aaron Everage - Hurry back.. you have to train for your match..

Tommy Grady - Match smatch.. WHATEVA!

:::Tommy walks away from Aaron and out a nearby door. He is now out in the lobby part of this gym. People are sitting on benches, some drenched in sweat. Others looking as if they're waiting for someone. Tommy walks over to a door that says "MEN" on it. He pushes it open and walks in. He checks the first stall - locked. He moves to the next - locked again. He shakes his head and pushes the last one open. He sits down and the camera shows him from the shoulders up as he sits down. The kid next to him talks to him:::

Next Stall - Who's there?

Tommy Grady - [looking up] God?

Next Stall - Very funny, smart ass..

Tommy Grady - No, this is Tommy Grady, God..

Next Stall - I'm not God, dumbass.. I'm in the next stall.. you gonna tell on us?

Tommy Grady - For acting like God? I think God will deal with that, dude..

Next Stall - Nah dude.. for smokin' in here..

Tommy Grady - Smoking in here? Why would you smoke in here?

Next Stall - Relieves my anger..

Furthest Stall - Yeah! Anger, dude! Relievin'! AWESOME!

Next Stall - Shut up..

Furthest Stall - HAHAHA..

Next Stall - [starting to laugh] What.. heh.. are you laughin about.. haha..

Tommy Grady - Dude, you guys have the giggles..

Next Stall - HAHA! GIGGLES!

Furthest Stall - We have the shits AND giggles..

Next Stall - .. and WHY?!



Tommy Grady - Dude, am I on candid camera?

Next Stall - No dude.. you RULE.. here, take a hit..

:::A hand appears to the side of Tommy. Tommy looks down for a minute and is shy to take it at first. He grabs it and lifts it to his face:::

Tommy Grady - WOW! I didn't know they made scented cigarettes..

Next Stall - Take a hit, dude..

Tommy Grady - Take a hit from who?

Next Stall - The weed, man..

Tommy Grady - The Weedman? He only picks my weeds once a month and if I took a hit from him he'd break those toothpicks he calls arms against my rock solid body.. WHATEVA!

Next Stall - No.. smoke that shit..

Tommy Grady - Well.. I am pretty angry at Aaron..

Furthest Stall - HURRY UP, DOO!

Tommy Grady - WHATEVA! I'm gonna take my time..

:::Tommy puts the blunt to his lips and inhales a bit. He begins to cough:::

Next Stall - Quit coughin' on my shit.. [sticking his hand under the stall] Gimme it, doo!

Tommy Grady - [handing blunt under stall] Damn.. [cough] .. that's.. [cough].... THE SHIT!

Furthest Stall - No shit! Pass it on, doo!

Next Stall - Me now, doo!


Furthest Stall - Quit hoggin' it, weed hog!

Next Stall - Shut up, doo! I paid for this shit..

:::Tommy's eyes narrow as he sits up. The camera backs out as he buckles his pants and flushes the toilet. He walks out of his stall, washing his hands:::

Next Stall - Mmmmmm.. good shit! GOOD shit..

Furthest Stall - PASS IT DOO!

Next Stall - HOLD UP!

Furthest Stall - DOOOOOOOO!

Tommy Grady - SHUT THE FUCK UP!

Next Stall - Sorry doo..

Furthest Stall - Yeah doo.. sorry.. heh.. HA.. HAHAHAHA!


Tommy Grady - Did I stumble into a school girl drug clinic or what? I'm sick of being around pathetic human beings. I'm sick of listening to human wastes.. [looks at the camera] Sick of listening to Chris Staggs.. sick of listening to Hunter Tazi.. Now, I realize that Staggs wasn't the one directly speaking to me.. but to tell you the truth -- I know the thoughts are mutual.. and in that, Staggs, let me congratulate you. You've gotten me all figured out. I have no damn confidence in myself whatsoever. I get off on insulting myself. I truly meant that I was pathetic when I told you I'd take your pride.. right? Your altered perception is so self centered around Chris Staggs that you can barely squeeze a foreign thought in that pathetic wad in your skull that you call a brain. Well guess what, Staggs.. fact of the matter is.. when you're a one year veteran.. or however much time you've spent polluting the minds of America's youth.. if you are defeated by a man that has been in that federation for two weeks -- I would call that an embarassment. And whoever would not has no self respect.. hey, pal -- I admitted you were no pushover, but I gave fair warning of what was going to happen. I let you know ahead of time exactly what was going to happen. Look into my eyes and tell me that you have what it takes burning inside of you to pin my shoulders to the mat. Look me in the eyes and tell me you can knock me out for the count.. make me submit. You can't, Staggs. And it's not because you don't have the balls, it's because you think you're better than this match. It's not about Tommy Grady. It's about Chris Staggs. Just like it always is. And you'll walk down to the ring just like any old match. You'll step INTO that ring, just like any old match. The fans will cheer you on for the pathetic fool that you are.. just like.. any old match. But when Tommy Grady appears in front of you, Staggs.. when I look you straight in the eye on Saturday night in the middle of that ring -- you'll have nothing to carry you through. I have a whole future to carry me through, my friend. While I rise to the top, you're sinking to the bottom. You no longer have what it takes to compete in this federation. And when Saturday comes and you're lying flat on your back.. gazing into a spotlight, mind drifting into a different world -- you'll realize just how pathetic you've become.. and hopefully, the logic will finally sink in..

:::The two guys bust out of their stalls:::

Next Stall - Dude.. that was so awesome!

Furthest Stall - Yeah, dude.. that was like.. better than.. like.... a lot of stuff.. it was coo, doo!

Next Stall - SO coo..

Tommy Grady - Get the FUCK outta here..

:::Tommy looks at the kids, who take a moment to react. They look at eachother and laugh. Tommy slaps one across his cheek and the other one runs away. The kid that got slapped looks at Tommy, who slightly shakes his head and shifts his lower jaw forward, making his scoul more intimidating. The kid turns and busts through the bathroom door. Tommy looks down for a moment before returning his eyes to the camera:::

Tommy Grady - And Hunter Tazi... you're lucky, my friend. You're lucky that I wasn't around when you blind-sided Aaron earlier today. You're lucky he's alright.. but your luck only goes that far. Because in ten days you and I will meet face to face inside of the ring. No Johnny O.. no more of your girlfriend and her pound puppy friends.. it's just you and me, my friend. Two new additions to the SWF ranks.. two battling for an opportunity to embark on a successful career quicker than the other.. this is a placement match, Tazi. Loser lingers.. winner rises to the next level. And honestly, what would you do for SWF, realistically? Nothing.. start an adopt-a-pet foundation.. possibility.. but athletically you don't present a damn thing. You call yourself a brawler? You haven't even dreamed of a brawler until you've seen Tommy Grady. So quit your ranting about this and that, my friend -- when it comes put out time, you'll be on the short end of the stick. You can't catch me by surprise. You can't sneak up from behind.. there's not tricking Tommy Grady within those four corners. And most importantly, Tazi -- there's no escaping Tommy Grady. No man escapes Hunter Tazi? HA HEE HO! Well, I got a revelation for ya, pal -- when you enter the ring at Sudden Immortality it won't be me looking for an escape. The only "HA HEE HO" we'll hear is from the thunderous laughter the crowd will muster after I've humiliated you in front of a paying audience.. pull all the secret missions ya want, Hunter. Accomplish those missions, even.. you should know better than anyone that it's easier from behind -- which is not meant to be a gay pun, but maybe it fits.. the fact is, Tazi.. you can have all the fun you want on monday through friday, but when the weekend comes.... Adrenaline.. Sudden Immortality.. those dates you better be on top of your game. Those days.. Saturday and Sunday.. those are the days you need to make sure you look over your shoulder.. sleep with one eye open.. because on those days -- Tommy Grady has his sites set on you. And I ain't gonna send a pound puppy your way.. OH NO! But just like those puppies.. I'll make you one ugly bitch..

:::Tommy washes his hands once again. He moves over to the air drier and sticks his hands under it. Suddenly he shakes his head a couple times. He puts his hands against his eyes and pushes on his eyeballs for a minute:::


:::He releases and looks around as if it's a new setting. He cracks a smile:::

Tommy Grady - Dude.. blackouts are seriously better than chicken mcnugget happy meals! [pushes through bathroom door] What was I gonna... OH YES! LEGOS!

:::Tommy scatters over towards an area where several kids are building things with legos. There is a kid teeter-totter behind that. A kid is driving around in a power wheels car and drives up, stopping in front of Tommy:::

Tommy Grady - Sweet! POW POW POWER WHEELS! POW POWER WHEELS! WOOOO! My turn, dude!

Kid - NO!

Tommy Grady - Don't be greedy, dude! Share the pow pow power wheels.. pow powers wheels, dude!

Kid - I just started!

Tommy Grady - WHATEVA! My turn, dude! WHATEVA!

Kid - NO! [moving backwards in the power wheels] MOMMY!

Tommy Grady - DON'T BRING HER INTO THIS! It's between YOU and ME pal..

Kid - My mommy is gonna get you!

Tommy Grady - WHATEVA! I'm Tommy firetruckin' Grady, pal! WHATEVA!

Kid - Where's my mommy?

Tommy Grady - Probably selling herself for food stamps you crack baby.. gimme the damn pow pow power wheels!


Tommy Grady - [covering his ears] Someone turn of the TV, I think Chris Staggs is on it!

:::Tommy moves his hands from his ears and notices the kid is crying:::

Tommy Grady - You are such a little wuss, dude!

Kid #2 - [to kid #1] Wanna ride the teeter totter with me?

Tommy Grady - SURE.. that would be awesome!

Kid #2 - I was talking to him..

Kid - [wiping tears away] Okay..

Tommy Grady - WHAT?! I said ME! I called it first, dude.. you got the power wheels.. at least let me have the totter!

Kid #2 - You're too big to totter with!

Tommy Grady - WHATEVA! I'm not near as fat as yo momma.. WHATEVA!

Kid - You can have this..

Tommy Grady - POWER WHEELS!

Kid - I'll ride the teeter totter..

:::Squeezing as much of himself as he can get into the power wheels, but that isn't much:::


Kid - Stop, mister! You're RUDE!

Tommy Grady - WHATEVA! Who has the power wheels now, dude! Who's the loser now! Who's momma's still a food stamp whore.. WHATEVA!

|Enter Aaron Everage|

Aaron Everage - TOMMY!

Tommy Grady - [falling out of the power wheels] ... DARN.. you.... kids for forcing me into this... awesome power wheel mobile..

Aaron Everage - Right, I'm gonna believe a bunch of five year olds dragged you in here..

Tommy Grady - Ah shucks.. I can't lie to you.. I saw the power wheels and I came in myself.. I can't believe you believed me, dude.. that really touched me right here.. [slaps his chest over his heart] Got me real good right here..

Aaron Everage - I never believed you, bozo.. let's blow this place..

Tommy Grady - WHAT?! These are kids, Aaron.. you are a sick, sick pedafile!

Aaron Everage - Pedaf--.. fuck you, Tommy.. get your ass up..

:::Aaron yanks Tommy back up to his feet:::

Tommy Grady - Careful! I bruise easy, jerko!

Aaron Everage - Go to the car.. I have to get a soda.. and if I see you drawing chodes on the back of cars on their dirty windshields, there'll be hell to pay, Tommy!

Tommy Grady - Don't want to pay by hell..

Aaron Everage - Go..

Tommy Grady - Stop... [laughs and looks at Aaron, but his smile fades] .... go it IS!

:::Tommy smiles and walks away from Aaron. Everage shakes his head a bit and lets out a sigh. He rubs his eyes and moves over towards a short line at a concession stand. He looks at his watch and the camera scans over to Tommy Grady walking out the front door as the scene slowly fades off to black :::

...Motivation is really what drives most people. Motivation to become something.. obtain something. When you lose that advantage your left fighting for respect. And once you've been to the top of the mountain and have to travel back to the bottom to face a two week year old fighter -- I can't sense much motivation crawling within that mans heart. Staggs can say all he wants that its just another match. That Tommy is only insulting himself. But if he'd look for the deeper meaning he'd realize the point that lies beneath the surface. It won't take much longer, though. That point will be very obvious come Saturday evening...

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