[Oreo, Fo Sho!]


...So the almighty Lawson decided to stick his head out from his shell. I'd say my friend Grady struck a note with him.. I'd definitely say that. Lawson obviously didn't get his sunrise pedicure because he was awfully grumpy. What else could you expect, though? He's had his ass handed to him verbally by a man that really has no idea he's doing it. Now that's a problem. Or maybe it's not.. maybe it's the fact that his belts will be out of his possession come Sunday. Not only out of his hands, but back into the hands of the team that earned the right to call themselves champions. Not a team thrown together to compete.. a deserving team.. and deserving champions. You may be a God in your own mind, my friend -- but a God you are not. You can brag about previous accomplishments from now til kingdom come. The fact of the matter remains that your just the former FWF champion here in Superior Wrestling. As for being an honor to compete against you.. heh.. do you think people really care? If that many people really do maybe you should start up a "Has Been" Extravaganza where people who DO care can come out and take on the legend.. the GOD, right? Nobody cares. Quit acting like they do. FWF is in the past.. this is Superior Wrestling.. you haven't accomplished SHIT here. So you beat the world champion before.. big fuckin' deal.. fact of the matter is you've had everything HANDED to you in Superior.. you wanna prove something? First step is Sunday.. next step is one on one with Grady.. Grady is the future of Superior Wrestling.. any way you slice it, that's the fact of the matter...

:::Scene opens with the image of a hotel. The camera is scanning around as people go about their lives. Some people having a man park their car for them as they step into the hotel for one reason or another. Suddenly two familiar figures bust through the front doors, smashing a man with a briefcase square in the face. Tommy Grady doesn't even notice as he pats Everage on the back. The two begin to trot along a sidewalk as the camera cuts to a more intimate shot close to the two as they continue to walk. The two of them duck into a building with televisions on all corners, obviously a place to eat that is also a part of the hotel. Grady sees something on television and his face lights up:::

Voice from TV - And the winner is... RUBEN!


Aaron Everage - What are they doing watching this gay shit.. there's a basketball game on..

Tommy Grady - It's not gay.. if only I could be an American Idol..

Aaron Everage - Right.. that's what we need..

Tommy Grady - YA MEAN IT?! I CAN TRY OUT?!

Aaron Everage - Tommy, you could sing to chickens and still get things thrown at you..

Tommy Grady - Isn't that nice?

Aaron Everage - No..

Tommy Grady - But the tomatoes are always so fresh..

Aaron Everage - That means nothing..

Tommy Grady - Well, I'll take it as a compliment..

Aaron Everage - You shouldn't..


Aaron Everage - You're a fool..

Tommy Grady - .. who enjoys a good tomato from time to time..

Aaron Everage - Nobody cares about your damn tomatos..


Aaron Everage - ....................

Tommy Grady - It's a song, Ev..

:::Tomato hits Grady in the face, he catches it as it falls down:::

Tommy Grady - [takes a bite] .. FRESH! WOOOOOOO!

Aaron Everage - You're a freak..

Tommy Grady - WAIT! What if it was poisoned?!

Aaron Everage - What?


Aaron Everage - What are you talking about, Grady?

Tommy Grady - Kings have their food tested for poison.. now I'm gonna die!

Aaron Everage - You won't die..

Tommy Grady - It's... it's getting dark, Ev.... real dark.. [cough].... tell Staggs he was a good friend.. and--

Aaron Everage - Shut the fuck up.. you're fine..

Tommy Grady - .... by God.. you're RIGHT! I AM! I AM IMMUNE TO POISON!

Aaron Everage - ...... no.. there just wasn't any poison in there..

Tommy Grady - You can tell?

Aaron Everage - Yes..

Tommy Grady - Are you psychotic or something, doo?

Aaron Everage - Psychotic? .. you mean psychic..

Tommy Grady - No.. psychotic.. I'm not talking about karate, doo..

Aaron Everage - What?

Tommy Grady - Why would I ask if you were a sidekick? Seems beyond the realm of possibility, doesn't it?

Aaron Everage - ................


Aaron Everage - .. don't ever say that again..

Tommy Grady - The Adventures of Tommy and Ev..

Aaron Everage - And if that ever comes to be I'll be on the first plane back to Italy..

Tommy Grady - You're right.. that's just too much awesomeness for the American public..

Aaron Everage - Right..

Tommy Grady - I'M RIGHT! YES!

Aaron Everage - Grady, I worry about you..

Tommy Grady - Aw shucks.. thanks pal..

Aaron Everage - I mean I worry that you're the dumbest human being alive..

Tommy Grady - You mean I'm number one at something?!

Aaron Everage - Did you not hear what I said you were?

Tommy Grady - I heard "est human being alive".. what was before that..

Aaron Everage - Dumbest.. Grady.. DUMBEST..

Tommy Grady - Dumbestest human being alive? That doesn't make sense..

Aaron Everage - ..........

Tommy Grady - WAIT! Is that a new name for COOLEST!

Aaron Everage - No...


Aaron Everage - I said it.. I think I'd know it's meaning..

Tommy Grady - Maybe you thought it was something wrong but your mind wanted to tell me I'm cool..

Aaron Everage - How the HELL is dumbest equal to cool, Grady? Tell me that..

Tommy Grady - It's not.. but dumbestest.. what about that?

Aaron Everage - .....


Aaron Everage - It means you're the dumbest human being alive..


Aaron Everage - Keep telling yourself that, Grady.. keep telling yourself that..


Aaron Everage - ENOUGH!

Tommy Grady - Don't tell me to do it, then interrupt me, doo.. that's messed up..

Aaron Everage - Can you just sit back and relax for a few minutes?

Tommy Grady - And do what?

Aaron Everage - NOTHING! That's the point..

Tommy Grady - How do you do nothing?

Aaron Everage - JUST SIT THERE!!!!

Tommy Grady - Whoa.. somebody got bit by the angry bug this morning..

Aaron Everage - ...........

Tommy Grady - The ANGRY angry bug..

Aaron Everage - ............

Tommy Grady - And he must have been carrying a sack of angriness on top of that..

Aaron Everage - ............

Tommy Grady - Or maybe he bit you and humped the bite and splooged in it with angry sperm..

Aaron Everage - What the fuck did you just say?

Tommy Grady - Oh.. did I say that out loud?

Aaron Everage - You are a sick human being..

Tommy Grady - Thanks.. you're cool yourself, brotha!

Aaron Everage - .... WHAT?!

Tommy Grady - You're cool, too, I said.. geez.. calm down.. just returning the compliment..

Aaron Everage - What compliment?

Tommy Grady - Well pfft.. if you don't even remember it than FORGET about it..

Aaron Everage - ..............


Aaron Everage - Like you deserve food..

Tommy Grady - Don't starve the Grady-ator.. you don't want my Grady-ator to break down do you? Then the Grady machine can't work right.. we'll have to take me to Midas.. he always has the golden touch..

Aaron Everage - Your body is not a car, Grady..

Tommy Grady - BUT MY GRADY-ATOR!

Aaron Everage - I don't care about your Grady-ator..


Aaron Everage - Ah that hurts.. [shakes his head] .. really it does..

Tommy Grady - I'm sorry.. you just hurt it's feelings.. I mean IT is sorry.. not me because it's my Grady-ator.. not me..

Aaron Everage - ................

Tommy Grady - FINE! It's the same person..

Aaron Everage - ................


Aaron Everage - You need a show on the Learning Channel where you just sit there for thirty minutes on film.. used for anti-incest campaigns..

Tommy Grady - Are you calling me an insect, foo?

Aaron Everage - ... no Grady..

Tommy Grady - Oh.. aight..that's cool, g..

Aaron Everage - ............

Tommy Grady - Why are those people looking at me?

Aaron Everage - Maybe they recognize you..

Tommy Grady - OH! From my chicken willy wonka chonka dance?

:::Stands and starts dancing grotesquely, winking over at the people who recognized him:::

Aaron Everage - Lord, I hope not..

Tommy Grady - [still dancing].. hey.. [stops].. they must have eaten a bad hot dog.. they're throwing up now..

Aaron Everage - I'm sure it was the hot dog..

Tommy Grady - They must not have been watching or they would have been captivated and cured of all sickness..

Aaron Everage - Right..

Tommy Grady - I do that to people, Ev..

Aaron Everage - I'm sure you do..

:::Everage puts his hand up and a waitress brings Grady and Everage both a bottle of Bud Light:::

Aaron Everage - Drink up.. PLEASE drink up..

Tommy Grady - I'm glad you're so worried about my thirst..

Aaron Everage - Oh believe me.. that's what I'm worried about..

Tommy Grady - I figured, doo..

Aaron Everage - Right..

Tommy Grady - Whateva..

Aaron Everage - .........

Tommy Grady - WHATEVA!

Aaron Everage - .........

Tommy Grady - SAY IT DARN IT!

Aaron Everage - No, Tommy..

Tommy Grady - WHY?!

Aaron Everage - It's old and annoying..

Tommy Grady - Like JD Lawson..

Aaron Everage - .... exactly..


Aaron Everage - Now drink..

:::Grady begins to drink the beer and as he begins to put it down Everage pushes the bottom of the bottle up so Grady has to continue drinking. He ends up chugging the entire beer before Everage lets of. Ev has a grin across his face:::

Tommy Grady - You almost suffocated-ed-ed-ed me, doo!

Aaron Everage - DAMNIT.. so close..

Tommy Grady - Dubbya-T-F, g?

Aaron Everage - What?

Tommy Grady - What.. w... what.........


Aaron Everage - What.. what?

Tommy Grady - What the fuck are you talking about?

Aaron Everage - Finally.. it's about time..

Tommy Grady - About time? About time what? About time someone made that JD Lawson character realize that he's NOT invincible? I'd tend to agree..

Aaron Everage - Uh.. I was thinking more along the lines of taking over Tommy's body, but that'll work..

Tommy Grady - You're damn right it'll work.. truth of the matter is.. JD Lawson having any sort of winning streak in Superior Wrestling is a direct slap in the face to SWF and everything it stands for. Hell, he's defeated the world champion for Christ's sake.. he's pummeled over every champion.. every competitor.. everything since day one. The funny thing is.. he's not even himself. He's not even the caliber he once was in FWF.. so what.. SWF is inferior to FWF? Is that what the case is? Settling for a lack of ability in his current state, but since he's accomplished so much in his past, it actually makes him something? Superior is making itself look awfully IN-ferior. Especially with this numbskulled idiot frolicking around with that title around his waist. The title that I was screwed out of.. the title that would finally have had some respect to it. In a way, I owe Andrew Hurley a thank you for screwing me out of it.. because if it wasn't for him -- I wouldn't have been number one contender to the WORLD title.. that's right, Lawson.. world title. You want to talk to me about making a name.. forming a general knowledge in the back of everyone's mind.. a sense of "can't do" in the minds of competitors.. yeah.. I know exactly what you mean. You've accomplished a lot in your tenure with wrestling.. can I deny that? Not at all. I accept that.. I lived through it.. I watched it happen.. I still remember CLEARLY the days you were atop the wrestling industry. I remember the promos.. the matches.. the attitude.. I remember everything.. but if anything.. it doesn't bring fear.. it brings me security. Am I light years ahead of you talent-wise? Definitely not.. I won't claim to be by any means.. but when you step into the ring with me Sunday.. it won't be like your matches of old. You won't see a young boy looking up into your eyes with even a SMALL sense of a fear. I'm going to look at you just like any man I've met in the ring. You're no different to me from Dude JOB.. and that's for real. You can continue your empty threats.. you can say "Hurley was screwed" all you want.. that's the girls excuse. How is that relevant to anything going on this Sunday? Nothing..

:::Grady pauses a moment as he takes a drink of Everage's beer:::

Go ahead and take your pot shots.. gives me all the more reason to step up and make sure you go out the way you came in.. Hurley had no heart.. he had no true dedication to the game. All he thought about was gold.. all he thought about was that ultimate goal. That's where he got killed.. that's why he's slowly sinking into oblivion.. I took his heart.. I took his soul.. and for him to put both of those on the line in a number one contendership match.. those are the things that kill you.. you should know better than that, Lawson. I feel like you and I are on the same page mentality-wise. You've seen your share of stars that hit it big, then slowly sink into nothing.. and it's because of that ONE devestating loss. Where you feel you're going to win.. you feel that you did the right things.. biggest match of their young career.. and they have their heart and soul on the line.. how could they lose? But suddenly.. you open your eyes and they're on their back after the pinfall. It's the people that recover from that that end up being the true champions. Disecting words is a rookie mistake, Lawson.. to ignore the fact that you got your shots at the title because you are who you are is being wrapped up a little too much in this world that you claim to be King, Lawson.. that fantasy world. Chris Staggs.. former world champion.. hardest worker in SWF PERIOD.. and a five win -- no loss rookie gets a national title shot over him? You got the shot because you are who you are. You can't DENY that, Lawson.. it's obvious. And Whateva Fo Sho.. former world tag team champions.. the team that TORE through competition.. that absolutely built that tag team ranks up from the GROUND.. we have the titles.. suddenly Propaganda gets a shot. That's fine.. no problem with that.. especially considering it's possibly the only competition we'd get.. but in the return bout the former champions, builders of this division.. have to wrestle some number one contendership match? You're a confused old man, Lawson.. you aren't climbing the ladder yourself.. you have people beneath you shoving you up.. making sure you don't fall. You have the talent to accomplish it.. in due time.. but don't say JD Lawson, the unheard of.. with no past.. would be where you are right now. That's so simple minded.. especially when it's obvious to every last one of the SWF viewers that you're denying the obvious.. it's like a chinese man saying he's well endowed. But you know what? You've EARNED your recognition.. do I agree with your uncontested shots at gold? No.. but to say you wouldn't have reached those spots in due time anyways would be rather off base of me. I know your talent.. I know you're good.. but what YOU need to know, Lawson.. is that this Sunday at Adrenaline.. those titles that you and the other half of the Oreo Connection hold right now will be back in the hands of the rightful owners. You can deny that.. you can justify the denial.. but it won't change the outcome. Whateva Fo Sho is determined and ready.. prepare for your first loss, my friend.. I am Tommy Grady.. You think you'll beat me? Hopefully next time you'll put a little more thought into your words before spewing shit that is obviously wrong.. you've already spoken too much. Now it's time for me to let my actions do the talking.. I'll see you Sunday, my friend..

Aaron Everage - Him AND Cordozer..

Tommy Grady - Who? Oh yeah.. he has a partner..

Aaron Everage - It's often forgotten..

Tommy Grady - As for Cor--AH!

Aaron Everage - CORAH!

Tommy Grady - Shut the.. AH!

:::Grabs his head in obvious pain. He shakes it hard and slowly opens his eyes:::


Aaron Everage - Uh oh.. I see the blank stare in your eyes..

Tommy Grady - That just..

Aaron Everage - That just what?

Tommy Grady - .. it.. that just TOTALLY rocked my world, doo!

Aaron Everage - Did it?

Tommy Grady - FO SHO!

Aaron Everage - Great..

Tommy Grady - So when do we feed the Grady-ator..

Aaron Everage - Cool it with the Grady-ator..

Tommy Grady - Oh yeah.. the secret is out that I AM the Grady-ator.. that doesn't work well anymore..

Aaron Everage - As if it worked well before..

Tommy Grady - You didn't say anything until I admitted, Ev..

Aaron Everage - Do you realize how stupid you sound? Grady-ator?!

Tommy Grady - Ouch.. you really now how to hurt a man, Ev..

Aaron Everage - Well.. SERIOUSLY!

Tommy Grady - FO SHO?!

Aaron Everage - ... I wish we could just drug you up 24/7, Grady..

Tommy Grady - Drugs are bad.. and illegal, Ev..

Aaron Everage - Whatever.. like I care about what's legal..

Tommy Grady - I know you do, bro.. that's why I'm telling you..

Aaron Everage - I'm saying I don't..

Tommy Grady - You don't what?

Aaron Everage - Care what's legal.. and what's not..

Tommy Grady - I dunno.. you tell me..

Aaron Everage - What?

Tommy Grady - I dunno.. you tell me..

Aaron Everage - I heard what you said, but it makes no sense..

Tommy Grady - YOU make no sense!

Aaron Everage - I am REALLY confused right now..

Tommy Grady - You're not the smartest guy around, Ev.. it's okay..

Aaron Everage - .. when Tommy Grady says I'm not smart.. it's a sad.. SAD day..

Tommy Grady - Don't mean to make your day sad, Ev..

Aaron Everage - It's not you..

Tommy Grady - I mean by calling you not smart..

Aaron Everage - Believe me.. you ruined it FAR before that..

Tommy Grady - That's good..

Aaron Everage - How is that GOOD?

Tommy Grady - I'm always happy to make people happy..

Aaron Everage - ................

Tommy Grady - Why are you looking at me with relentless anger?

Aaron Everage - [through gritted teeth] ... I... don't.. know....

Tommy Grady - I am gonna go use the restroom.. can I get you anything?

Aaron Everage - From a restroom?

Tommy Grady - Yes.. that's what I said, isn't it?

Aaron Everage - What on earth would I want from a restroom..

Tommy Grady - Soap?

Aaron Everage - Without water?

Tommy Grady - There's a cup of water in front of you..

Aaron Everage - ..............

Tommy Grady - STOP LOOKING AT ME LIKE THAT! [large frown] .. it HURTS, Ev!

Aaron Everage - You are.. ugh.. UNBELIEVABLE!

Tommy Grady - Ya mean it? Aw shucks..

Aaron Everage - No.. in a bad way..

Tommy Grady - Bad as in "bad ass".. ?

Aaron Everage - NO! Bad as in sickening..

Tommy Grady - Aw shucks..

Aaron Everage - IT'S NOT GOOD, DAMNIT!

Tommy Grady - You are making people look at you..


Tommy Grady - Don't give them false reports, Ev.. that'll put you behind bars if you told the police that, Ev!

Aaron Everage - I'm going back to the hotel..

Tommy Grady - But feeding the Grady-ator!

Aaron Everage - [slaps a twenty on the the chest of Grady] .. The Grady-ator can eat with you.. he doesn't need me..

Tommy Grady - ..... thanks........ Ev...

Aaron Everage - No problem..

Tommy Grady - What the Grady-ator breaks down on the stairs..?

Aaron Everage - SHUT UP!

Tommy Grady - .. okay.. but keep your ears open for my screams on the stairs.. I'll try to scream for help..

:::Everage drops money on the table and looks at Grady, shaking his head before turning and walking out of the building. The camera scans back to Grady, who has a bit of a frown on his face. Grady sighs a bit and stands up, making his way to the restroom as the scene slowly fades out to black:::

...Adrenaline marks the date that Whateva Fo Sho restake their claim atop the tag team ranks. Worthy opponents? I guess you could say that.. I mean, Propaganda DID defeat Whateva Fo Sho once before.. but this time, Staggs and Grady get to focus on this one match. All cylinders are go for this Sunday.. the titles will be hanging from the top of the Pepsi Center.. and Propaganda's reign as tag team champions will come to an abrupt end. Enjoy your last few days with that gold wrapped around your undeserving waists. They will be back in the hands of TRUE champions soon.. very soon...

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