...Life isn't easy. It's never meant to be easy. If it were, why would we even need to live? Life is a test. A test of a strength. A test of will. A test of endurance. Ignore the fucked up realities that cross your path. Ignore the things that make life so hard to get through day in and day out. It's a hassle. More than a hassle to do so. But in order to step into the good -- one must endure the bad. Despite the heartache and absolute social distortedness that evolves from it. Despite emotional pain and absolute trauma within your very soul, days will get better if you keep your head held high. Keep telling yourself that. Keep hope.. keep looking to the heavens and praying for better days.. yet personal struggle continues. Your heart is torn to shreds. Those around you? Happy. But why can't you feel the same way? Why does everything good in your life have to break away into nothing. Looking for comfort, but no one's around. No one that would understand, at least. So you keep it inside. And it expands. Until it's unbearable.. and you explode...

:::Scene opens with an image of a hotel room. Darkness fills this room. The camera scans up towards a window that is full of light, but covered by the blinds -- causing nothing to be seen except outlines. The outline of two men sitting at a table is seen. The end of a cigarette lights up with a blackened red and quickly disappears. The silence is soon broken:::

I'll kill her.. I'll fuckin' slit her throat..

That's not what I'm looking for..

That's what I'm looking for.. that fuckin' bi--

Listen.. I don't know if you understand this -- I love her, but I can't stand to even look her in the eyes.. she disgusts me.. I want her to feel the same pain.. the same pain that she gave me right in the pit of my stomach that eats away at it with every second passing in every day..

Forget her..

What sort of dumbass comment is that? Have you ever been in love?

Of course..

Love isn't perfect for everyone. For some it's a constant struggle. For some it's not all fuckin' smiles.. for some it's a constant struggle that can't be released, why can't you understand that?

What needs to be understood? She doesn't care about you.. she doesn't give a shit how you feel.. it's all about her..

She was my fucking fiance.. not some fuck buddy..

All the more reason to slit her throat..

It was meant to be..

So why isn't it?

It WILL.. I know it will..

It won't.. she doesn't care now.. she won't tomorrow.. she never will..



:::We scan until we're in the next room where Tommy Grady and Aaron Everage sit a table:::

Aaron Everage - Life isn't always easy, Grady..

Tommy Grady - Can a man be dragged that low?

Aaron Everage - Life is shit, Tommy.. you're lucky you're too stupid to realize that..

Tommy Grady - What does that mean?

Aaron Everage - It means those men are right.. exactly right.. life is just.. a fucking hell..

Tommy Grady - Why?

Aaron Everage - Because people don't care about anyone but themselves, Tommy..

Tommy Grady - But why?

Aaron Everage - Why not? Why care about someone else when they can be happy serving themselves? It doesn't make sense to people..

Tommy Grady - I think helping others is good--

Aaron Everage - Well you aren't other people, Grady.. you're a simple minded idiot.. the scary thing is, only a simple mind realizes the true meaning of life..

Tommy Grady - Gold?

Aaron Everage - No, Tommy.. giving. I mean, shit -- if everyone kept giving then this world wouldn't be such a shithole.. but so many people take take take..

Tommy Grady - Take what, Ev?

Aaron Everage - Anything they can get their greedy little hands on.. regardless of who they hurt. Regardless of what happens and what is said.. they care about themselves and no one else..

Tommy Grady - They'll deal with God then..

Aaron Everage - God? Grady, listen to yourself.. do you think God would allow this shit to happen? Do you think if there was a God that absolute assholes would be the ones with fame and fortune and the nice guys who look to Him for guidance are the ones that have to deal with shit time and time again?

Tommy Grady - That's the reason for life, Ev..

Aaron Everage - Fuck that, Grady. Fuck it. Ya'know, people live life one day at a time.. shit goes sour, no biggy. Something else happens.. then it gets worse and worse.. and I look up and I see these horrible people owning this town.. owning this country. If God is so great, why aren't good people running this country? Why is it the sleezeballs that make or break you?

Tommy Grady - They're going to hell anyways..

Aaron Everage - Heaven, hell.. there's no such thing, Grady.. do you not understand? NO SUCH THING! If there was, this world would be a better place.. if there was a God, he would reward the loyal.. not punish them with more and more pain..

Tommy Grady - Ev, you're looking at it all wrong..

Aaron Everage - I've been down the God road, Grady..

Tommy Grady - How long?

Aaron Everage - PLENTY long.. all I got was burned..

Tommy Grady - You didn't give it a chance..

Aaron Everage - I DID, GRADY! I gave it plenty of chance.. and every time I followed God's word I ended up lower than I started..

Tommy Grady - You're not looking at the point, Ev..

Aaron Everage - The point is, Tommy:.. God .. is.. phony..

Tommy Grady - I know I'm not smart, Ev..

Aaron Everage - Understatement..

Tommy Grady - But what I do know is this..

Aaron Everage - This outta be quick..

Tommy Grady - Whatever you got dragged through, whatever weighs you down.. that means nothing..

Aaron Everage - Easy for you to say--

Tommy Grady - No really, Ev.. NOTHING..

Aaron Everage - And why is that?

Tommy Grady - You turn your back on God and you've turned your back on eternity..

Aaron Everage - I don't believe in that bullshit anymore, Grady..

Tommy Grady - You're not supposed to live a perfect life.. all you have to do is believe in God!

Aaron Everage - Not worth it..

Tommy Grady - Would you rather risk going to heaven or would you rather risk burning the rest of your life in hell?

Aaron Everage - Shut up, Grady..

Tommy Grady - No, I'm not meaning to be all serious and direct and stuff, but really..

Aaron Everage - You're not gonna fool me into believing that God is this great and wonderful being.. I've felt it first hand..

Tommy Grady - You mean to tell me you've turned to God and every time he's failed you?

Aaron Everage - .................

Tommy Grady - Aaron, life gets hard.. you turn to God and he'll either help you, or you'll live through it and become stronger..

Aaron Everage - What's the point, Grady.. I mean, really..

Tommy Grady - The point is.. life wasn't meant to be easy.. if it was, then why would we have to live it?

Aaron Everage - What?

Tommy Grady - Why would we live life it there wasn't a purpose.. I mean, do you think suddenly some energy rubbed together and POOF.. it evolved into people as intelligent as you and me..

Aaron Everage - [looks oddly at Grady]

Tommy Grady - Fine.. as intelligent as you?

Aaron Everage - No..

Tommy Grady - Then how were we created?

Aaron Everage - .... I don't know..

Tommy Grady - Exactly.. just like you don't know what will happen tomorrow..

Aaron Everage - And?

Tommy Grady - And that's why you live life and stay faithful to God..

Aaron Everage - Why? What does that get me?

Tommy Grady - Well... if God doesn't exist.. you'll die and just disappear.. you'll be dead.. if God is real.. you'll spend eternity in heaven where you have no temptations for as long as you live..

Aaron Everage - ....................

Tommy Grady - Life is bad, Ev.. there's no denying that..

Aaron Everage - I turn to God.. and what? I've done too much shit and he's not gonna want me..

Tommy Grady - That's not true.. God knows how hard it is for us.. he knows we can be dragged through the mud..

Aaron Everage - But it's more than that..

Tommy Grady - I know!

Aaron Everage - No you don't!

Tommy Grady - I don't?

Aaron Everage - No..

Tommy Grady - Oh.. what is it?

Aaron Everage - I have turned to God.. and He has failed me when I needed Him the most.. so if He wants to punish me for failing him.. I don't want to be in His kindom anyways..

Tommy Grady - You sound like me..... but dumber..

Aaron Everage - What?

Tommy Grady - You sound like a little kid that won't apologize until he's apologize to..

Aaron Everage - Shut up, Grady..

Tommy Grady - Be a man..

Aaron Everage - I AM a man.. [Everage cracks open his flask] .. a fading man..

Tommy Grady - And you'll continue fading until you do somethin about it, Ev..

Aaron Everage - [drinks] .. if it's a choice, Grady..... then bring on hell..

Tommy Grady - [shrugs] .. Ev.. [shakes his head] ..

Aaron Everage - What?

Tommy Grady - [takes the flask and drinks some of it] .. I pity you..


Aaron Everage - Pity me?

Tommy Grady - I pity you, yeah..

Aaron Everage - Why?

Tommy Grady - Because you had to listen to all that bullshit I just spat..

Aaron Everage - Thank God.. you're so much better drunk..

Tommy Grady - What can I say, I become more of a cliche human being.. no morals.. no cares.. all about me..

Aaron Everage - That's how life is.. so that's what life's made me..

Tommy Grady - And me..

Aaron Everage - Too bad not all of you..

Tommy Grady - Ah, who gives a shit about the mind of a child? Untainted.. eyes unopen to the world and its worries..

Aaron Everage - It's an eye for an eye out there..

Tommy Grady - And tooth for a tooth.. if ya sit on your thumb.. you miss out..

Aaron Everage - That's what I'm saying.. and when shit hits the fan..

Tommy Grady - You don't have time to keep looking to God.. you gotta make that shit right..

Aaron Everage - Exactly! And when you do.. nothing happens.. and it makes you sink deeper into the shit..

Tommy Grady - You just gotta get out..

Aaron Everage - Exactly.. I'm glad I have you to talk to..

Tommy Grady - As am I, Everage.. as am I.. I'm as tired as anyone about this "GOD" bullshit..

Aaron Everage - Tell me about it..

Tommy Grady - Much like the King.. who seems to think that come Ammunation.. he's going to be the victor.. HIM.. over ME..

Aaron Everage - Foolish..

Tommy Grady - No man can conquer me.. no man molded me.. no man can better me.. not the King.. not this "GOD".. not anyone.. bash me. Slash me.. do whatever you want, but the fact remains -- I still stand. I still battle. And come that final bell, my hand will be raised as the winner. And your ass will be slammed as the loser. Call it petty. Call it childish... but most importantly -- call it a fact.

Aaron Everage - He better believe that..

Tommy Grady - And Hurley.. I've ripped you to shreds.. nothing more can be said except -- accept your end. Fight if off with all your heart and soul.. all you can. Go ahead and try it, but the same thing ends up being the result. You.. lose.

Aaron Everage - Cuz you're a loser..

Tommy Grady - Exactly.. just like every man that believes there's a God.. where is he now, huh?

Aaron Everage - Invisible.. yeah.. right.. haha..

Tommy Grady - [mocking] .. he lives in our hearts.. AH BLOW ME!

Aaron Everage - HAHAH!


Aaron Everage - I'm beginning to like you more Grady..

Tommy Grady - Like me more?

Aaron Everage - Yeah.. there certainly is no God..

Tommy Grady - Really?

Aaron Everage - Really..

Tommy Grady - Keep telling yourself that, Ev..

Aaron Everage - Oh great.. the prophet returns..

Tommy Grady - Mock me, Everage..

Aaron Everage - I always do..

Tommy Grady - And rightfully so..

Aaron Everage - I'm tired of talking to you..

Tommy Grady - Take or leave it.. the message is there if you look for it..

Aaron Everage - What?

Tommy Grady - Plain as day..

Aaron Everage - I didn't know you knew metaphors..

Tommy Grady - I don't know any metal fours, but I do know that if you look, it's obvious..

Aaron Everage - I'll heed that advice.. [snickers] .. sure will..

Tommy Grady - Funny how your problems beat you down so far, yet you continue to live..

Aaron Everage - Funny?

Tommy Grady - What doesn't kill you makes you stronger..

Aaron Everage - That's true..

Tommy Grady - But only if you let it make you stronger.. you blame others.. you blame yourself.. it gets you nowhere..

Aaron Everage - Simple minded..

Tommy Grady - Pure minded.. untainted.. the mind of a child..

:::Grady looks into the eyes of Everage. Everage appears to have had enough as he rises and leaves the room. He closes the door behind him and Grady looks down at the table as the scene fades to black:::

...Humor is only funny in it's golden state. But lessons can be learned other ways. The mind of a child is untainted. The mind of a lush is corrupted by this evil world of greedy people out for themselves.. Don't be swept under the rug. Accept the hand you're dealt and help it make you a better person. In sickness.. and in health. For richer.. or poorer.. as long as you live...

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