[Line Neverending]


...We are the champions, my friend. And we'll keep on fighting.. til the end.. how dare I. I am not a champion. I apologize. However, Tommy Grady and Chris Staggs stand tall as the Vintage Wrestling tag team champions. Undisputed. Undefeated. No CONTEST.. plain and simple. Not a single duo has even struck fear into the hearts of Whateva Fo Sho!.. and moving towards the singles division -- Tommy Grady has blown into the scene as quite possibly the best new superstar in the business. Receiving a shot at the National championship this weekend on Adrenaline against the current champion, Jeff Harris.. Grady is paving the way to the future. Tag team.. national.. then world. Stop if you can. Better yet.. CATCH him.. if ya can...

:::Scene opens with the image of a parking lot. Slowly it scans over to the right where a movie theatre is seen. A long line is set up at the front of it. We drop down to ground level and slowly follow four legs at ankle level before slowly backing away and realizes these are the legs of Aaron Everage and Tommy Grady. The two men strut towards the movie theatre with a cocky, seemingly without a care in the world. The two step onto the curb and quickly approach the back of the line. The line is at least 80 feet long. Rather usual for a Friday night, though. The camera scans around and picks up on Grady speaking towards Everage:::

Tommy Grady - We're goin to the moo-vies... we're goin to the moo-vies..

Aaron Everage - Relax, Grady..

Tommy Grady - Piglet's big moo-vie.. Piglet's big moo-vie..

Aaron Everage - We're NOT gonna go see that gay ass movie, Grady..


Aaron Everage - No.. I said maybe after we see Phone Booth.. which is a movie.. and I only said that so you wouldn't cry..

Tommy Grady - [tears form] .. gu gu... GREAT, Ev.. JUST GREAT!

Aaron Everage - I was--

Tommy Grady - NO! No excuses for what you've done..

Aaron Everage - Grady, plea--

Tommy Grady - NOOOOOOOO! NO NO! You made a BIG NO NO!

Aaron Everage - [sigh] ..

Tommy Grady - What if Piglet can't eat because we didn't buy a ticket to his film?

Aaron Everage - He doesn't eat..

Tommy Grady - Ooooh.. so he's a super human being right? PFFT! GET REAL!

Aaron Everage - Uh..

Tommy Grady - You're wrong and you know it!

Aaron Everage - Alright.. I'm wrong..


Aaron Everage - Right..

Tommy Grady - You're lucky Piglet has Pooh..

Aaron Everage - HAS POO?! WHAT THE FUCK?!

Tommy Grady - WINNIE!

Aaron Everage - OH! ... heh.. alright.. I get it.. Winnie the Pooh..

Tommy Grady - Do you know any other Poohs?

Aaron Everage - Uh.. no.. no I don't.. I'll just avoid that..

Tommy Grady - If you know more Pooh's just say them.. I won't be offended.. I mean, I love Pooh.. I love Pooh a WHOLE lot, but.. if there are other Pooh's I can love them just as much..

Aaron Everage - Enough with the poo, Grady.. my ears are... shitty.. hahahahaha..

Tommy Grady - .......

Aaron Everage - Cuz you're saying poo.. and my ears hear it..

Tommy Grady - ........

Aaron Everage - So I hear Pooh.. in my ears.. so I have shitty ears.. ....

Tommy Grady - You're a sick man..

Aaron Everage - I am a sick man? You're joking me, right..

Tommy Grady - Mind in the gutter, doo.. you're all thinkin bout doo doo and I'm talkin bout Pooh..

Aaron Everage - .... listen to yourself..

Tommy Grady - You got a Pooh problem?

Aaron Everage - This conversation has gone downhill in a hurry, Grady..

Tommy Grady - [looks down].. we're walking straight, dude.. this is like.. FLAT ground..

Aaron Everage - Conversation gone downhill, Grady.. meaning it keeps getting worse and worse..

Tommy Grady - Apparently I'm not familiar with the JERKO lingo, alright? Geez..

Aaron Everage - What?

Tommy Grady - Apparently I'm not up to PAR with your cool jerko talk and so my uncool conversation isn't cool enough..

Aaron Everage - You're talking about Pooh..


Tommy Grady - Good goin, Ev!

Girls Mom - These men, Winnie?


Girls Mom - Excuse me?

Aaron Everage - He wants some.. milk..

Tommy Grady - From THOSE jugs..

Aaron Everage - TOMMY!

Girls Mom - I don't want you're crude talk around my child..

Tommy Grady - Oh.. oh yeah.. child..

Aaron Everage - We were talking about Winnie the Pooh, ma'am..

Little Girl - Did he just say I'm a poo?! [frowns] .. Mommy?

Girls Mom - No, Winnie.. just face forward..

Tommy Grady - Dude.. her name is Winnie? HA! THAT TOTALLY RULES!

Aaron Everage - I was talking about the bear..

Girls Mom - Uh huh.. well you two are lucky my daughters here.. I know Tae-bo.. and I'd kick your ass..


Aaron Everage - No you can't, Grady.. shut up..

Tommy Grady - DUDE! YOU SHUT UP! I can tie a bow.. and she says if I can tie a bow.. I can kick ass..

Girls Mom - Tae-bo, what is this guy?

Aaron Everage - He--

Tommy Grady - He's a jerk.. don't mind him.. let's go tie bows in my hotel room, eh? I can make them really really big where I use, like.. ALL of the string on the bow..

Aaron Everage - ...............

Girls Mom - Umm.. You all have a nice day..

Tommy Grady - C'mon Juggies.. let's make sweet music that we can dance to..

Girls Mom - Ugh!

Aaron Everage - Grady... she has a freakin' KID..

Tommy Grady - So.. she can watch..

:::The lady grabs ahold of her childs arm and walks out of the line. Everage puts his head on his hand as Grady watches them leave in confusion. He looks back at Everage with a bit of a smile:::

Tommy Grady - Dude.. I made that chick SO hot.. I LOVE when I do that..

Aaron Everage - Yeah.. SO hot..

Tommy Grady - She was tough.. I thought I'd get her with the tying a bow thing..

Aaron Everage - Right.. the bow thing..

Tommy Grady - But she didn't go for it.. but MAN.. when I whipped out the Juggies sweet talk.. woo wee.. you could tell I just clicked her mouse and signed on!

Aaron Everage - ENOUGH GRADY!

Tommy Grady - Fine fine...... jealous rage is cool.. I can deal..

Aaron Everage - Jealous rage? Yeah.. you know me all too well, brah..

Tommy Grady - I know.. they made a song about people like you..

Aaron Everage - Oh yeah?

Tommy Grady - Yeah.. it goes: "Jealousyyyyyyyyyyyyy... jealousyyyyyyyyyyyy... jealousyyyyyyyyyyyy... jealousyyyyyyyyyy.."

Aaron Everage - .. is that it?

Tommy Grady - Oh you want me to sing more?

Aaron Everage - Well, is there more?

Tommy Grady - Yeah... it goes.. "Jealousyyyyyyyyyyyyy... jealousyyyyyyyyyyyy... jealousyyyyyyyyyyy--"

Aaron Everage - ENOUGH! Don't you know any other words?

Tommy Grady - Uuuuuh.. no sir..

Aaron Everage - How ANNOYING..

Tommy Grady - I know.. they should make me remember more words then jealousy.. they're annoying..

Aaron Everage - Right.. THEY are annoying.. that's what I meant....

Tommy Grady - I know what you meant, dude.. you don't have to explain..

:::Everage shakes his head and takes out his flask. Just as he is about to take a drink he pauses and hands it to Grady:::

Aaron Everage - [with a big grin].. THIRSTY?

Tommy Grady - WOW! First drink? I'm used to sloppy seconds, dude! THANKS!

Aaron Everage - Consider it your lucky day..

:::Grady takes a drink of the flask and closes his eyes and squeezes them extremely tight. He suddenly makes a disgusted face:::

Tommy Grady - Gross.. aaaah.. but the after effects are so nice..

Aaron Everage - Enjoy.. soak it in, Grady..


Tommy Grady - Movie theatre?

Aaron Everage - This line is taking forever..

Tommy Grady - Puh-lease.. porno.. please tell me porno..

Aaron Everage - Phone booth..

Tommy Grady - You pussy..

Aaron Everage - Watch what you say, Grady..

Tommy Grady - Ah bullshit.. what I gots to say has gotten me to the point I'm at today.. with a tag team title.. with a shot at the national title and then, furthermore.. a shot at number one contendership to the world heavyweight championship. What more can you ask for? You want me to run around with a tale between my legs? Unlike some people.. I actually have some balls to speak my mind. Ya'see.. that's the difference between a guy like Jeff Harris and myself. Not only that I have a future besides flippin' burgers at a local Burger King.. I have the balls to speak my mind. Let the world know exactly what's stumbling through it. And let me make it clear.. no difference is made when we step into the ring. It's human nature to follow a particular trend, Harris. And that's exactly what I expect you to do. Funny thing is -- no, not your talent, or lack thereof, although.. that IS pretty damn humorous.. the funny thing is, even if my expectations aren't met.. if you do come in and follow another trend.. well, I'll still be there to slap you across your bitch ass cheek and make you realize that you STILL ain't nothin compared to me, my friend. You aren't now.. you won't be tomorrow.. and you don't have a chance after I catch ya with your pants down this Sunday.. and I ain't talkin' literally so don't get any Kirby Puckett-isk ideas about it.. You won't know what hit ya when I swoop in and take that national title from around your waist. You won't know.. and ya won't remember.. because you are gonna be beaten to a bloody pulp until the only thing left on you is that womanish hair of yours stained red and a flash of a memory that you once mattered in one way or another.. Yeah.. I ain't no rookie anymore, my friend. I've been around three months.. I've blown through ever road block shifted ahead of me.. and I'm runnin full throttle towards Adrenaline.. where you KNOW, my friend.. I will be taking that title with me.. and when you join the ever-growing list of men who have fallen at the hands of me, Tommy Grady.. You will realize that you really are a pathetic human being.. your peak has been reached.. and now it's time for you to sink back to the bottom with the rest of the pipeline talent here in Superior Wrestling.. and that is gonna be the toughest thing you ever have to accept, my friend..

Aaron Everage - Tougher than accepting you had to grow long, girlish hair..

Tommy Grady - That was a personal choice..

Aaron Everage - What a flame..

Tommy Grady - Tell me about -- ah..


Aaron Everage - Tell you about ah? What's "ah"? Shock and Awe?! OOO! SHOCK AND AWE!


Aaron Everage - What.. ah.. damn..


Aaron Everage - What?

Tommy Grady - Outkast dude..

Aaron Everage - I know. I am just upset that you're sober..

Tommy Grady - I'm so burr? OH! So BRRR! Nah, dude.. I'm not cold.. I'm toasty.. like an omlet..

Aaron Everage - Right.. like an omlet..

Tommy Grady - OH! Wait.. you meant like.. the bird call..

Aaron Everage - The bird call?

Tommy Grady - Bird man does it.. ya know.. BRRRRRRR.. BRRRRRR..

Aaron Everage - What?

Tommy Grady - Pretty lady gonna do that thang.. pretty lady gonna do that thang..

Aaron Everage - Uh.. what?

Tommy Grady - Sexy mamma gonna do that thang.. sexy mamma gonna do that thang..

Aaron Everage - Shut up..

Tommy Grady - No.. it's WHA.. I don't think he says shut up.. why would he say that? You're dumb..

Aaron Everage - ..... don't EVER call ME dumb again..

Tommy Grady - DUDE..

Aaron Everage - What..

Tommy Grady - I just remembered something..

Aaron Everage - What's that? You didn't forget to squeeze instead of push again did you?

Tommy Grady - Nah.. I'm squeezin it in.. Winnie would be proud.. HAAAAA!

Aaron Everage - Gross..

Tommy Grady - Cuz he's Winnie the POOH..

Aaron Everage - So when I make the joke it's not funny..

Tommy Grady - I know..

Aaron Everage - [sigh] .. Okay..

Tommy Grady - No but.. I remembered that.. that blackout I had a few minutes ago..

Aaron Everage - What about it..

Tommy Grady - Well it.. TOOOOOOOOTALLY.. and I mean it.. TOTALLY.. rocked my world, g..

Aaron Everage - Good..

Tommy Grady - I KNOW DOO!

Aaron Everage - What do I get myself into with you, Grady?

Tommy Grady - Fun stuff! Cuz I'm a cool little bird man.. BRRRR! BRRRR!

Aaron Everage - Quit it, Grady..

Tommy Grady - Dude.. you don't think all these people are going to see Piglet's Big Movie are you?

Aaron Everage - I can pretty much guarantee that they're not..

Tommy Grady - Dude.. piglet has a large fan base.. like that Jeff Harris dude.. just without the young transexual males..

Aaron Everage - That actually wasn't a bad slash..

Tommy Grady - Get it? Cuz he has girl hair! HA! I SO RULE AT SLASHIN DUDE!

Aaron Everage - Alright.. you ruined it..

Tommy Grady - What?! HOW!

Aaron Everage - You can't spell out a slash after you deliver it..

Tommy Grady - I didn't spell it, doo..

Aaron Everage - I don't mean letter by letter.. but you described what you meant..

Tommy Grady - For the KIDS, Ev! I did it for the KIDS..

Aaron Everage - Right.. good old Grady doin it for the kids..

Tommy Grady - I AM good ole Grady, aren't I? I'm good.. it's my birth-DAY.. I'm gonna party like it's my birth-DAY.. I'm gonna sip coke and pepsi like.. it's my birthday..

Aaron Everage - [sighs again].. I can't wait til this movie saves me from listening to you..

Tommy Grady - You'll hear me crying because I was lied to.. and told I could see and help support Piglet.. BUT NO! NOOO! IT WAS TORN FROM ME LIKE A SUCKER FROM AN INNOCENT CHILD! NO! INNOCENT TOMMY IS SCREWED OF HIS PIGLET!

Movie Guy - Two for Piglet's Big Movie?

Tommy Grady - WOO HOO!

Aaron Everage - No no.. Phone Booth..

Movie Guy - I was gonna say.. you two are a little too old for that movie.. haha.. two for Phone Booth...

Tommy Grady -Uh.. excuse me.. what did you say?

Aaron Everage - Tommy..

Movie Guy - You two were too old for that Piglet Movie..

Tommy Grady - Oh are we? How long as Piglet been around?

Movie Guy - I.. I don't know.. why?

Aaron Everage - Tommy..

Tommy Grady - As long as you can remember, though.. right?

Movie Guy - Yeah..

Tommy Grady - So it appears Piglet is older than us.. doesn't it?

Movie Guy - .... so?

Tommy Grady - If Piglet is old enough to make the movie and he's older than me.. then I'm old enough to see it..

Movie Guy - What?

Aaron Everage - Don't mind him.. two for Phone Booth..

Tommy Grady - Dude.. it's Piglet's big movie.. don't dis that.. it's his big break, dawg..

Aaron Everage - ........

Movie Guy - ........

Tommy Grady - He's probably running low on honey and needs to cash flow to live.. can't you accept that?

Aaron Everage - Grady..

Movie Guy - This guy for real?

Aaron Everage - Give us our tickets, please.

Movie Guy - [hands everage the tickets] .. enjoy the movie..

Tommy Grady - PFFT! YEAH RIGHT!

Aaron Everage - If you don't straighten up, Grady, I'm gonna make you go straight sleep when we get home.. you hear me?

Tommy Grady - .. yes sir..

Aaron Everage - Good..

Tommy Grady - ...jerk..

Aaron Everage - WHAT?!

Tommy Grady - I said.. ferk.. .. ......

Aaron Everage - .... ferk?

Tommy Grady - Yeah.. it's..... german.... for ....... whateva..

Aaron Everage - You better watch your mouth, Grady..


Aaron Everage - I know it wasn't german, Grady..

Tommy Grady - Oh yeah.. you're SOOOOOOOOOOO smart.. SMART EVERAGE! That should be your FREAKIN' name, dude.. SOOOO SMART!

Aaron Everage - Calm.. the FUCK.. down..

Tommy Grady - Okay.. [deep breaths].. fine fine.. I'm good..

Aaron Everage - You sure?

Tommy Grady - Yes.. [looks to his left and sees the entrance to Piglet's Big Movie] ... NOOOOOOOO! PIGLET! PIGLET! WHY MUST I LEAVE YOU! I NEED MY PIGGY! PIGGY PLEASE!

Aaron Everage - People are STARING at you, Tommy..

Tommy Grady - [looks around] .. Do I have cheese on my lip or something?

Aaron Everage - ... no.. you just screamed about Piglet..


Aaron Everage - .... Shut.. the HELL UP!

Tommy Grady - ... okay..

Aaron Everage - You're gonna sit through this movie and FUCKIN like it, alright?

Tommy Grady - .. FINE!

Aaron Everage - Good..

Tommy Grady - .. poo head..

:::Aaron rolls his eyes and sighs very loudly as they continue walking towards the Phone Booth theater. The camera scans over towards the concession stand where there are several people lined up and the camera slowly fades out to black:::

...Ah.. what it's like to have something and then have it torn away from you. Expect something, and then have it turn into something completely different. Sounds like a story I know quite well.. yet has not occured quite.. and will not until Sunday. Jeffery, you think the National title is yours. You think it can't be lost. Well you got Grady this Sunday. So I think it's about time that you snapped out of that dreamworld where you are unbeatable.. and realize, Jeff.. that your continuous feelings of joy from victory.. your successful title defenses.. they end her. And the Tommy Grady title reign begins.. Now sleep.. on THAT...

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