[Taking Care of Business]


...Tazi, my friend, you really don't know the mess that you're ducking into. You don't even know where to begin with Tommy Grady or Chris Staggs. Sure, your big mouth can chatter a lot, but what about backing it up. What happened to that? I realize not every human being is as psychotic as you Tazi, and I also realize you've defeated Tommy Grady once before.. but this is a whole new world. TAG TEAM DIVISION. That is something Chris Staggs and Tommy Grady have OWNED over the past few weeks, and you think you can step right into the mix and be a player in it? You're sadly mistaken my friend, and if you don't realize that now.. you will VERY soon...

:::Scene opens in lovely New York, New York. The streets are full of cars in the mid-afternoon while the sidewalks have little room to maneuver with all of the people marching up and down the block. We cut down to ground level where we find Tommy Grady and Aaron Everage walking. Tommy has a wooden sword in his, walking backwards, swinging it around as if to hit Aaron. The camera scans around to see a patch on the eye of Everage from his brutal attack on Adrenaline. We scan in closer and pick up the dialogue:::

Aaron Everage - For the last time, Tommy.. just because I have a patch doesn't mean I want to be a pirate..

Tommy Grady - AY, CAP'IN!

Aaron Everage - QUIT THAT!

Tommy Grady - AY! ... AHOY THERE! TIS TRL!

Aaron Everage - We have places to be, Tommy..

Tommy Grady - Ay Cap'in, but this here be a once in a life time opp'ertunity.. TRL AHOY!

Aaron Everage - If you call me Captain again, I'll knock you off deck..

Tommy Grady - AY! TRL OR BUST!

Aaron Everage - No, Tommy...

Tommy Grady - [walking into a crowd for TRL] .. CARSON! CARSON! I LOVE YOU!

Aaron Everage - Quit it, you're embarassing yourself..

Tommy Grady - [looks up at TRL window] .. BRING ME UP! ME! PICK ME!

Teenage Kid - The show hasn't started yet, man.. calm down..

Tommy Grady - CAAARSON!

Teenage Kid - I'm not playin.. it doesn't start for another hour..


Aaron Everage - That's enough..

Tommy Grady - What's enough?

Aaron Everage - Your singing..

Tommy Grady - But it was just the first line of the chorus..

Aaron Everage - I realize that.. and it was one line too many..

Tommy Grady - Are you saying that you don't enjoy my lyrical genious?

Aaron Everage - I don't enjoy your singing.. I don't see any genious to it..

Tommy Grady - How do YOU know.. you only have one eye!

Aaron Everage - Funny that I got this because of your stupidity..

Tommy Grady - Sure.. ONE EYE'D PEA!

Aaron Everage - Clever..

Tommy Grady - Don't have to tell ME that.. may'tee..

Aaron Everage - Right..

Tommy Grady - Wow.. look at that lady right there.. does she know it's winter?

Aaron Everage - I don't think she cares.. she's doing her job, if ya catch my drift..

Tommy Grady - I was MY job was just standing and looking sexy.. [stands and tries to look sexy] .. do I have what it takes?

Aaron Everage - I.... don't think so..

Tommy Grady - Luckily I have a backup plan.. [starts break dancing and people stop to look] ... GO TOMMY.. It's ya birthday.. we gonna party like it's ya birthday..

Aaron Everage - You're drawing attention..

Tommy Grady - I think they're all just looking at your hand to make sure Captain Hook hasn't come back from Neverland..

Aaron Everage - I don't think they're worried about it..


Tommy Grady - Yeah, you animal!

Aaron Everage - Honey, I'm just a normal person.. I'm not--

Little Girl - He didn't even do ANYTHING to you until you tried to kill him.. I'm GLAD your hand got bit off!

Tommy Grady - ME TOO!

Aaron Everage - My hand isn't bit off, though.. [holds hands up] ...

Tommy Grady - IT'S FAKE!

Aaron Everage - Shut up, Tommy..

Little Girl - Leave that man alone, HOOK!

Tommy Grady - Yeah, HOOK.. leave me alone, jerko..

Aaron Everage - I don't find this amusing...[shakes his head] ... BOOO!

:::The little girl runs off in fear, screaming:::

Tommy Grady - That was awesome.. you were like.. BOO... and she was like AAAAH.. and ran away..

Aaron Everage - Good observation there, Tommy..

Tommy Grady - AY MAY'TEE!

Aaron Everage - ... Tommy..

Tommy Grady - Oh yeah.. my bad.. so if we're not going to TRL, why are we here?

Aaron Everage - I'm here on personal business..

Tommy Grady - What does that mean?

Aaron Everage - It means my only job isn't just taking care of your ignorant ass.. I have other work that is head off here in New York..

Tommy Grady - Okay, well I'm gonna go talk to this lady over here, dude..

Aaron Everage - No Tommy.. don't do that..

Tommy Grady - Why NOT? She looks like a very classy woman..

Aaron Everage - She's half naked and it's thirty degrees outside, Tommy.. how is that classy?

Tommy Grady - It's sluttily classy.. in a GOOD way.. so judgemental, Aaron.. SO judgemental..

Aaron Everage - I'm not jugemental, I'm just speaking how I see..

Tommy Grady - Okay.. Aaron is Captain Hook..

Aaron Everage - NO I'M NOT!

Tommy Grady - I judged you from looking at you.. it's the content of character, dude.. remember what King said?

Aaron Everage - Yes, Tommy.. I remember what Martin Luther King said..

Tommy Grady - When can we stop walking?

Aaron Everage - In a minute.. we're almost there..

Tommy Grady - I'm hungry.. I want food..

Aaron Everage - We'll get food in a minute..

Tommy Grady - I WANT FOOD NOW!

Aaron Everage - We'll get food soon enough, Tommy..

Tommy Grady - NOW NOW NOW!

Aaron Everage - Just, like.. five more minutes and you'll get ICE CREAM.. now I know you can't turn THAT offer down..

Tommy Grady - Oh no.... the unrefusable offer..

Aaron Everage - Indeed..

Tommy Grady - You are a scoundral, Aaron Everage.. a dirty, rotten scoundral..

Aaron Everage - ... thanks, I guess..

Tommy Grady - We have to come up with a new name for you.. it can only be one name, though..

Aaron Everage - Why only one?

Tommy Grady - People with one eye only get to have one name.. Ahab.. I don't even know if Hook had one eye, but he should have if he didn't..

Aaron Everage - He didn't..

Tommy Grady - I'll pretend you DIDN'T just destroy my hopes and aspirations..

Aaron Everage - If Hook not having a patch on his eye destroys your hopes and aspirations, you didn't deserve to have them in the first place..


Aaron Everage - Relax.. people are looking..

Tommy Grady - And you're ashamed?

Aaron Everage - No, but I don't like people staring..

Tommy Grady - For once they aren't staring at me!

Aaron Everage - Look at them.. yes they are..


Aaron Everage - .. Tommy..


Aaron Everage - HEY!

Tommy Grady - Hey, dude.. what up..

Aaron Everage - NO! You think you can get away with calling me a freak?

Tommy Grady - .. depends on whether you think I can or not..

Aaron Everage - Well, I don't..

Tommy Grady - .. JUST KIDDING, THEN!

Aaron Everage - You can't do that..

Tommy Grady - I can do this though.. [does the robot] .. and no.. I'm not really a robot.. I'm just that damn good!

Aaron Everage - Great..

Tommy Grady - Thank you very mucho mister roboto!

Aaron Everage - Tommy, chill out..

Tommy Grady - AY CAP'IN!

Aaron Everage - STOP THAT!

Tommy Grady - What? Being sexy? It's impossible to stop, Ev..

Aaron Everage - NO!

Tommy Grady - YES! Yes it is.. see.. STOP BEING SEXY, TOMMY!..... NOW!.... I MEAN IT!.......... doesn't work, see?

Aaron Everage - No.. it worked perfectly, thanks..

Tommy Grady - WHAT?! AAAAAAH!

Aaron Everage - Now this is it, Tommy.. what I want you to do is stand right over there and wait on me.. OH! IDEA! [pulls out a flask and hands it to Tommy].. you have a match.. now work your verbal magic with a little juice here..

Tommy Grady - I'M HUNGRY!

Aaron Everage - Ice cream after I talk to these guys..

Tommy Grady - .... FINE!

Aaron Everage - Thank you, Tommy..

Tommy Grady - Spank YOU, Ev..

:::Grady walks away from Aaron and sits down on some steps. Grady takes a drink of the flask as a black car pulls up to Everage and he slips inside. Grady continues sitting and takes another drink, making a disgusted face after swallowing. He closes the flask and burps under his breath:::


Tommy Grady - [slowly raises his head] .. long time no see.. a way that Tazi may feel when he steps into the ring with me this Sunday.. not just me, but Staggs, as well. It won't be a fun game for you to play, Tazi. Not even remotely. I've been awaiting another shot at you since the moment my shoulders were pinned. Now is my chance. Now I get the opportunity to avenge the only loss in my career, Tazi.. and I'm going to do it. I know that I am. You can talk all you want about my lack of brainpower. When it comes time to be in the ring.. I have nothing BUT brainpower. How easily you forget. I underestimated you the first time.. I'll overestimate you the second. And we'll meet in the middle.. with MY hand being raised above my head as the winner. There's no doubt that you're a talented you cat. You have what it takes to excell in this business, I wouldn't question that for a minute. Not to mention the ability.. but Tazi.. when will you be able to back it up with words? Sure you talk a mean game, but I belong in a home? While YOU, Tazi, are popping peoples eyeballs out and what not.. I should be the one in a home. It won't take much, but by the time you and I are through this Sunday.. YOU will be the one that goes to a home. I will beat every inch of common sense from that little brain of yours until you are nothing but a beaten, broken man.. stripped of his dignity. Wait.. I guess you have to have some dignity to begin with to be stripped of it, don't you? Something you do not have, Tazi. Something you will never have. Go ahead and say your prayers now.. get right with God.. because the truth be known.. it's just a matter of time before you'll be my foot puppet.. and I'll be makin' you dance all over the ring until I slam you down for the one.. two.. three. Don't think it may happen.. don't think there's a chance it may.. it WILL happen.. don't deny yourself that sense of reality.

:::Grady glances over to the black car for a moment, squinting, before turning back to the camera and letting out a sigh:::

Tommy Grady - We live in a cocky world.. with cocky people. People like you and me, Tazi. People like Steel.. The underlying fact, though, that differenciates a Tommy Grady from a Hunter Tazi.. is heart. Mental heart. Emotional heart. Ability to 'stay on the wagon'.. per say. And sure, Tazi. Ninety seven percent of the time I'm just as cuckoo as you are. I don't have a sense of reality in my head, and that could be my downfall.. but at this current time.. I'm sane.. I'm focused.. and I'm a HELL of a lot more prepared than you ever possibly COULD be. Face the facts, my friend. We've been up and down this road time and time again. You stepping into the ring with me isn't new. I've learned from my first defeat.. my ONLY defeat. You KNOW it was a fluke that you won that match, Tazi. Why else would get backup instead of challenging me one on one.. face to face. You don't WANT to face me. You could have done a better job selecting a partner than Mike Steele.. I mean this guy seems like he hasn't won a match in a decade. Not that I paid any attention to his pathetic career. W3 world champ.. yippee.. real elite title that is. It seems like everyone in Superior Wrestling held that title at one time or another. But forgetting past accomplishments.. focus in on what's ahead of you, Steele. Two of the best SWF has to offer.. two of the most competitive athletes in the business -- hands down. Do you really know what you're getting yourself into? I mean, you got a check from Tazi to be his partner, as pathetic as that is. Now you step into a near suicide match to put your dignity on the line.. just like Tazi. Well, Steele.. we've never met. Not in the ring. Not backstage. Let me tell you one thing, though -- as soon as you get your first glimpse at me face to face I'll be sure to knock you on your ass. This isn't about respect.. this is about gold.. something I've never held in my two month career. But you better believe it's within my grasp..

:::Grady looks up again to see Everage getting out of the car. Suddenly Grady grits his teeth and shakes his head, in a bit of pain. He looks up with a blank look:::


Aaron Everage - [walking towards Tommy].. Alright.. let's go..

Tommy Grady - Whoa dude..

Aaron Everage - What's the matter..

Tommy Grady - This blackout thing, dude.. it TOTALLY.... just rocked my f-in world, dude!

Aaron Everage - What did?

Tommy Grady - THE BLACKOUT!

Aaron Everage - OOH! I see.. so you were cool Tommy for a minute?

Tommy Grady - I still am.. see.. [break dances] .. there's a HELL of a lot more where that came from, mini g with a big nose and a patchy eye!

Aaron Everage - What?

Tommy Grady - I'm sorry.. maybe I should quit making fun of our misfortunes..

Aaron Everage - Maybe you should considering you have nothing to make fun of..

Tommy Grady - Yes I do.. there's the eye.. the nose.. the fact that your boobs like womens nowadays..

Aaron Everage - NO! I mean, you have no room to talk considering I could make fun of you all of today and half of tomorrow..

Tommy Grady - Oh........ YOU ASSHOLE!

Aaron Everage - Well, Tommy..

Tommy Grady - That's my name.. don't wear a sprout..

Aaron Everage - Don't wear it OUT.. see.. stuff like that..

Tommy Grady - Don't.. WEAR IT OUT? HA! Who told you that? That's dumb..

Aaron Everage - Okay.. I'm the dumb one..

Tommy Grady - How can you WEAR OUT a name, dude?

Aaron Everage - Ya can't, I guess..

Tommy Grady - And can you wear a sprout?

Aaron Everage - ... if you wanted to..

Tommy Grady - AH HA! So you CAN wear a sprout.. but you can't wear a name out.. hmmm.. wonder who's RIGHT, EV!

Aaron Everage - YOU.. OF COURSE.. AS ALWAYS..

Tommy Grady - Should I do a celebration shimmy shake with a touch of a little booty jigglin?

Aaron Everage - No thanks..

Tommy Grady - ..... you sure?

Aaron Everage - Positve..

Tommy Grady - Suit yourself.. I'll just wait til I get home and I'll do it in the mirror..

Aaron Everage - You do that..

Tommy Grady - I will.. I just told you I would.. do you think I would say it if I didn't plan on doing it? Geez, Ev..

Aaron Everage - It was somewhat sarcastic..

Tommy Grady - What dose a tick on a sharks ass have to do with this?

Aaron Everage - What?

Tommy Grady - Is "shark ass ticks" a new phrase that I'm missing..

Aaron Everage - What the hell are you talking about?

Tommy Grady - I'm sorry I'm not down with the "in" lingo, dude.. I thought I was, but I guess I'm just a big loser..

Aaron Everage - No one said that..

Tommy Grady - Ya mean it, Ev?

Aaron Everage - You're not a loser.. you've only lost two games your entire life.. one football game and one wrestling match..

Tommy Grady - You swear on your good eye?

Aaron Everage - .. cut it out with the eye jokes..

Tommy Grady - I AM SERIOUS!

:::They walk up to an ice cream parlor and go inside. The camera cuts to the inside where Grady and Everage are standing in a small line:::

Aaron Everage - What do you want, Tommy?


Aaron Everage - Gross..

Tommy Grady - Hey dude.. if someone was making fun of how dirty your privates were would you do shit?

Aaron Everage - Would I do shit? ... Uh.. hell yeah, I wouldn't let them talk about me like that..


Aaron Everage - What?

Tommy Grady - Only WOMEN use deusches, dude.. you're a girl!

Aaron Everage - Funny joke, Tommy..

Tommy Grady - I'm a clever guy.. I made that up on my own when I was watching this sick as porn on the computer..

Aaron Everage - Gross.. what was it?

Tommy Grady - It was for people with a hairy fetish.. I said.. DUDE.. if I had a bush like that I would definitely do shit about it.. and I was like.. DO SHIT? GROSS!

Aaron Everage - Why were you watching a hairy porno?

Tommy Grady - HEY! That's none of your business.. but it has nothing to do with my fetishes..

Aaron Everage - Sick..

Tommy Grady - IT DOESN'T! I find it gross and disgusting just like you..

Aaron Everage - I don't feel a sense of certainty in that comment..

Tommy Grady - Look at me in the eyes..

Aaron Everage - ........

Tommy Grady - HAHA! You can't! Look me in my right eye, dude..

Aaron Everage - Tommy.. I don't care..

Tommy Grady - Okay.. good.. NOT THAT.. you were on to me or anything.. I mean, I really don't..

Aaron Everage - Drop it..

Tommy Grady - Okay.. good........ NOT THAT--

Aaron Everage - DROP..... it..

Tommy Grady - Drop it like it's hot.. drop drop it like it's hot.. Tommy Grad-Y make ya drop it like it's hot..

Aaron Everage - [shakes his head] .. What am I gonna do with you..

Tommy Grady - I thought we already had a conversation about molestation..

Aaron Everage - WHAT!

Tommy Grady - I know I'm attractive, but I love the ladies.. you can't do ANYTHING with me, man.. I'm sorry..

Aaron Everage - ... RIGHT.. aw snaps.. sucks for me.. haha..

Tommy Grady - Yeah.. go ahead and laugh it off.. haha.. I'll do the same.. haha..

Aaron Everage - [sighs] .. thank God we only have a few more hours..

:::Aaron shakes his head and cracks a bit of a smile. He looks at Grady who has a cheesy grin on his face. They walk up to give their order to the cashier as the camera scans over to people eating their ice cream at a table slowly fades out to black:::

...Tazi, Steele.. it's just a matter of hours before you step into the ring with Whateva Fo Sho.. the best tag team in this industry. You can prepare all you want.. month, week.. day.. even a year.. any way you slice it -- we're still better. Pay your money for a partner, Tazi. Hurt Everage.. how does that hurt Grady? He's completely oblivious to what's going on. He doesn't care about you or your actions. He's just playing. But when it comes time to compete.. throw in a little alcohol and we have Tommy Grady with a whole new set of intentions. Your time is running out, Tazi.. you're undefeated record against Grady is trickling to a stop in just a few hours. Enjoy it while it lasts...

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