...The journey begins again in the life of Tommy Grady. The first attempt at stardom was cut short just before his world heavyweight championship bout. And now, despite his mental disabilities, Tommy Grady will try to succeed at an entirely new level. Superior Wrestling. The next step to greatness. But the step up requires harder work, and tougher preperation. Is that really what Tommy Grady is ready to do? That question and more will be answered this weekend on Adrenaline when Tommy opens up his SWF career in a tag team dual alongside Shawn Temp against Kasey Hearne and Jason Miller. The epilogue is over -- the legend begins...

:::Scene opens with an image of a home. It is an old home on the 'wrong side of town'. The white paint has obviously been ignored, as hints of chipping are very evident. The camera scans over to the front door with three concrete steps leading to a patio. The door appears perfectly centered on patio, but looks warn with chipping white paint on it, as well. We proceed within the door and notice a man sitting on the couch. He is looking a television that appears to have an illegal cable connection to it. The camera finally settles in on our main focus - Tommy Grady. He leans forward, obviously into the show that he's watching. He narrows his eyes and slowly nods his head as if agreeing with what was being said:::


:::Aaron, the man hired to look over Tommy Grady, looks at the television screen, then back at Tommy with a confused look on his face:::

Aaron Everage - I didn't even know Sesame Street was still --

Tommy Grady - SH! They're about to give the number of the day, jerko!

Aaron Everage - The number of the day?

Tommy Grady - [shaking his head] Thanks a lot.. I just missed it! A lot of good the letter of the day is gonna do without the number..

Aaron Everage - I'm GLAD you missed it, Tommy. Now you can do more productive things like preparing for your next competition..

Tommy Grady - Compa wha-sion?

Aaron Everage - You have a tag match..

Tommy Grady - OH! I thought you said competition and I was like -- that's not even a word..

Aaron Everage - I did, and it is.. but the fact is, you are going to be in a tag match..

Tommy Grady - Is this another celebrity appearance?

Aaron Everage - Well.... I guess so.. it's with that new federation you joined - Superior Wrestling..

Tommy Grady - What? I thought they hired me to wrestle.. I didn't know I had to play tag.. they should have hired elementary school students for that..

Aaron Everage - You WILL wrestle..

Tommy Grady - So I have to play tag before I wrestle? Okay.. only if it's freeze tag, though! And it has to be where you crawl under the other persons legs to unfreeze them.. the tag to unfreeze is too easy!

Aaron Everage - [sigh] Tommy, let me tell you what is coming up for you, alright? And don't try to figure it out, I just want to let you know so it'll be in that brain of yours..

Tommy Grady - George Foreman rules..

Aaron Everage - What?

Tommy Grady - Grill. Bun warmer. That rocks my world.

Aaron Everage - What does that have to do with anything?

Tommy Grady - What does it have to do with anything? Only EVERYTHING! How would I survive without that meat in my mouth?

Aaron Everage - Okay, I'm leaving that alone.. Tommy.. FOCUS here, alright?

Tommy Grady - I'm focused!

Aaron Everage - Okay, good now --

Tommy Grady - But I'm done talking about it.. I just wanted to say I enjoyed the grill, man.. didn't mean to get your panties all up in a wet, tight little wad..

Aaron Everage - Tommy.. FOCUS on this Saturday..

Tommy Grady - What's up this Saturday? Are we having a cookout with my George Foreman grill?

Aaron Everage - [sigh] No, we're not having a cookout with your George Foreman grill -- instead, you'll be wrestling in a match..

Tommy Grady - SWEET! Is it for the championship of the world?

Aaron Everage - No.. we went through this -- it's a tag match..

Tommy Grady - Tag? But I thought I was hired to wrestle.. is it laser tag? I love laser tag! I'm all for THAT!

Aaron Everage - If you remember, Tommy.. we had this conversation about five minutes ago..

Tommy Grady - [thinks] We did? [still thinking] I just remember George Foreman talk..

Aaron Everage - You and Shawn Temp are going to wrestle Kasey Hearne and Jason Miller..

Tommy Grady - So you're saying I'm not going to be wrestling alone?

Aaron Everage - Nope.. you're with Shawn Temp against Kasey Hearne and Jason Miller, like I said..

Tommy Grady - Are they girlfriend and boyfriend or something?

Aaron Everage - No.. not that I know of..

Tommy Grady - Aw.. boyfriend and girlfriend.. how cute..

Aaron Everage - I think they're both men..

Tommy Grady - Boyfriend and.. boyfriend?

Aaron Everage - No.. tag team, Tommy.. don't think they swing that way..

Tommy Grady - They have teams to play tag on in SWF? Man, I made the right choice, didn't I, Ev?

Aaron Everage - [raises his eyebrows] You sure did.. [walking towards the kitchen] You want me to grab you a beer?

Tommy Grady - Do I want you to grab my beard? I don't even have one, dude..

Aaron Everage - [slightly shakes his head] You thirsty?

Tommy Grady - Like an infant thirsty for nipple, baby!


:::Record scratch noise:::

...Now as the narrator, I feel it is my priority to explain to you all one thing. Tommy Grady isn't just your average Joe - no Pen 15 pun intended. In recent past it has been discovered that Tommy Grady isn't an idiot. Now before you call me a liar and slap the TV with your third leg in disgust, let me explain. Tommy is an idiot in all occurances except one, and that is under the influence. That's right -- a drunk Tommy Grady is an intense, uninfluenced Tommy Grady. The Tommy that grew up back in Huntington Beach -- before the concussion that ruined his senior football season. And now, all Aaron is ordered to do is make sure Tommy has alcohol in his system as he both prepares AND participates in wrestling matches. Thing is, while under the influence -- even just a bit tipsy -- Tommy blacks out. He remembers nothing. He doesn't remember wrestling. He doesn't remember training. He doesn't even remember what he said. But somehow, deep inside of him -- the intense Tommy Grady nests just awaiting to come in contact with that good ole medicine that we call alcohol. From that point on, it's a completely new ballgame...


Aaron Everage - [walking back into the room] Here ya go, Tommy..

Tommy Grady - [catching the beer] Thanks.. [looks at the can that reads 'Bud Light'] Is this a flashlight or something?

Aaron Everage - Why would I give you a flashlight to drink?

Tommy Grady - Maybe you're jealous of my high school education and you want me to drink battery acid so I'll be poisoned and my brain would be yours for the taking..

Aaron Everage - [sarcastically] Wow.. you got me!

Tommy Grady - Dude, if you want to learn something just ask.. I could be your teacher..

Aaron Everage - [still sarcastic] You'd really be my tutor?

Tommy Grady - I don't know if I have enough gas to be your tooter, but I'll teach you..

Aaron Everage - Tommy, if I wanted to learn something -- I would learn it from someone above a middle school IQ..

Tommy Grady - Where's the IQ above the middle school? I don't remember ever seeing one while I was there.. but I was at a small school so maybe they didn't have one.. are they only at big schools?

Aaron Everage - Drink, Tommy.. just drink..

Tommy Grady - [snaps his beer open] Alright..

Aaron Everage - Make sure it's a big gulp..

Tommy Grady - [looks at his beer] How can I tell?

Aaron Everage - I mean a big drink, Tommy..

Tommy Grady - Oh! [takes a big ole drink and swallows it] WOO! How was that?

Aaron Everage - Good..

Tommy Grady - I felt like a pornstar after getting done with Peter North..

Aaron Everage - That's nice..

:::The eyes of Tommy Grady begin to drag a little bit. Eventually sagging towards the middle to reveal a rather sadistic look:::


Tommy Grady - Nice? What the hell are you talkin' about?

Aaron Everage - What? OH! I get it.. you're the big BAD Tommy!

Tommy Grady - Big bad Tommy? I don't know about that. Does it really fit, I mean? I'm quite the specimen, ain't no doubt about that! But am I bad, Ev?

Aaron Everage - I don't--

Tommy Grady - [interupting him] Shut up! It was rhetorical. Let it soak in, Aaron. And forget about a grain of salt -- let me give you something in addition to take it with. I am the most recent addition to Superior Wrestling.. I'm the most recent catch. There's no doubt that I'm already one of the most talented wrestlers standing within the walls of this federation. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not another one of those big headed rookies that come waltzing into a federation and think everyone's gonna bend over and take it.. I don't think that at all. I know the talent level. I know the ability that lies within this federation.. I've watched it and been surrounded by it for a hell of a long time. I'm no rookie by any means.. and I wouldn't have taken that additional step if I didn't believe, truly, that I had the ability to compete at a high level here. So I open it up.. revealing my talent to the entire wrestling world.. in a tag team match up. Now I don't know a damn thing about this Shawn Temp character, but one thing I do know is that he's going to be on the winning side of things come Saturday night if he just makes sure that the right man is in the ring. And here's a clue, Temp -- you're not the one who needs to be in the ring. I got stuck, you got priviledged.. some guys have all the luck. But I'm gonna have to overcome that come Saturday. And when I win that match for us.. and my hand is raised as the victor.. don't expect a post match cocktail party with party favors and chocolate cake with the cute little pink icing.. it ain't like that. When I win this match for us, I'm getting the hell outta there and continuing my climb to the top of SWF. There ain't a damn person that's gonna come between me and conquering this place. No one is gonna alter my state. Nobody is gonna slow me down. It may be a slow crawl now, but as soon as I break into the spotlight there ain't a damn person here that'll be able to stop my trot to the top. Especially beginning Saturday with Kasey Hearne and Jason Miller.. these two are specs on my plans. Does that mean I'm overlooking them? Not by any means. The only thing on my mind right now is gaining a victory this Saturday.. but the floorplans have been laid. The path is clear, and this Saturday is where I showcase my talent. I get my time in the spotlight.. and I'm gonna make damn sure that I shine.. much to the dismay of Hearne and Miller.. you two are in quite a predicament, my friends.. and I truly do feel sorry for you..

:::Tommy sighs:::


Aaron Everage - You pooped?

Tommy Grady - I did? [standing up] DAMNIT!

Aaron Everage - NO! You sighed.. pooped is a term for tired.. don't tell me the alcohol wore off..

Tommy Grady - Dude, I totally just blacked out -- I have no idea what's going on right now..

Aaron Everage - That sucks..

Tommy Grady - What does?

Aaron Everage - That!

Tommy Grady - [moving away from the couch] WHAT, dude.. I don't wanna get sucked in if it's sucking..

Aaron Everage - Alright FINE.. it stopped sucking..

Tommy Grady - Phew.. well, what was it -- so I know if it starts sucking again..... or make sure it's sucking the right thing.. BOO YEAH!

Aaron Everage - You sick bastard..

Tommy Grady - Not even a chuckle?

Aaron Everage - [shakes his head] You belong in a home..

Tommy Grady - What are you talkin' about.. I AM in a home..

Aaron Everage - A different home, Tommy.. like a looney bin..

Tommy Grady - Looney bin? Is that where Bugs is? And Daffy? I'd love to hang with them, can you get me a ticket?

Aaron Everage - I guarantee I could..

Tommy Grady - Man, I haven't seen Bugs and Daffy since I went to Universal Studios a few years ago.. they're not as colorful in person.. and they don't blink.. it's freaky..

Aaron Everage - Right.. well how about we quit while we're ahead and just end this thing..

Tommy Grady - We're already winning? Wow! My opponents are gonna totally lose!

Aaron Everage - Yeah.. well, I'll hold my breath..

Tommy Grady - Okay.. me too.. [Tommy holds his breath for two seconds before blowing it out loudly] I saw your stomach move, dude.. you cheated..

Aaron Everage - [walking away] You drive me insane!


Tommy Grady - What'd I do?

:::Tommy puts his hands up in the air and shrugs, dropping them to his side. He sits back onto the couch and turns his attention back to the television. His eyes light up and a smile comes across his face as the Mister Rogers theme is heard. The reflection from the television dances off of his face as the scene slowly fades to black:::

...So you have been formally introduced to the future of this industry. Alright, so he doesn't really captivate your mind, but he did a good job of making you dumber, didn't he? The fact is, you have two different Tommy Grady's. On one hand you have stupid Tommy. He doesn't know one thing from another. He can't figure things out. He is simply one of the dumbest human beings you'll ever come into contact with. On the other hand is the complete opposite. Intoxicated Tommy is intimidating. He's talented.. he's psycho. He is a furious human being just awaiting an opportunity to be released into control of that body -- and at that point he causes nothing but problems. It's not drunkeness. It's inner problems.. there's no slur.. there's no dazed look. It Tommy Grady and he will do nothing but succeed and impress from here until the day he decides to hang up the boots. That is the Tommy Grady you all need to be worrying about. That is your future...

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