Sean Budden was a average child growing up on the wrong side of the tracks but unlike every other kid in the Bronx he was not into Fighting or Gangs Sean was into WWE with his idols such as Undertaker and other Wrestlers but Sean got annoyed seeing no one take up his favourite hobby of rapping so he made it his goal in life to become a god in wrestling to make himself a so called icon.

so he dd he took up going to the Gym and Rapping was still his favourite thing to do he came up with a name for himself Pyro because at any moment he could just go off and no one would know what hit them. Sean was walking home from the Gym one day when he was gunned down the a local gang this was not this first time it happened it has happened allot of times he has bullet wounds in his Left Leg, Right Arm in the Chest and in the Mouth so he does not speak like everyone else he is not very loud like most rappers he has a subtleness about him.

At many stages Pyro thought about Ending his life in many different ways he thought about shooting himself but knew no matter how many times he gets Shot he just keeps on Kicking he thought about Hanging himself but could not go threw with it because he had so much to live for he had a Girl friend and She was Pregnant with his child or so she led him to believe it was actually his best friendís child he found out that she was cheating on him. he almost killed her if it wasnít for the kid he then decided he had enough and almost ended his life again by taking a overdose on pills but luckily he was saved before it was to late.

Pyro known to the people he trained with but Sean to his friends decided he would concentrate on Getting out of the Bronx and going to New York to try to get into WWE but unfortunately his younger brother Lewis got shot in a drive by. by a gang so Sean decided to get a gun and go after the Gang he found them at a local pub where a shoot out began between Sean and the gang fortunately for Sean he had brought a few friends from where he lives that was a very dark day i Seanís life he got shot again Two of his friends ended up dyeing and Sean ended up going to prison for 2 years for attempted man slaughter where he was put in the same cell as the gang leader who shot his brother down they began talking and Sean found out that they were not after his brother but a man who had raped his younger sister but his brother was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Sean became very close friends With this gang leader who strangely enough was also called Lewis.

Sean and Lewis got out of jail and they became a feared duo in the Bronx they decided to Enter in the street fighting League after a while they were unbeaten Sean used to Be the heart and the soul and Lewis was always the rough strong one that everyone feared they climbed to the top still unbeaten until Lewis was shot unfortunately he did not pull through. Sean was by his bed side the day that Lewis Died in Lewis last words he said Do it for me so Sean decided he had enough with the streets gathered all of his money and headed up to New York where he tried out for WWE he went to the training camp he tried hard but unfortunately got kicked out because of his Behaviour he assaulted a Coach with a chair unfortunately smashing this Coaches Arm in three places.

Sean then had Tryout for WCW a well known Wrestling brand back then but unfortunately he was Rejected because of what he did during his short career in WWE he was Referred to ECW the most Extreme wrestling federation the word had seen or so the claimed he got in and was offered a contract but unfortunately after a week in E.C.W It had closed before he could even make his debut he was the approached by other federations such as TNT,ACW and BBW but he turned them all down now he has been offered a contract by SCW but it may not be good enough for him he has also got a reputation for being a hard nut he has been anticipating this day for many years the day he makes his debut in wrestling will he be a star or a failure.