Pyro technics

Pyro Will Explode
The Scene opens with a Big White Hummer pulling up outside the SCW arena the fans Start to go wild knowing its the long anticipated Debut of one of the many taalented Wrestlers on the SCW roster.

The Fans Run over to the hummer trying to see who is inside the door swings open and out jumps the hottest thing on SCW scene Pyro he looks like he has been in many fights but still comes out on top he gets a few photos with the fans before walking off.

He goes through the back entrance where the big swingin Doors are Pyro walks right past Security and Everyone Else in the building before he heads up to the lockerooms he then see's a Empty one with no sign on it.

Pyro then walks through the doors and into the SCW Changing Rooms Where he see's Many other wrestlers from SCW in there he walks past them ignoring everything they are saying and straight to his Locker

He opens the locker and in there is all the stuff he needs to know about SCW and he then shuts it he starts to read the letter aloud as he starts to speak everyone in the lockeroom turns there head to see what he is saying.

Pyro: In the lockeroom i the owner of SCW will not tolarate Girls or porn mag distracting you from putting on a good show for the fans distracting you from your concentrating which will decrease your fan ratings or getting you fired never complain that you got your ass kick and there is many other rules oh well.

Pyro looks up and everyone is just ignoring him he throws his bag down in the corner and gets changed he changes into White Trousers and a white Jacket with a bandana on his head everyone raises there heads to look at him now he looks the coolest person in the lockeroom.

Winner -