Scene 1
At Dominic Car Garage
13:00 Pm

Rey: hey Dominic im here like I said I would be anyway lets see your cars.

Dominic: Yo Rey glad you could make it this is my crew starting of with Krissy she has been Building up cars since she was thirteen then there is Kraig I have known him since we were kids you want anything ever modified on your car come to Kraig he can get you anything. Brian well we donít know loads about Brian other that he is a Test driver for race cars and can order pizzas but we have no idea what he can do under the hood.

Rey Mysterio: Hey Krissy, Kraig and Brian so Dominic you going to show me some of youíre cars or just stand here talking all day.

Rey Mysterio and Dominic Go up to this door where Dominic puts in a key and twists it causing the door to unlock they walk in and Dominic Hits the lights and they take a while to go on there is a lot of sheets over the cars Dominic goes up to the first one and starts to speak.

Dominic: So Rey what cars do you have, this is my first Beast my first ever car I had to save up to buy this one off my dad

(ignore Chavo)

Rey Mysterio: hey Esse I love it its got me on you must be a massive fan do you want me to sign it for you?

Dominic: Yeh if you want but I havenít got money to keep it anymore.

Rey Mysterio: hey Iíll buy it off you how much you want for it then $4k or $5k

Dominic:as youíre a mate I will sell it to you for ten thousand pounds thatís a special price itís a one of a kind car.

So rey then flashes the Cash and buys the car he gets init and says to Dominic he better get going Rey starts the Engine and Motors off while Dominic has a Smile on his face.

Scene 2
In The Car

Rey is driving along calmly tapping his hands on the steering wheel until all of a sudden he hears a bang the car starts to smoke at the engine he starts to get annoyed smashing his hands on the steering wheel he gets out of the car and kicks it, it makes a last gasp of breath noise and Dies Rey goes to the boot of the car whre he grabs his bag and starts to walk along the road.

He sticks out his Thumb and cars go past honking there horn knowing who it is but no one seems to want to stop Rey keeps on walking until a lorry stops and The door swings up rey looks up and seeís a Drunk truck drive and refuses to get in so he shuts the door and drives off swerving side to side of the road.

Rey Waits for a few minutes in the lay by when a car pulls up and the window winds down and in it is Eddie Guerrero. Eddie signals for Rey to get in and they will cruise to the arena in it they bomb off down the road with Eddieís music on as loud as possible. Eddie hits a button and the car rises a bit or lowers he then hits another button which retracts the roof they pull up outside a Bar.

Scene 3
The Bar

Rey Mysterio and Eddie Turn up IN THE Bar where already all the other members of new generation are sat With drinks in there handís but obviously they are all good old bud wisers, there is two left there on the table Rey grabs one and throws the other one to Eddie Guerrero, they pull out two stalls and sit on them every now and then looking up at the Nascar on the widescreen T.V, While they are all talking about there matches on This coming Adrenaline.

Edge: Rey good luck with your match against Brandon, this week im Teamed up with Ceiro and we are against Ice Z who has recently Quit and Sting so really have no idea what they are going to do to the card now ?

Rey Mysterio: True but you know you can beat anyone in P.H.W on your day and The New Generation will always be One hundred Percent Behind you no matter what even if you lose your world title you will still be the hottest thing in P.H.W, oh and thanks for the good luck because Brandon seems to be a bit weirder than I first thought but it doesnít really matter how weird he is its how well he fights.

Torrie Wilson: you know Adam he has a point there and you will always have me by your side and you know that so I wouldnít worry about who or what your opponents have The New Generation means a lot of things to a lot of people some being Hope for good in P.H.W the other meaning the future talent of the sport and lastly great idles for kids because Adam you donít see us going out and setting cars on fire.

Just as Torrie has finished saying that they all look up to see a NASCAR on fire but still going around the track unfortunately a moment later the car Exploded a second after the driver manages to escape as the car was flying straights into a barrier.

Rey Mysterio: that really makes you think how lucky we are every day of the week when there are families who lost everything Including in 911 bless the souls Rest in peace it just means we are very lucky and then there are people who donít think they are lucky to be given a chance when there are a lot of bad things happening in the world.

Christian: That is so true but there is also other cases such as someone being jealous because even thought that person doesnít seem to have what others have, they have something that is more important I mean look at back in the days of WWE, Remember what Brock lesnar did to Zach Gowan he pushed him down the stairs in his wheel chair and then left him there and why because Brock was Jealous of the talents the Gowan had the poor Boy he was a great person and he brightened up everyoneís face then there was lesnar who didnít have many friends because of the way he acts.

Edge: Yet again another good point anyway Christian who have you got on Adrenaline let me check the card, ah yes Psycho Sid vicious he is becoming a good wrestler took him long enough he should be a good match for you to get back into the ring for anyway its for your title you have to Win the defence and prove you are not a loser and it was a fluke that you won it and retained it so long, this means you may lose your status as join top face and Christian we could not let The Psycho beat you in would not be right for The New Generation if you lose that you will not be a new generation you will be a has been who will have to recover that is part of the reason we founded The New Generation because we are the future not has beens.

Christian: ah but edge I would not be a has been because I still have a career in front of me and I can bounce back I mean look at our friend Rey he lost his debut but he will not be a failure I am very sure of that the way he seems to be on form at the moment in those practice matches is fabulous but we are never has beens in The New Generation we are future stars I mean quite a few of us in The New Generation have not even reached the peek of our Career unlike you Adam you seem to be at the peek of your career unlike me.Rey, eddie and torrie.

Edge: well Christian what makeís you say I am at the peek of my career I still have a lot more to give in P.H.W I mean im The World Champion we are the number one contenders for the tag titles and we will have the most dominant stable The New Generation in P.H.W very soon when people mention The New Generation fans will be so happy but our opponents will be scared of us and im happy to say that I am so proud of our stable Christian The New Generation It looks like we may have some quality wrestlers for years to come I mean look At Rey for a example he seems to be a quality wrestler and with the training of The New Generation I can see him becoming a top competitor in the higher ranks of P.H.W, he may do a lot for his people being a Luchador he may also become a household name such as Edge and Christian and I can only wish him luck against Brandon on Adrenaline, Then there is Eddie the Newest member to the new generation at the moment we have not seen him wrestle in P.H.W at the moment but from what Rey has told me he has a very good chance in become a great wrestler, and then there is the hottest Diva in P.H.W and that is our own Torrie Wilson I mean she cannot go wrong she has the looks the body and she is great at wrestling we can easily become the most dominant stable in P.H.W face it.

The stable continue discussing as the Screen fades to black