The Screen Pans out to see Rey Mysterio in a limo arriving to the P.H.W arena rey has a Cell phone in hand he is sitting there when all of a sudden the phone starts to ring. Rey then picks up the phone and starts to speak.

Rey Rey: hey Edge what抯 up.

After a while Rey hangs up the phone after talking to Edge his Limo then goes around the corner he slides in his seat before coming down to the P.H.W arena it then stops Rey Mysterio climbs out of the Limo. He stands up straight grabs his bag and starts to walk into the arena he walks past his old lockeroom and heads into the New Generation one he sits down then all of a sudden Torrie walks out of the shower just wearing a towel rey has a shocked look on his face.

Rey Mysterio: hey Torrie I never knew you were so fine. Sorry I don抰 mean that what am I saying well Torrie I mean im not trying to make moves on you but you look fine.

Torrie: Well thanks rey you don抰 look half bad yourself hey take your mask of so I can see your face I haven抰 seen it in ages.

Rey Mysterio: sorry Torrie I can抰 do that now I never let anyone know my real identity you could say im sort of a super hero well I will be to everyone by kicking Brandons sorry as on this coming adrenaline.

Torrie Wilson: I sure hope you do he keeps running his mouth about the new generation and you and my man edge so come adrenaline rey kick his ass for everyone in the arena to shut his mouth.

Rey Mysterio: yeh I will do it for everyone who hates Brandon I believe that is a lot of people backstage anyway Torrie I got to have a shower and get ready and I guess you have to get changed.

_-_-_ P.H.W goes to a commercial break while rey has a shower and Torrie gets dressed. _-_-_

_-_-_ P.H.W comes back to see rey standing dressed. _-_-_

(Ignore Latino Heat)

Rey Walks out of the lockeroom to the V.I.P room where Edge and Christian are chilling and recently Torrie Joined them in there Rey sits down on a chair while Edge has a can of Bud in his hand and Christian has bottled water Torrie has Coke while rey decides to Drink good old Pepsi Again they start to speak to one another.

Edge: Hey Rey I hear you got that Jackass Brandon well all I can wish you is good luck.

Rey: oh yeh I have shows how well known he is I wondered who you were talking about for a second dam Homez I got to get out there Brandon is going to get his ass kicked your see.

Rey Mysterio stands up and heads out of the door and down the corridor before heading down the tunnel after a few seconds Bang rey fly抯 out of the ground and then lands straight down crouching he stands up and walks down the ramp getting love from the fans Rey Mysterio gives them all high fives he then hops over the ropes and through the ropes before walking over to the ropes he then stands on them the fans are going nuts he then grabs a microphone and holds it up to his mouth and starts to speak.

Rey Mysterio Jr: hey yo what is up Rey Rey bringing it back to you I have been working to beat that sorry ass of Brandon I mean what you fans see out here is most of us hate each other but back stage we are all friends apart from that geek BRANDON see Brandon has to pay Stacey to go out with him when Stacey really wants a proper man like me.

Rey Mysterio Jr: And Brandon after I beat your sorry little ass on Adrenaline I will be number one contender for the T.V title that is how I see it so far but your views may be different but then again that does not really matter considering your not the champion anymore and Batista is which brings me to that Batista whooping your ass which he did to a sever content.

Rey Mysterio Jr; anyway jack ass enjoy yourself because after that I will kick your ass so badly.

Rey mysterio drops the microphone and climbs out of the ring jumping down the fans still chanting his name but now also chanting Brandon is a ass hole rey disappears behind the curtain still being closely followed by the camera he then goes into the New Generation lockeroom where He tells Edge and the rest of the New Generation that we have a Autograph signing.

They all get up and get in the Limo saying New Generation down the side they get in and the limo speeds off out of the arena to a unknown location where many fans are cueing up out side Rey and the new generation get escorted in by loads of security guards they sit down and Rey and he other members of the New generation sit they all start chatting before they tell the security to let fifty fans in at a time. The security open the door and they let fans in ten at a time Rey抯 head is down when someone comes over to him.

Rey Mysterio: Hey what you want yours to say then mate and what抯 you name.

Man: I want it to say on this coming Adrenaline Me Brandon kicked Rey mysterios ass oh and add on the Bottom signed by a Jobber Rey Mysterio.

Rey the Hip Hop Mysterio: Ah if it isn抰 every bodys friend Brandon hey Brandon who let you in here anyway.

Edges voice can be heard.

Edge: Hey Brandon isn抰 it past your bed time.

Rey Mysterio: Brandon better not let you抮e mom catch you here.

Brandon: Well Rey its your mom im worried about

Just as Brandon says that rey goes to raise his fist but Edge grabs him to stop rey.

Edge: Rey calm down he isn抰 worth it yet you can do that as much as you want on Adrenaline can抰 you.

Rey: Hey Edge I apologise for when you have him in a match because when im finished he will have More holes in him than a Chain link Fence (Thxs Eric).

Brandon: Rey look I think you should take on someone your on size not someone who can step on you and crush you like a ant.

Rey: Edge I do have to admit Stacey is fine and after I beat Brandon to a pulp on Adrenaline Stacey is going to want to be with a real man. Oh and by the way Brandon hasn抰 Stacey told you this many times before that size doesn抰 matter.

Just at that moment Brandon goes to punch rey but he ducks and security drag Brandon out of the Arena so Rey and Edge can get back to signing autographs as the camera shows the people queuing up for autographs most of them are going over the Torrie.

After a while Rey has gone through many fans when all of a sudden this wanna be rapper comes up to him he starts to speak to Rey.

Man: Hey homez my name is Dominic I own a car shop maybe some time pop down the workers would love it and rey you抮e my idol on Adrenaline I hope you give Brandon what is coming to him by hitting 619 and then the West coast pop beat his ass for the fans man.

Rey Mysterio: Look Dominic its fans like you that make me wrestle and sure I will Kick Brandon抯 ass for all of the fans and for everyone backstage in P.H.W so dude Brandon will receive the 619 and me and Edge have been talking about a big match against them but we will see wont we anyway Dominic maybe I will come to your car shop enjoy the autograph.

Dominic picks up the autograph and walks off with a smile from cheek to cheek he then walks out of the arena happy. After all the autographs are done Rey and edge and all the other members of New Generation go rock climbing the screen fades while rey is climbing up the wall.