the Scene opens with Rey sat in a room with a Bottle of Bud in is hand he then holds it up to his mouth and starts to drink taking a mouthfull then another then another before finnishing the bottle he then reaches into the Fridge and pulls out a bottle of Pepsi which he also drinks before starting to speak.

Rey Rey: Pepsi Refreshing taste and great for you teeth its what Jamie Noble Drinks,but anyway as you may of guessed i have a contract with Pepsi for 1 year to advertise them but one clause in my contract is that i get a Title a.s.a.p so anyone who is willing to step into the ring with Rey Mysterio and defend you title that would be great but on the other case Syknis i want a rematch me verus you for the titles.

Rey Drinks the Pepsi before standing up and heading towards The Next Generations lockeroom where just as he is about to walk in Micheal cole comes up to him and asks for a few words rey agrees.

Micheal Cole: Now Mysterio what made you decide to join the New Generation

Rey Mysterio: well lets put it simple The New Generation is for wrestlers who have skill but need to develope it plus Me and Edge go way back.

a loud scream can be heard from the broom Closit next to the New Generations lockeroom rey rey goes over to the door and opens it in there is Edge with a mop over his head he then raises his head and looks At Rey Rey and Micheal Cole then Cole asks Edge a question.

Cole: Now Edge what are you doing in this Janitors closet it sounded like someone was Screaming.

Edge: hey dont insult me that was my brilliant singing voice it is so good i got offerd a contract with Fozzy but i rejected because they have Chris jericho look i'll give you a blast. (Screaching) i will allways love you (stops singing) see i mean who would not be jelous of the that voice.

Rey looks at cole they both have puzzeled looks on there faces Rey slams the door shut and leaves edge to his Music which seems very poor.

Cole: well Mysterio what are you goals in P.H.W

Rey Mysterio Jr: well i have many obvoiusly everyones goal is to be undisputed champion i would be insane if i did not want that but at the moment that is not what i am going for i want to win the cruiserweight champion and prove that i will be one of the greatest come to future i want to be as good as Edge that is why i joined the New Generation which is wrestlers with great futures ahead or so said edge to me earlyer which really meant alot to me so Syknis i want you in a match Soon as possible so i can prove the only reason you won was because of Vampiro saving your sorry Ass but you will have to dial 6...1...9 some time and when you do i will be there waiting for you then i will hit the west coast pop and beat you this time because you freind Vampiro will not make it to the ring past Edge and Christian keeping this match fair.

Cole: now Rey Mysterio how do you feel about not having a match on adrenaline.

Rey Mysterio: well how do you think i can't really be happy about not having a match but i really need to prove that rey mysterio is not a jobber and will climb the ladder to stardom here in P.H.W other than that im really annoyed about not having a match i know i lost my debut but so have many wrestlers such as a close freind of mine Edge he lost his debut he is now one of the most dominant forces in P.H.W i mean lets hope i can get to be as good as edge but hey he can't sing can he hahahaha

Voice from the Closet: hey rey i heard that remember i was the one who bruaght you into P.H.W and got you in this stable.

cole then says thanks to Rey and Edge in the closet before he walks down the corridoor the scene then fades to black for a few adverts and a promo.

Walking around I hear the earth seeking relief
I抦 trying to find a reason to live
But the mindless clutter my path
Oh these thorns in my side
I know I have something free
I have something so alive
I think they shoot 慶ause they want it

I feel forces all around me
Come on raise your head
Those who hide behind the shadows
Live with all that抯 dead

Look at me卨ook at me
At least look at me when you shoot a bullet
through my head
Through my head
Through my head
Through my head

In my lifetime when I抦 disgraced
By jealousy and lies
I laugh aloud 慶ause my life
Has gotten inside someone else抯 mind

Look at me卨ook at me
At least look at me when you shoot a bullet
through my head
Through my head
Through my head
Through my head

Hey all I want is what抯 real
Something I touch and can feel
I抣l hold it close and never let it go
Said why... why do we live life
With all this hate inside
I抣l give it away 'cause I don't want it no more
Please help me find a place
Somewhere far away I'll go and you抣l never see me again

The Camera fades back to The New Generations lockeroom where Edge is just about to do his daily Press ups and Rey is yet again talking about Pepsi No-one knows where Christian is and they really don抰 care. Edge: hey rey can you count my Press ups if you have nothing else to do?

Rey Mysterio: Dude that is really sad but seeing as I just finished my Twelfth Bottle of Pepsi today I guess so why not.

Edge starts to do Press Ups while Rey sits there Reading the Back of the Pepsi bottle while Edge is doing his press ups Rey starts to get a puzzled look on his face he seems to have stumbled on a word he does not know.

One匱wo匱hree匜our匜ive卻ix匰even匛ight匩ine匱en Wait Edge what is Caffeine.
Just as Edge seems to answer Christian falls through the door Rey slowly raises his head to See Christian while Edge is still trying to think what Caffiene. Christian stands up and Looks Sharp he then goes on to Speak.

Christian: Hey guys do you know where the ass cream is? Wait its no for me its for a friend! Yeah!.

Edge: Hey Christian is the the Stuff I put on my face.

Rey: So Edge are you saying your face looks like a Ass

Christian Manages to Find his Ass Cream then Rey Starts to talk about something Important.

Rey Mysterio: I am Demanding Next week that I get a shot at Brandon and his Sorry ass for the T.V title and After I make Brandon Dial 619 he can go cry to his Close friend Usher so Christian how much are you paying Usher a month to be your Friend $500 a Day oh sorry you don抰 earn that much but don抰 worry you can go into the Books as being the first of many to Receive The 619 and then the West Coast Pop.

The Scene the Goes back to Rey sat there with Edge doing Press Ups and Christian walking into the Mens toilets with his tub of ass Cream in his hand as the Scene Fades to Dark.