the scene opens with a limo pulling up the limo slams on the brakes causing smoke to come up the limo door swings open and rey stands up visable to the camera the fans go beserk he grabs a bag and walks into the backstage area where a crowd of fans are rey walks over to them they start giving Mysterio pictures which he starts to sign before he walks straight into the doors and backstage.

he continues to walk through the corridoor past such lockerooms as Edge,RVD And Vampiro. Rey Mysterio does not seem to be botherd by seeing all of these great wrestlers he just continues to walk until he ends up by Matt Hardys lockeroom where he reaches up and pulls the sign saying Matt Hardy and replaces it with Rey Mysterio Jrn he then opened the door where there is a shirt which is matt hardys old one he then throughs it in the bin before replacing it with his Wrestling atire.

the next thing you know Rey Mysterios entrance music hits over the P.A bang whos the guy jumping out the sky rey flys out of the ground in mid air he the continues to walk down the ramp he then climbs into the ring ands clims the turnbuckle while the fans go nuts.

Rey Rey: Hola how are we all long time no see my fans rey is here to announce that i am replacing Matt Hardy in P.H.W and i shall be in his match on adrenaline as well instead of him and my match is against Kane,Skynis and Rob Van Dam i see this match is going to be a good Debut for me i will be Versing someone who is Almost Twica as tall as me but really that does not matter because You dont have to have wings to fly then there is Skynis a man who i truly do not know anything about but i assume he must be a very good wrestler. then there is a man i have the utmost respect for and that is Rob Van Dam a top athlete who can beat anyone on his day but rob maybe come Adrenaline it shall not be your day because Rember Six One Nine and Rob lets face it you have speed i have speed you have flexability i have flexability but may the best man win Rember high does not mean a thing. Rember Things without Wings can fly aswell...

As rey is about to finnish all of a sudden vince russo's music hits and he walks out on the ramp to a chorus of boo's!

Russo: Wooh letts get this straight you come here saying youve replaced matt hardy and you will be competing instead well umm thats fine have fun hahahaha.

Russo walks back behind the curtain and rey's entrance music starts to play again as he hops out of the ring and walks up the ramp getting cheerd by all of the fans then the screen fades to black.