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hey guys i would love feedback on this rp if you could can you post it in the OOC board id like to thank everyone in the fed and sting best of luck for our match oh yeh and Juansara123 for being a good mate and showing me AWE!

as the scene opens with a large limo pulling up outside the AWE wrestling federation arena the license plate says NBTBL1 the limo driver gets out and opens the door all of a sudden a familyer smile can be seen the smile is from The Next BIG Thing Brock lesnar he has a smirk on his face as he gets out of the car you can see his shirt with not Sleeves or arms on it it is just a vest say The Next Big Thing on the front and Brock Lesnar on the back the vest is white and he is wearing Jogging botoms with a red line down the side he then grabs his bag out of the limo he then throws it over he shoulder he then walks in the back door and down the corridoor.


He is Here

The NEXT big thing

Brock Lesnar

Where others have fallen he shall sore Because he is

The Next Big Thing Brock Lesnar
Coming Very Soon

~~ Promo ~~

the cameras come back to see Brock Lesnar in a training room bench pressing logs then he drops the log and goes onto the Punch bag which he seems to just continuesly hit it leaving marks he then picks up a skipping rope and starts to skip really fast after a while he drops the skipping rope grabs a bottle of water and starts to drink some of it he then throws it on the floor before opening the door and walking along the corridoor he then heads down the tunnel where the camera turns to inside the arena.

Brock Lesnars Entrance music hits and the fans burst into a mix of boo's and cheers as Brock apears at the top of the ramp jumping up and down like usuall he then walks on down the ramp getting respect from the fans even though he is not a fan favourite he hops up on the apron and climbs threw the ropes he stands dead center of the ring and raises his arms before walking over the the in ring commentater and getting a microphone he then raises it to his mouth to speak.

Brock Lesnar: As you see AWE is about to feel the Next Big Thing Brock Lesnar see i will go where no others have gone i will sore like a Eagle picking off my pray one by one starting with Sting a very well respected wrestler in AWE but not up to the level of Brock Lesnar he will be My first Victim he can have a test drive of the F-5 this shall be the start of my reign of Glorywhich brings me to my next subject.

Brock Lesnar: see as i was sat at home the otherday watching T.V like i usually do after my long work out you know the average stuff bench presses and Sit ups i decided to flick to spike Tv where i just caught a glimpse of AWE and it hit me where else could i make a brilliant impact other than AWE i sat and ponderd on it until about a week later i recived a phone call from Shawn Micheals The Heart Break Kid offering me a contract for AWE but i said to him that he is not a owner that is where he told me after Exile he will be and i am the first part of his big plan.

Brock Lesnar: i have also notice AWE has really only two phisicly strong wrestlers and they are The Rock and Kurt Angle i belive these two are the icons in AWE wrestlers that everyone looks up to but not me i dont look up to anyone as a fact i look down on them because i know somthing they dont AWE revolves around Publicity and i have to say that they do have that but so do i but i seroiuosly doubt they worked as hard as i did when they were little.

Brock Lesnar: see Kurt when you were little i doubt you lived on a farm and had to carry stuff all day and bring in the cattle or Drive the tractor i rember when i was in fifth grade i had already decided i wanted to be a body builder or somthing involving me being dominent i mean at Colleage i won many Awards i was known as Brock The Hot Stuff Lesnar well what can i say some people are born lucky like you Rock but people like me and Kurt had to work to get to this level Kurt competed in the olympics with a broken kneck and as he would say its true its dam true.

Brock Lesnar: Hey Rocky its very surprising what you can pay for now adays isnt it like silk shirts and shoes and even number one contender spots isnt it see rocky you would know about paying for a number one contender spot or was it kissing vinces ass that got you that far but no matter what you do it never means you are the better wrestler because you havent verused the next big thing have you rock the peoples champion the jabroni what ever name you go by it doesnt really matter because Brock Lesnar could kick your ass easy thats if your not to busy kissing vinces that is so rocky i will be waiting to go one on one against you any time maybe next week or the week after it doesnt really matter.

Brock Lesnar: oh yes that almnost got me off track now back to my opponent this week sting the master of the scorpian death lock and the stinger splash i bet you have never felt the force of your body hitting the mat at such a speed it causes your heart to stop beating for a second well this coming exile trust me you will feel it after i F-5 you straight into the center of the ring causing you to smack ur ribs and if you get up after the match you will get another chance to get F-5 again but into the outiside of the ring post this time because im the stinnger and i'll sting you ah yes considering it is for the U.S title which i am well known for being a great american sting prepare to Be a victim of the F-5.

Brock Lesnar drops the microphone and climbs out of the ring he hops off the apron he then slowly walks up the ramp he turns around and looks at the arena before walking out of the arena threw the curtain the camera follows him backstage to his lockeroom where the camera fades.