AJ Styles Vs John Cena
All of a sudden AJ Styles entrance music hits and the fans go in a craze cheering and booing Styles climbs into the ring and stands waiting for his opponent to come down the ramp then all of a sudden basic Thuganomics hits and John Cena apears at the top of the ramp with his bling on his knecklace is shining he starts to walk down the ramp while taking off his Basket ball Jersey he takes of his Jewls and Knecklaces then he climbs into the ring and the ref talks to them before the bell rings.
Jim Ross: Yes two very good competerters in the ring tonight Jerry i am really looking forward to this match with cenas Gangsta abbility's of street fighting and AJ Styles style of Rough Brawling.
Jerry The King Lawler: Yes Jim what every you say lets just wach the match and see what happens.
as the bell rings for the match to start AJ Styles Goes in Quick and fast trying to take cena out Styles hits Cena with a Drop Kick before going for a Sleeper after a while Cena fights back and starts to re-gain control of the match with a Snapmere and a DDT Cena then goes up to the top of the rope for a Dropkick as Cena flys off the top of the rope but Styles quickly hits Cena away causing Cena to have a full impact on the floor causing more trouble than usual Cena seeming hurt.
Jerry The King Lawler: Oh my god Cena seemed to take a awkward fall there he seems injured this may cause trouble later on in this match but we will see.
Jim Ross: yes he seemed to have landed badly on his arm maybe damaging muscles this may be a major advantage like you said King.
Styles seems to be taking an advantage over Cena Styles goes for a armbar on Cenas Weak arm making Cena scream and howl in pain after a while the ref pulls Styles off Cena Styles then gets annoyed at the ref he chases the ref out of the ring and hits him in the face knocking the ref out for the count Styles goes to grab a Steel chair to hit Cena styles climbs back in the ring chair in hand Cena is staggering back to his feet when all of a sudden Styles goes to hit him with the chair but Cena uses his last ounch of strenght hitting a drop kick forcing The chair into styles face knocking him cklean out Cena manages to get his arm over Styles the fans count 1...2...3 but there is no ref then all of a sudden a ref comes flying down the isle and slides in the ring and counts 1...2 kickout by styles.

Winner -