The Rebirth

The Canadian Sensation

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VWF Tag Team Champion w/Brian Credible

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XZW First Ever Undisputed Champion

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IUWF World Tag Team Champion w/J Stevenson

SCWF Vice President

Why are you reading this? Read my roleplay but since this is a disclaimer whatever you want just ask me and don't be a smartass and take it cuz I got it covered.

OOC:I don't know how many times I've said this but Sins of Summer 3 was an awesome Pay-Per-View and here is my first roleplay for Wednesday Night Wild. I hope you guys enjoy and the song that will play in the background is Headstrong by Trapt.

~*Temptation. Usually when you think of temptation lots of things come to mind. Drugs, sex and violence but besides that we all at one time or another has faced the evils of the world or has been tempted to do something. Whether it was legal or not. Maybe you have been tempted to kill, you've been tempted to hurt someone you love or maybe commit adultery. Or how about looking at other chicks when on a date. You see temptation finds us in so many different ways and temptation has found it's way here to the CHZ. Now usually when the word temptation is brought up you could think of an addiction but in this case the word will not be needed because whether the fans like it or not they are addicted. They're addicted to the matches, the roster and the storylines that the CHZ works so hard to put out. The fans they are addicted to the fact that each and every week something big might happen to a favorite superstar that might stain their career or life forever. Or how about the fact that the fans are just addicted to CHZ because of the wrestling. No matter what way you can put it or flip it the fans just can't help but stay faithful to this notorious company. Now we're getting off track because truth is so many superstars have been tempted. You see because even children are tempted to do some wild and crazy things. And as teenagers every CHZ superstar knows damn well that either here or there they were approached or tempted to either smoke or drink. Some CHZ superstars gave in to the temptation and some superstars at the present day still doesn't do both. But one thing is for sure Rage won't give in to any sort of negative temptation in the future. You see the dust has settled and the smoke has cleared from that historical day in CHZ history and that's also where Morgan Blackthorne was crowned the new CHZ World Heavyweight Champion and The Elite Impact Players were born. There is a long list of questions to be asked and a long list of questions to be answered and there's only a matter of time. We now know that Rage won't give in to any sort of temptation but one thing has given into is addiction. For little do you know Rage has been addicted to the wrestling business since he was 9 and since then he's always wanted to idolize his favorite superstars. Now The Canadian Sensation is at the point of his career where there's no stopping him. He's at the point of his career where he's on fire and is in the best physical and emotional shape of his life. This newcomer hasn't even been in CHZ long and he has so much going for him. A potential shot at the tag team titles, a blossoming singles career. Nothing can stop this freight train, not Fatality, not Brute and not even Reaper. For Reaper let his cocky side get the best of him. Reaper was is a pure example of temptation and if things go perfect Reaper will be a perfect example of Rage being called the Canadian Sensation. Finally Rage will have a chance at proving a point when he defeats the tag champion. He'll finally show everyone that he's just not some snot nosed Canadian whose good at applying grappling moves. He's gonna prove when he beats Reaper that he can hang with the guys. That Rage can put up a fight and can do whatever any other top notch superstar in CHZ can. This young star has a future in CHZ and his future begins NOW!!!!!~*

~*The scene opens with a recap of the show that critics acclaim is the hottest PPV of the summer. Just in case you don't know it's Sins of Summer 3 and it was aired last night live from Bucharest, Romania. Most recaps are really quick but seeing as this show was long and every match from top to bottom was important this recap runs a little long. After the recap airs it's a Wednesday Night Wild commercial with hyping up the Reaper versus Rage contest. The commercial shows Reaper saying he's the new leader of the nBk and Rage doing The Final Touch to Fatality from his first match in CHZ and it saying "Don't miss this matchup and more next week". Soon after the commercial fades and footage from the IUWF Survivor match where the Elite Impact Players defeated the Untouchables for the IUWF tag team gold is aired and soon afterwards these words come up on the television screen "We are your future, we are your next CHZ tag team champions". Hoping that striked fear in Heaven and Hell the scene opens in Rage's beautifully decorated hotel room where he's sitting on the huge bed that him and Stacy Andretti share. The bed is nicely made and with Rage's constant figiting he's messing it up. The sheets are white with some red lining and the carpet is burgandy. Stacy Andretti is seen constantly pacing back and forth from the window, to the bathroom and back again. The Canadian Sensation is too caught up watching an international episode of the Simpsons where the language is German and the cameraman is trying to figure out what the hell are these guys saying. The camera then turns to see what exactly Rage is watching that's keeping his attention and it's a scene that is so famous and it is Homer choking Bart after we assume is a wise crack that he did. The Great One doesn't seem to be in high spirits and he doesn't seem to be enjoying the program much but he keeps watching the screen. With the Canadian Sensation now on the floor parallel to the television, Stacy Andretti comes from the bathroom with a little bit of a suspicious look on her face but Rage pays her no mind. Stacy in her pajamas then slowly walks and places herself on the bed as she wants to stay something but is beating around the bush.~*

Stacy Andretti: Sean?

The Canadian Sensation: (Sucks his teeth and then answers) Yes...dear?

Stacy Andretti: Now what was that called for?

The Canadian Sensation: What what was called for?

Stacy Andretti: The response you gave me.

The Canadian Sensation: I answered you so...

Stacy Andretti: shouldn't answer me that way.

The Canadian Sensation: With what....respect?

Stacy Andretti: You know damn well what I mean Sean. All I wanted to do was to have a nice conversation but it seems like ever since we've gotten back from Sins of Summer it's like you've wanted nothing to do with me.

The Canadian Sensation: What do you mean Stacy? I haven't given you the cold shoulder or acted the way your putting it.

Stacy Andretti: Ever since that win you had with Fatality and Brute all you've been doing is sitting around watching television and being a lazy ass. I didn't marry you so you sit and watch crap, I married you because I love you.

The Canadian Sensation: Well what do you want me to do huh? Go out and party everyday and your one to talk you've been acting suspicious since you came back since the library. I'm not lazy, I'm just chilling out until it's time for us to go back to the states and train again. Stacy you know this what's wrong with you?

Stacy Andretti: Nothing's wrong with me. I'm just tired of this whole damn tour. I want to make something of my life and traveling on the road every week isn't it. I have dream too you know.

The Canadian Sensation: We all have dreams Stacy and most of them never come true.

Stacy Andretti: Well yours did and I want mine to come true.

The Canadian Sensation: So what your saying you wanna end it here? You wanna end the marriage and the managering?

Stacy Andretti: No, I'm not saying that Sean. You know I love you and I would never want to leave you but I need time to sort all of this out.

The Canadian Sensation: Well if that's the case (Rage turns off the television, puts the remote up and grabs his jacket) then here's the room. Think all you want.

~*Rage slings his jacket over his shoulder and slams the door and storms down the hallway to the elevator. Meanwhile Stacy is shown in her room with a slightly saddened face and is probably thinking over what she wants to do. It's late at night so no one is in the hallways of the hotel floor and Rage presses the elevator to signal that he wants to go downstairs. He seems to have a angry face and seems angry with the entire situation and patiently waits for the elevator to reach his floor. Suddenly a "ding" noise is heard to signal that the elevator has reached the floor and the door opens. Some horrible elevator music is heard as he enters the elevator and looks at the buttons that vary from 10F to B2. Rage looks and then presses the L for the Lobby and the doors close as the elevator decends. While in the elevator Rage begins to place on his jacket and puts his hood on as the elevator stops and the doors open again. The Canadian Sensation exits the elevator and in the lobby he sees a mini store that is similar to a starbucks. He goes inside the "cafe" a gets a coffee and then sits down on a couch in the empty cafe as he relaxes while sipping his hot coffee.~*

The Canadian Sensation: (Finishes sipping his coffee) Well I'm sorry that you guys have to watch what happened upstairs but how can you blame me? How can you really disagree on how I'm feeling when I have a suspicious wife, a career in CHZ that's getting bigger and bigger by the week and a mom who has a 10 percent chance of living. There's so many things I'm feeling at one time it's soo overwhelming and it's like I don't know what to do and how to do it. I'm so confused and I feel lost. Where do I go from here should I just give up my dream, should I leave what I love to do to take care of my mom and wife or do I just continue the way I'm going now. But who knows what tommorrow brings. Who knows what's making my wife act like this, who knows what really caused my mom to end up in the hospital and who really knows what my CHZ career heads. So many directions, so little time and what do I do and how do I do it. Do I sit here and talk into these cameras and speak to Reaper or do I send a message to my mom telling her that no matter what I sit love her. God has plans for everyone, only if I knew what his plans were for me. What is his plans for my injured mother and what is his plans for CHZ. I mean how can I go on with my life when I know that things like my wife and my mom can come up out of nowhere. What do I do, what can I do.

~*Rage takes another sip of his coffee as he wipes his mouth from the foam that came with the coffee he ordered and paid for. He tries to relax but can't really seem to because of all that's going on.~*

The Canadian Sensation: Maybe I was wrong. Maybe I was the wrong one and maybe I didn't understand Stacy clearly. Maybe I should be considerate of her feelings and her dreams instead of trying to accomplish mine. Maybe Stacy was right, maybe I should lighten up a little bit and just live life to the fullest. I mean come on we only have one life to live and you gotta make the most of it. Maybe I shouldn't have never stormed out the way I did and maybe I should've heard Stacy out. Hell if I keep acting that way I won't have a wife or a home to go to. Man, I'm really feeling guilty and maybe that's why in the pit of my gut I'm not feeling too well or maybe it's the same adrenaline from Sins of Summer. Either way Stacy was right. I guess if she wants to fulfill her dreams then who am I to stand in her way.

~*The Canadian Sensation is thinking over everything that's happened in the past half hour and he really starts to think that he's wronged the one he loves and starts nodding his head and takes another sip of his coffee and he looks down in the cup and see's there's no more coffee so he puts the coffee back on the coaster that is on the coffee table. He then gets up an makes his way towards the door of the cafe and then looks at the camera.~*

The Canadian Sensation: I can't believe it. I was wrong.

~*Rage then exits the cafe and walks through the lobby and finds the door and exits it. He puts on his hood because of the rain and stands outside of the hotel as he puts his head down and just stares at the ground with a sad face as he begins to speak again. The Canadian Sensation tries to speak but words can't seem to come out of his mouth. All of a sudden a ring which sounds like a phone is heard. Rage goes into his pocket and pulls out his cell phone he slowly brings it up to his ear and you can see he was hit hard by the situation because his hand is shaking. He then speaks and this time the camera can hear the other line.~*

Anonymous Person: Hello, Sean.

The Canadian Sensation: (Nervous Voice) Yyy-yeah who's tthis?

Anonymous Person: This is your brother Rage. I have some bad news.

The Canadian Sensation: Wwhat's the nnews is it aabout mom?

Brother: Yes it is. Sean I hate to break it to you like this but your mother Sheryl Andretti has passed away. She passed on your birthday and.....

~*Rage drops his cell phone in shock and it shatters on the ground. The Canadian Sensation then tries to take in all that has happened and a couple of tears then start to trickle down his face. After several minutes more tears are falling down his face as Stacy Andretti then comes outside.~*

Stacy Andretti: Sean?

The Canadian Sensation: Stacy!

Stacy Andretti: Please come inside we have to talk.

~*The Canadian Sensation and Stacy Andretti then begin to walk the lobby trying to find somewhere to sit and talk. Stacy then finds the cafe and they enter the cafe. They both sit down on the couch Rage sat on earlier and Stacy grabs Rage's hand and begins to speak.~*

Stacy Andretti: Sean....

The Canadian Sensation: No Stacy you have to hear me out. III just got a phone call from my brother and he ttold me that my mom has passed away.

Stacy Andretti: Well I'm sorry to hear that and I'm sad by your lost. This may be a hard time for you but I have to tell you something.

The Canadian Sensation: (He wipes off his tears and then looks into Stacy's eyes) Yeah sure what is it honey?

Stacy Andretti: I'm.....I'm.....I'm pregnant!!!!

~*The Canadian Sensation then looks down at the coffee table and then looks up at Stacy Andretti and they both share a hug as the cameras shift to Rage's side as we tears trickle faster down his face as the scene fades.~*

To Be Continued.........

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Next Match: The Reaper V The Canadian Sensation
(Wednesday Night Wild/Regular Match)
Next PPV: CHZ Retribution
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Win/Loss/Draw Record: 2-0-0
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Character Information:
Name: "The Canadian Sensation" Rage
Height: 6'4
Weight: 240 lbs.
Hometown: Montreal,Quebec,Canada
Theme Music: St. Anger by Metallica
Quote: "You'll find out why they call me Rage"
Finishers: The Final Touch (Twist of Fate)
514 (Frog Splash)
Trademarks:The Painkiller (Crippler Crossface)
Montreal Makeover (Superkick)
Alignment: Face

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